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Author/Family Query: Seeking Paul Dewey, Marine Electric Survivor

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Paul Dewey was one of three survivors of the Marine Electric and helped change maritime safety history by testifying at the Marine Board of Inquiry, along with Gene Kelly and Bob Cusick.

Recently, family members of those lost in the Marine Electric have asked if I can locate Paul so they can thank him for his testimony and for his efforts the night of the wreck to rescue those in the water who could not make it into a life raft.

I’ve been attempting to contact him as well for years and my assumption is he prefers his privacy.

So if you do know of Paul’s whereabouts, please just tell him there is an opportunity here to connect with grateful family members. It’s not my intention to intrude on his privacy. He can contact me at and I will make the introduction with no other questions asked.


Bob Frump,


Until the Sea Shall Free Them.

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  1. Paul Dewey was last known to be homeless in Atlanta Georgia around 2000. Paul was in very poor health, suffering from alcoholism and drug abuse. Paul was a good man in life never taking always giving. He is missed.

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