The Man-eaters of Eden: Life and Death in Kruger National Park Released Internationally

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My South African book about how lions developed man-eating habits during apartheid now is re-released in paperback format to an international audience. The price point at $9.97 is about a third of what previous prices were in Africa and Europe and makes the book fresh anew to US readers.

In a nutshell: Imagine the US-Mexican border as it is — patrolled by hungry lions at night who have placed humans high on the list of food species.

In South Africa, while tourists view the magnificent lions of Kruger during the daytime, the lions go on the hunt at night. And because Mozambique refugees cross then, they have become the hunted.

The problem continues to this day, or so friends tell me, with Zimbabwe refugees the more prevalent targets these days.

The lions of Kruger

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