A Sister Ship of the “Conception” was Faulted by Coast Guard Inspectors for Fire Systems — But Quickly Complied with Standards

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The “Vision,” a sister ship of the lost dive ship “Conception” was cited by the Coast Guard and required to service its C02 extinguishing equipment in 2017 — but the owners quickly complied with the citation, a check of Coast Guard records shows.

The Vision, a slightly longer, older vessel than the Conception, was flagged by the Coast Guard in April 2017and was required to, “Provide fixed firefighting servicing report.”  Essentially this meant the vessel needed to have its CO2 extinguishing systems checked out — and prove to the Coast Guard that servicing had occurred.

The servicing took place and the Coast Guard was satisfied all was well a month later meeting the inspectors’ deadline.

Truth Aquatics Inc., based in Santa Barbara, California, is owned by Glen Fritzler and has a fleet of three ships: Conception, Vision and Truth. The quick repairs on the Vision mirror actions taken on the Conception.  When the Coast Guard found errors, the owner quickly brought the vessels up to standards.

None of the small passenger ships in the company’s small dive boat fleet are identical but all may share vulnerabilities to fires starting in hard-to-reach places, according to a report of the NTSB.

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