The Rev. David Reid Looks at Morse and Marconi’s Impact on Land-Sea Communication and Sea Ministries

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David Reid’s “Eight Down” describing eight maritime disasters continues to gather positive reviews. (Nautical Institute below.)

And in his capacity now as a minister to seafarers, the Rev. David Reid also looks at Marconi and Morse and the history of communication with those at sea. 

Sam Morse, you may remember, was a founder of The Journal of Commerce, America’s foremost maritime daily, in order to among other things stamp out immorality in New York City.  He wisely declared victory — and focused the newspaper on trade and transportation.  The “scoops” belonged to those with newsmen on schooners — the fastest schooners would race out to meet ships from Europe.

Here’s the Eight Down review. (I’ve been unable to find a link so paste in the story below.)


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