“The Outlaw Ocean” — Establishes Ian Urbina as One of the Great Maritime Authors

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The preface to “The Outlaw Ocean” contains more adventure and insights than many whole books on the maritime world.  Ian Urbina heard the call of the sea while studying for a doctorate at the University of Chicago — and has been following that call now for more than a decade writing for The New York Times and as a book author.Screenshot 2019-08-22 14.05.25

And it wasn’t just a call to take a day trip sail or a liner crossing.  He’s hitched rides with Thai fishing boats and their modern day slave fishermen, and chased the most wanted fish poachers across whole oceans.

The overall theme:  More than you could ever conceive, there is a whole different world out there, ungoverned by any law and as dangerous and romantic as a Star Wars bar.

All of this is served up not just as an adventure story but within a context of cultures, society and law.  I’ll post more later.  But for now, know this:  You should read this book.  It is a formidable work and bound to frame our view of the maritime world for decades.

Here it is on Amazon. 


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