Call for Comments, Catches, Corrections

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Several of you have sent in catches and comments that have helped shape up the book and I am very thankful for these.

This has been a real labor of love and went from zero on August 15 to completion in late September.  But my fingers sometimes tangled on the keyboard, so typos and misspellings were all too common in the initial draft. I think it’s more refined now.

Plus, spellcheck is a wonderful tool, but (no joke) on WordPress it turns “Frump” into “Trump” and it has other tricks that can confound scribes.

My purpose was to get this done by October 1 and the goal now is to professionally copy-edit and layout the book, refine it, perhaps build it and shape it a bit more.

Beyond copy-edits and proofing:

The purpose here is to be fair and accurate and credible. And also to get a bound version of this out for those who still prefer turning paper pages.

So now is the time: if you see errors in fact, imbalance or analysis, let me know. (For example, I’ve dropped what was admittedly a lazy shot at the Jones Act.)

You can post here or hit me at

Thanks again for you time and consideration,


Bob Frump



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