The Reviews are In: From Newbies and the Pros, Thor Gets It Right

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Thanks to all who have reviewed my book on Amazon.  I’m really grateful for all the comments–and catches.

Here is what seasoned mariners and newbies alike are saying.


“Best maritime policy analysis in 100 years…”

“Could not put it down….”

“Read it in one sitting….”

“Neophyte that I am when it comes to merchant shipping, I found Bob Frump’s tale to be a fascinating look into the culture of the merchant marine and the dangers it faces. It skillfully contrasted the humanity and commitment to a mission of the captains and crew with the harsh realities of the business, the gaps in regulation, and the elements of nature. Tragic and elegant all at once.”

“An important story that needed to be told. ….if you have any interest at all in marine safety you should read this book. It can be easily read in one sitting.”

“My experiences at sea confirm the grim accuracy of this book and attest that every seaman should read it. The Pontius Pilate Ship Owners, Unions, Regulators and Politicians are Criminally Negiligent for the El Faro and all concerned should be procecuted civally and criminally in the world courts. Sailors are not expendable and their lives are not for sale. This is the same maritime management style this Pontius Pilare Marine Management style that created the Exxon Valdez & Exxon Houston. Read in one day and could not put it down. Best Maritime Analysis in 100 years. Captain’s Compliment”

“As somebody who spent years on the inland waters aboard tow boats, I was mesmerized by the detail and language used to make this book readable and riveting. He did a great job “dumbing things down” without being insulting at the same time. ”

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