Until the Sea Shall Free Them — Now in Audio-Book Format

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The SS Marine Electric
The SS Marine Electric
Thirty years go this month, the SS Marine Electric set sail into a storm on a course destined to change United States maritime history.  The old coal collier, originally a World War II T-2 tanker, sank about thirty miles off the Virginia coast and dumped all its crew and officers into a wave-thrashed ocean.

Incredibly, three men survived.  Led by Robert M. Cusick, the chief mate, they testified in detail about the “given” of the US Merchant Marine: old ships were sent out to sea in unsafe conditions.  No one, not even the unions, would complain for fear of a loss of jobs.

“Until the Sea Shall Free Them” tells the story of how these three men fought a powerful company and no small amount of peer pressure to prevail against overwhelming odds, first at sea, and then in courts of law on land.

The audio-book format is just out and available through Audible.com on its site, iTunes and Amazon.

The Naval Institute Press publishes a paper back version of the book.   And you can buy the Kindle version as well on Amazon.
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I’m proud of this book.  It’s on the U.S. Coast Guard’s Reading List for the fourth-year running, along with Two Tankers Down, my other maritime book.  It’s read regularly by students of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and Kings Point — the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.  The Coast Guard inspection school makes it required reading and awards a copy to its top graduates each year.  It’s one of the best jobs of reporting I’ve done and one of the best jobs of writing too.  I hope you enjoy it.

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