Body Counts in Dive Boat and Duck Boat Tragedies Could Resolve Long Simmering Issues Between Coast Guard and NTSB Over Tougher Safety Standards for Small Passenger Vessels Used by Millions of People

The recent death tolls in dive boat and duck boat accidents may result in the NTSB and Coast Guard finally agreeing on tougher standards.

Dive Boat Conception

For 15 Years, the National Transportation Safety Board Has Warned the US Coast Guard That Preventive Maintenance Reforms Were Urgently Needed to Avoid Catastrophes Such as the Dive Ship “Conception”

For more than 15 years, the National Transportation Safety Board regularly has warned the US Coast Guard that it should urgently strengthen fire safety crew training and require preventive vessel maintenance programs to avoid small passenger ship fires such as the one that killed more than 30 people last week on the dive ship “Conception,” an in-depth look at NTSB records reveals.

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