A Master Maritime Reporter Expands the Offering: “The Last Untamed Frontier”

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Ian Urbina, former New York Times reporter, wrote the series and book, The Outlaw Ocean. He is at one and the same time a master story teller, serious journalist and the Indiana Jones of the literary sub-genre. His work focuses on fishing vessels — and the extraordinary workings of a land — make that sea — without laws. This from Ian.
Apr 21– Hey folks, Wanted to share with you a quick update on a new method for delivering our reporting to you. I recently sat down to record what are essentially voice memos on three of our most recent investigations. These memos include a reading of the piece as well as audio I collected from the scenes and my personal thoughts along the way. Listen to the stories here: The smell of money
A slaughter at sea, a grainy video and justice delayedBy thelastuntamedfrontierPodcast episode
The deadly secret of China’s invisible armadaBy thelastuntamedfrontierPodcast episodeYou can listen wherever and whenever. I hope you’ll enjoy hearing these stories from the last untamed frontier in a new way. More to come. That’s all for now. IanWant to help support more of this journalism? Subscribe clicking the button below: Subscribe nowThanks for subscribing to The Outlaw Ocean Project. This post is public, so feel free to share it.Share© 2021 Ian Urbina Unsubscribe
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