“Project Lighthouse:” Passenger, Duck Boat, Ferry and Dive Ship Coast Guard Safety Records Now — Searchable Online. Plus “Ships of Interest List” for Merchant Marine Ships

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The loss of the SS El Faro — translated from Spanish as The Lighthouse — prompted the US Coast Guard to toughen up inspections of ships and the oversight of the American Bureau of Shipping, a private inspection service.

Project Lighthouse makes those inspections available to the public in an easy to search and understand data base. You’ll see below listings for Passenger, Duck Boat and Ferry ships first, on the theory these will be of most interest to the general public. And for the hard core mariner, you’ll see a larger data base of nearly all commercial maritime vessels.

Larger Passenger Ships Ranked by Boarding Priorities:

Here is a data base of all available past Coast Guard inspections of larger passenger ships through 2018, with Coast Guard boarding priorities.

Duck Boats and Amphibious Vessels

Duck Boats and Amphibious Vessels are listed here with inspection comments and records.

Dive Boats and Ships

Dive boats such as the “Conception” are listed here, classed as “small passenger ships.”

Ferry Boats

More than 100 million Americans a year travel on ferry boats, from New York City to Seattle. Here are the Coast Guard records.

The Full List of All Boarding Priorities for All Ships

Here’s a very large list of all large ships ranked by Coast Guard Boarding priority.

All Larger Passenger Ships

A list of all passenger ships inspected by the Coast Guard.

“Ships of Interest List”

A ranking of vessels in the American Merchant Marine, seeking to mimic Coast Guard “boarding priority” lists.

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