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I thought I’d send out the occasional newsletter summary to those of you who have signed up. Here’s a rundown on the last week or so of postings, along with some evergreens.

The Dive Ship Conception:

Body Counts in Dive Boat and Duck Boat Tragedies Could Resolve Long Simmering Issues Between Coast Guard and NTSB Over Tougher Safety Standards for Small Passenger Vessels Used by Millions of People

For 15 Years, the National Transportation Safety Board Has Warned the US Coast Guard That Preventive Maintenance Reforms Were Urgently Needed to Avoid Catastrophes Such as the Dive Ship “Conception”
The “Odd Couple” On-Site Investigators on the Dive Ship “Conception” Tragedy: A Civilian Safety Critic of the Coast Guard and a Seasoned, Coast Guard Officer with a Reputation for Reform
Why Did the Dive Ship “Conception” Burn So Fast? The Express Shuttle II and the Science of “The Mother of All Bombs” May Provide Clues

NTSB Suggested Tougher Standards After Fires on Two Other “Conception”-sized Passenger Vessels Showed How Flames Easily Go Undetected and Then Spread Rapidly

General Maritime:

I Cover the Waterfront” Select Non-fiction Articles of Bob Frump, 1980-2008

A Wooden Passenger Ship That Horrifies US Coast Guard Safety Experts
The Captains of Thor: What Caused the Loss of the SS El Faro.
(Free online version. Also available in Kinde, Audio and Paperback)
Until the Sea Shall Free Them: The Story of the SS Marine Electric
Available in paperback and audio here.
The Wreck and Rescue of the Pendleton and the Fort Mercer
Coast Guard Cracks Down on Inspection in Sustained Follow-up to El Faro Tragedy

African Stories:

The Men Who Face Down Large Carnivores: Life and Death on the Bleeding Edge of African Conservation. 10,000 words, also available on Kindle. Four conservationists and their run-ins with very dangerous cats.

The Man-Eaters of Eden. In Kruger National Park, the tourists stalk the lions during the daytime. At night, the lions turn the tables on mankind. Also available in audio, kindle and paperback on Amazon.

Book Reviews

The Rev. David Reid Looks at Morse and Marconi’s Impact on Land-Sea Communication and Sea Ministries
Podcast: “The Geography of Risk” and our Shorelines by Gilbert Gaul.
“The Outlaw Ocean” — Establishes Ian Urbina as One of the Great Maritime Authors

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