Was Chris Pine Too Pretty to Play Coast Guard Hero Bernie Webber in The Finest Hours

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Was Chris Pine Mis-cast as Bernard C. Webber in The Finest Hours Movie About a Famous US Coast Guard Rescue?

In my Fact Check of The Finest Hours, the Coast Guard movie about Bernie Webber’s famous rescue, only two bloopers really made me laugh out loud.

Bernie Webber

The Movie version of Bernie — Chris Pine — is waiting to meet his girl Miriam for the first time and his buddy says something like, “Come on Bernie.  You’re a good looking guy. You never had no problems like that with the girls.”

And Pine almost bats his eyebrows to confirm how good looking he is.

Later, Miriam says to a girlfriend she wasn’t sure Bernie would go for her, “he begin so handsome.”
Or words to that effect.
And again, I laughed and almost gagged on my popcorn.

Chris Pine

Don’t get me wrong. Bernie was a good enough looking guy.  But not Chris Pine perfume-ad, pose-in-your-whitey tights, male-model handsome.

I thought Pine actually did a good job of capturing his character, just to be clear.  He is not just a pretty face.

But the idea of the real Bernie being a chick magnet cracks me up and would have sent Bernie into a belly laugh, imho.

He was just a no nonsense guy and a kind of a big lug of a fellow.  If he ever wore any clothing with
a logo on it, it was USCG.  Or perhaps Carhartt.

He was taller by Pine by a couple of inches at around 6 foot 2 and he was a lanky 170 pounds at the time of the rescue. (In hypothermic conditions, he could have used a bit more padding, actually.)

So, yes, Chris Pine probably is too pretty to play Bernie Webber.  But he pulled it off anyway, in my opinion.



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