How a World Class Coast Guard Rescuer Sank a DUKW — And Still Pulled Off an Extraordinary Rescue

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Bernard C. Webber

Bernie Webber, the famous Coast Guardsman who led the rescue of the SS Pendleton crew, and whose story was told in the movie The Finest Hours, had a long career marked by numerous other rescues.

He always considered this story one of the most astonishing. If Bernie couldn’t handle a DUKW, ***few can. (Click here for story.)

(Excerpted from Two Tankers Down: The Wreck of the Pendleton and the Fort Mercer)

***Editor’s Note:  The name “DUKW” is a manufacturer’s code based on D indicating the model year, 1942; U referring to the body style, utility (amphibious); K for all-wheel drive; and W for dual rear axles. 

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