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Here’s a summary of recent posts and a few also pulled from the “evergreen” file. If you’ve not read about the El Faro, give Captains of Thor a try. It will lay out the historical significance for you.

The Reckoning: Four Years After El Faro, Tough Coast Guard Inspections Shiver the Timbers of the Merchant Marine and the “Unready Reserve” Ships Hauling Military Cargoes.

“The Captains of Thor: What Caused the Loss of the SS El Faro” — online book free here.

The Wooden Passenger Ship Approved by Congress That Terrifies Safety Experts

Podcast: “The Geography of Risk” by Gilbert Gaul May Send You Running for High Ground

Hey Sailor! Want a Good Time at the Jean Shop? (Shore leaves circa 1982)

Project Lighthouse: Passenger Ships with Coast Guard Boarding Priorities

Is Criminally Charging the “Conception” Dive Ship Crew Justice? Or Just Papering Over the Enablement of Death Traps?

The Conception Chief Coast Guard Officer Has a Reputation for Being Courteous to All — and Investigating Everything

“I Cover the Waterfront” — Select Bob Frump Non-Fiction 1980 2007

“Until the Sea Shall Free Them” — the Wreck of the SS Marine Electric. Free online version.

So Long to an Unsung Heroine of the Marine Electric

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