New “Ships of Interest List” Added to Project Lighthouse (El Faro)

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Here are the Project Lighthouse (El Faro) rankings of the Ships of Interest List. They are determined by weighted scores of ship inspections, casualties, injuries, pollution incidents and age — all factors known to be used by the Coast Guard in identifying inspection boarding priorities. 

The study draws on Coast Guard Misle data for 2017 and 2018. More recent data is not available or included here. The Matsonia, a sister ship of the El Faro, suffered a hull fracture in 2019, for example, but that data is not included here.  Project Lighthouse created the list after the Coast Guard denied its request for a list of 53 vessels the Coast Guard had deemed “high risk.”

Mariners following the Matsonia also have said that the vessel cannot be compared to the El Faro because the Matsonia is meticulously maintained and sails mostly in quiet Pacific waters. 

Nevertheless, her age, number of casualties, injuries and inspections places the old ship in the top position.

Matsonia 119
Cape Horn110
Str Wilfred Sykes93
Cape Hudson93
Horizon Spirit89
Chemical Pioneer71
RJ Peiffer61
Matson Consumer59
Horizon Reliance 59
Walter McCarthy Jr59
Sulphur Enterprise58
Horizon Enterprixe57
Texas Enterpise54
Cape Henry51
Golden Bear48
Natinal Glory48
Matson Tacoma48
Global Sentinel44
Florida Voyager`42
Matson Anchorage40
Green Lake39
Cape Vincent36
Green Ridge27

Project Lighthouse (El Faro) data on passenger ships, dive boats, ferries and other vessels is available here. 

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