Project Lighthouse: Ferry Boats and Ships and Their Coast Guard Inspection Records

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Here are the records of all available Coast Guard inspections of US ferry boats and ships into 2018. More than 100 million Americans travel on ferry boats every year.

Vessel NameCalendar YearDeficiency StatusDeficiency DetailsVessel Age
ACADIA2017Resolved DeficiencyFound evidence of exhaust leaks on both MDEs.39
ACADIA2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair small fuel drip from stbd main engine fuel hand pump39
ACADIA2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair small drip of jacket water on stbd main engine.39
ACADIA2017Resolved DeficiencyE-light in aft steering not functioning.39
ACADIA2017Resolved DeficiencyMain Fire Pump not putting out proper pressure.39
ACADIA2017Resolved DeficiencyUnused batteries throughout the engine room.39
ACADIA2017Resolved DeficiencyFound dead end wires/cables and fraying wires on P and S main batteries.39
ACADIA2017Resolved DeficiencyFaulty E-lights throughout the boat.39
ACADIA2017Resolved DeficiencyMissing supply vent screen in E/R.39
ACADIA2017Resolved DeficiencyFire Ax shown in FCP not found in E/R.39
ACADIA2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide security plan, PVA Letter, Drills Exercises, Plan Approval for inspection.39
ACADIA2017Resolved DeficiencyNo EAP poster posted.39
ACADIA2017Resolved DeficiencyCompass light not working.39
ACADIA2017Resolved DeficiencyAnchor light not working.39
ACADIA2017Resolved DeficiencyCO2 pilot bottle nozzle connected to flexible loop improperly installed. Connection found to be cross thread.39
ACADIA2017Resolved DeficiencySteering-Vessel drifted to 40 degree stbd when not commanded to turn to stbd.39
ACADIA2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel must conduct fire, man overboard, abandonship training/drills39
ACADIA2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall cotter pins or other suitable device on jockey bar pin.39
ADMIRAL JACK2017Resolved DeficiencyGround strap between F/O tanks and fill caps loose on both sides. Provide proper bonding between tanks and caps. Old T 46CFR182.20-3027
ADMIRAL JACK2017Resolved DeficiencyR/W system hose clamp failing on stbd engine/wasted through. replace double hose clamps on R/W system.27
ADMIRAL JACK2017Resolved DeficiencySTBD engine exhaust riser hose single clamped. Double clamp hose connections.27
ADMIRAL JACK2018Resolved DeficiencyCracked floating water light and missing dog to secure cap. Replace floating light. 46CFR180.7027
ADMIRAL JACK2018Resolved DeficiencyL/O pressure guage for STBD engine at operating station not functioning properly. Repair or replace guage. 46CFR182.20-527
ADMIRAL RICHARD E BENNIS2017Resolved DeficiencyVsl is not broadcasting a static draft. The Vessel's static draft information is set to zero(0).16
ADVENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair the fracture in the strengthening plate iwo the stbd strut.32
ADVENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace the fuel hoses on the fuel tank.32
ADVENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall a bilge alarm in the #1 void or remove the through hull penetration if the removal of the sensor is undertaken, provide repair proposal.32
ADVENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly install the light fixture on the stbd side of the engine room.32
ADVENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyEngine driven bilge/fire pump is inoperable. Make repairs and prove proper operation to attending MI prior to operation.32
ADVENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyBilge alarm wiring in fwd void is speaker wire. Replace with approved boat cable.32
ADVENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove or properly terminate dead end wires under the console on nav bridge (approx 6).32
ADVENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyRescue line on lifebuoy was measured at approx 30 ft. Line must be 60 ft floating line, 5/16" minimum diameter.32
ADVENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyPump out line for female MSD is corroded through. Secure head with padlock until repairs are made. Notify USCG with repair proposal.32
ADVENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyAdjust fuel compartment and steering compartment water tight hatch.32
ADVENTURE2018Resolved DeficiencyMake permanent repairs to wasted S/W suction for port generator.32
ADVENTURE2018Resolved DeficiencyRelable all 4 bilge high water alarms in pilot house.32
ADVENTURE2018Resolved DeficiencyLower N.U.C. light is not operable, make repairs.32
ADVENTURE2018Resolved DeficiencyCrop out wasted pipe to STBD sewage tank, make appropriate repairs.32
ADVENTURE2018Resolved DeficiencyRemove expired meds from all first aid kits. If kept onboard stow in appropriately marked container.32
ADVENTURE2018Resolved DeficiencyLabel valves for both electric and engine driven bilge/fire pumps. Create and post diagram and instructions so all crew are able to operate in an emergency.32
ADVENTURE2018Resolved DeficiencyRepack valve stem or replace valve to engine driven pump - main valve.32
ADVENTURE2018Resolved DeficiencyPlace electric insulation matting in front of switchboard. Ensure it's secured in a way that is semi-permenant.32
ADVENTURE2018Resolved DeficiencySecure port voltmeter in switchboard.32
ADVENTURE2018Resolved DeficiencyMake repairs to port generator lube oil pressure gauge.32
ADVENTURE2018Resolved DeficiencyInstall new exhaust lagging to port MDE.32
ADVENTURE2018Resolved DeficiencyClean on top of port MDE and overhead - excessive dust buildup - fire hazzard.32
ADVENTURE2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace 2 reduction gear oil lines for STBD main - ensure hose are SAE J1942.32
ADVENTURE2018Resolved DeficiencyTroubleshoot and repair turbo drain line leak for stbd main, also replace flexible hose portion.32
ADVENTURE2018Resolved DeficiencyAttach bracket for S/W cooling hose outboard of STBD main.32
ALCATRAZ CLIPPER2018Resolved DeficiencyBattery cables were mounted to control bank batteries with wing nuts. All connections shall be made to the battery terminals with permanent type connectors. 46 CFR 183.05-2045
ALCATRAZ CLIPPER2018Unresolved DeficiencyFire Main Piping in Engine Room has pipe repair utilizing mechanical coupling. Remove mechanical coupling and repair piping IAW 46 CFR 182.25-545
ALCATRAZ CLIPPER2018Resolved DeficiencyAir Compressor pressure relief valve relieves at a 150 PSI. Max allowable pressure on tank is 135 PSI. Required pressure relief valve to be replaced not to exceed MAWP of pressure tank. 46 CFR 176.25-3245
ALCATRAZ CLIPPER2018Unresolved DeficiencyMany portions of the metallic bilge piping system have been repaired utilizing mechanical couplings, PVC piping, and plastic strainers. Vessel is a T-L that was originally constructed with metallic piping system and metallic strainers. Requirement to replace all plastic components in bilge system back to original metallic configuration. Remove all mechanical couplings in Engine Room Bilge System p45
ALCATRAZ CLIPPER2018Resolved DeficiencyForepeak valve is not accessible from the main deck. Mount reach rod so that valve is operable from above the weather deck. 46 CFR 182.25-545
ALCATRAZ CLIPPER2018Unresolved DeficiencyInverter salt water cooling line contains flexible hose in piping with hose clamps. Flexible hose did not appear to be for flexibility purposes but rather to join two metallic pipe ends.
46 CFR 182.40-5
ALCATRAZ CLIPPER2018Resolved DeficiencySight Glass on Inverter Freshwater Cooling Tank has no guards protecting it. Required guards to be provided to protect sight glass. 46 CFR 182.01-545
ALCATRAZ FLYER2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel suffered propulsion reduction while underway due to failure with starboard insulated gate bipolar transistor inside starboard propulsion module.48
ALCATRAZ FLYER2018Unresolved DeficiencyMake permanent repairs to void #4 bilge piping at strainer currently utilizing a marine grade hose.48
ALCATRAZ FLYER2018Resolved DeficiencyDemonstrate satisfactory MOB drill to a Coast Guard Marine Inspector.48
ALCATRAZ FLYER2018Unresolved DeficiencyVessel has expired COI & must complete 5-YR inspection IAW 46 CFR 115.107.48
ALICE AUSTEN2018Resolved DeficiencyProve EDG Starter is operable.33
AMELIA2017Resolved DeficiencyPost the stability letter at the operating station.30
AMELIA2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide current charts for operating area.30
AMELIA2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace 10 adult PFDs that failed compression test30
AMELIA2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide SOLAS reto-reflective tape on six adult PFDs and required coverage on fifteen child PFDs. Adult PFDs had DOT retro tape.30
AMELIA2017Resolved DeficiencyPost correct vessel's station license.30
AMELIA2017Resolved DeficiencyPost vessels correct radiotelephony cert30
AMELIA2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide SOLAS retro-reflective tape on STBD aft quarter ring buoy. Ring buoy had DOT tape.30
AMELIA2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide guards for moving part on both main engines.30
AMELIA2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace or prove compliance with UL1104, the masthead, side, and stern lights.30
AMELIA2017Resolved DeficiencySecure left side of the machinery space ladder30
AMELIA2017Resolved DeficiencyReseal hatches in MTWB's forward.30
AMELIA2017Resolved DeficiencyPost emergency instructions at the operating station30
AMELIA2017Resolved DeficiencyPost a garbage placard30
AMELIA2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove dead end wire from port fwd void space30
AMELIA2017Resolved DeficiencyStbdside bilge pump not taking suction, propve proper operations of bilge pump. 46CFR182.50030
AMELIA2017Resolved DeficiencyStbdside running light had vertical fracture in the lens, all remaining lights are frosted due to UV damage, replace all lens. 46CFR184.42030
AMELIA2017Resolved DeficiencyStbdside fire pump outlet must fitted with a working pressure gauge. 46CFR179.360(a).30
AMELIA2017Resolved DeficiencyA hatch exposed to the weather, must be weathertight, found the forward port and two stbdside hatches on the bow were not wethertigh, allowing water into void below 2-3 feet as rubber gaskets are hardenend. 46CFR179.360(a).30
AMELIA2017Resolved DeficiencyA weathertight door must be provided for each opening, located in a deck house. Found door to bow broken due to storm damage (frame). 46CFR179.360(d)30
AMELIA2017Resolved DeficiencyA diesel leak was found at the injector.30
AMELIA2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper ops of AIS, if unit is replased, ensure the unit is programmed with correect MMSI number. 33CFR164.9630
AMELIA2018Resolved DeficiencyOne of the fuel injectors on the STBD engine was locked causing the engine to unexpectedly stop and must be replaced.30
AMELIA2018Resolved DeficiencyWhile troubleshooting the cause an unexpected engine shutdown, the battery charger for the generator was found to not be working and must be repaired.30
AMELIA2018Resolved DeficiencyRepairs and alterations to the equipment that affects the safety of the vessel must not be made without the approval of the U.S. Coast Guard. A USCG Inspector found that the fire main piping had ruptured due to wastage and was welded in an attempt to repair it, but the welding was performed incorrectly, resulting in a water leak and the OCMI was not informed. Properly assess the fire main conditi30
AMELIA2018Resolved DeficiencyA metal support of an electrical cable was found broken. Cable to be secure by re-installing a metal support. 46CFR183.34030
AMELIA2018Resolved DeficiencyProperly correct diesel fuel leak loacted at the stbdside fuel shut-off valve. 46CFR182.100.30
AMELIA2018Resolved DeficiencyProperly correct diesel fuel leak located at the generator diesel fuel filter.30
AMELIA2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace both port & stbdside flexible hoses from the seachest to the main diesel engine were found not in compliance with SAE-1942 and one was deformed preventing the adequate flow of cooling water. 46CFR182.720.30
AMELIA2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel must be fumigated by a 3rd party contracted extermination to address coackroaches infestation and rodents feces found, to include sanitation of the vessel, and provide a fumigation, sanitation certificate. 46CFR176.818.30
AMELIA2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace light bulbs of all navigation lights with an UL1104 type. 46CFR183.420.30
AMELIA2018Resolved DeficiencyFire main piping was fund with multiple holes, crop a renew and re-test at 60psi prior returning to service to the satisfaction of an attending marine inspector. 46CFR176.700.30
AMELIA2018Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of main hydraulic steering system during sea tials, after leak was found. 46CFR176.81430
AMELIA2018Resolved DeficiencyAs reported to ComCen, vibration was detected on one of the propellers, make vessel ready for inspection out of the water to assess condition of the hull, rudders, props and appurtenances. 46CFR176.15-10.30
ANDREW J. BARBERI2017Resolved DeficiencyReverse power relay switch is not working when generators are parallel between SSDG2 - SSDG1. SSDG1 will not pick up the load. Vessel must repair or replace this switch and prove proper operation.46CFR111.12-11(f)38
ANDREW J. BARBERI2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel experienced failure of breaker to close automatically on EDG.38
ANDREW J. BARBERI2017Resolved DeficiencyHydraulic hose parted that connected the reservoir to the rotor of the stern unit.38
ANDREW J. BARBERI2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace affected valve.38
ANGEL ISLAND2017Resolved DeficiencyIn Galley, a 110 V GFCI outlet was found not mounted and laying on the counter energized. 46 CFR 183.10-20 (g)44
ANGEL ISLAND2017Resolved DeficiencyTwo light fixtures in forward of Engine Room are hanging by zip ties.44
ANGEL ISLAND2017Unresolved DeficiencyEngine Room Bilge Piping did not have a strainer installed. 46 CFR 182.510 (b)44
ANGEL ISLAND2017Resolved DeficiencyEngine Room Bilge Piping is missing check valve. 46 CFR 182.510 (c)44
ANGEL ISLAND2017Resolved DeficiencyCOI Requirement onboard 404 adult life jackets, vessel was short 17 adult life jackets.44
ANGEL ISLAND2017Resolved DeficiencyWeak Link was not attached and 4 life floats were not tethered together. 46 CFR 180.13744
ANGEL ISLAND2017Resolved Deficiencyport forward life jacket stowage was not marked with number of life jackets contained within. 46 CFR 185.604 (f)44
ANGEL ISLAND2017Resolved DeficiencyPiping into hot water heater was severly corroded and needs replacement. 46 CFR 182.01-544
ANGEL ISLAND2017Resolved DeficiencyFire Extinguisher outside Engine Room was not mounted in bracket as required on label. 46 CFR 181.30-1044
ANGEL ISLAND2017Resolved DeficiencyForward SSDG was missing exhaust lagging on turbo. 46 CFR.01-544
ANGEL ISLAND2017Resolved DeficiencyAft SSDG was missing lagging on exhaust manifold. 46 CFR 182.01-544
ANGEL ISLAND2017Unresolved DeficiencyLazarette does not have a bilge system piped to it IAW 46 CFR 119.510. Owner will install prior to November 1, 2017.44
ANNA MAY2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove or bolt down all permanent seating.72
ANNA MAY2017Resolved DeficiencyUpdate.72
ANNA MAY2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace cracked window pilothouse stbd side and cracked porthole main deck forward port side.72
ANNA MAY2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly mark E/R emergency exit.72
ANNA MAY2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall spacers between floats.72
ANNA MAY2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace inop light.72
ANNA MAY2017Resolved DeficiencySeveral wastage of hull bottom plating and related interneal framing and bulkheads, mostly from interior arising from inadequate internal coatings and long-term exposure to standing water. See narrative for extensive details. Corrected during inspection.72
ANNEMARIE2017Resolved DeficiencySubmit repair proposal for the dull due to numerous blisters indentified on the port and starboard sides. Prior to hull repair to the satisfaction of the attending MI.26
ANNEMARIE2017Resolved DeficiencyExtensive porocity identified along the port and starboard side bearing house. porocity is greater than 1/4 in.26
ANNEMARIE2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace port and starboard rubber bearings. prior to credit drydock.26
ANNEMARIE2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace port and starboard shaft boot clamps.26
ANNEMARIE2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly arrange one life ring bouy with 60 feet of life line and attach a floating water light with a lanyard that is secured around the body of the ring buoy to the satisfation of an attending Coast Guard marine inspector in accordance with 46 CFR 180.70.26
ANNEMARIE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide a current and corrected Coast Guard Light List, Volume III or an abstract of the same for the area of operation in accordance with 46 CFR 184.420(a)(3)26
ANNEMARIE2017Resolved DeficiencyDemonstrate proper operation of the emergency fuel shut off in way of the starboard fuel tank to the satisfaction of an attending Coast Guard marine inspector in accordance with 46 CFR 182.455(b)(4)26
AQUALINK2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew life floats retro reflective tape.18
AQUALINK2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide a DSC capable VHF radio.18
AQUALINK2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of the STBD MDE to the satisfaction of the attending MI.18
AQUALINK2017Resolved DeficiencyService/restore STBD engine room CO2 system to the satisfaction of the attending MI.18
AQUALINK2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace discharged B-II portable fire extinguisher.18
AQUALINK2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct sea-trial to the satisfaction of the attending MI.18
AQUALINK2018Resolved DeficiencyImproper installation of Bratberg MCT compression block in watertight bulkheads18
AQUALINK2018Resolved DeficiencyLine needs replacement on port stern life ring.18
ARGO2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide proper crew 46CFR122.4021
ARGO2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide proof of compliance with DAPI prior to carrying passengers 46CFR16.1
ARGO2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct satisfactory Fire Drill prior to carrying passengers 46CFR122.5241
ARGO2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct satisfactory abandon ship/MOB drill prior to carrying passengers 46CFR122.5201
ARGO2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly install two forward IBA's. IBA's are being shipped separately to avoid exposure to elements on transit to San Fran 46 CFR 117.1301
ARGO2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide training log book 46CFR122.4201
ARGO2017Resolved DeficiencyProve compliance with ASP 33 CFR 1041
ARNI J. RICHTER2017Resolved DeficiencySIP Program B-01, The Child Life Jackets stowed in the main deck interior stowage compartments were resting against an AC unit. Allowed company to install a divider whereby creating proper stowage. Discrepancy corrected and verified prior to CG MI departure.16
ARNI J. RICHTER2017Resolved DeficiencySIP C-05, Observed a loose mounting bolt on the Fire Pump electric motor. Crew tightened and checked all other mounting bolts. Discrepancy corrected and verified prior to CG MI departure.16
ATLANTIS2017Unresolved DeficiencyCrop and renew crack in main deck, stbd side21
ATLANTIS2017Resolved DeficiencyRe-stencil person capacity on 03 lifefloats, as discussed21
ATLANTIS2017Resolved DeficiencySecure paddles to lifefloats with lanyard, to bottom row of floats (03), as discussed21
ATLANTIS2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel lifejacket boxes on main deck with contents, as marked21
ATLANTIS2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair cracked welds in void #2 between frame 7-9, stbd side, IWO longitudinal stiffener and round bar21
ATLANTIS2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair cracked weld in #4 void IWO overhead longitudinal outboard of fuel tank stbd side21
ATLANTIS2017Resolved DeficiencyMake the following bulkhead penetrations watertight: void #3 aft bulkhead port side, void #4 aft bulkhead port side, and lazarette forward bulkhead stbd side (x2)21
ATLANTIS2017Unresolved DeficiencyInstall type approved fire detection panel21
ATLANTIS2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall UL489 breaker for new 12 VDC panel in pilot house21
ATLANTIS2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct annual security audit21
ATLANTIS2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of CCTV21
ATLANTIS2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of bilge suctions for compartments 2-621
ATLANTIS2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of electric bilge pump21
ATLANTIS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide vessel with a fire axe21
ATLANTIS2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove dead end wiring in void #3 & #421
ATLANTIS2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace port side lazarette hatch gasket21
AUCOCISCO III2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide Bridge-To-Bridge FCC inspection certificate.14
AUCOCISCO III2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide GPS input and MMSI numbers to DSC VFH-FM radio.14
AUCOCISCO III2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair or renew the fuel tank void access hatch.14
AUCOCISCO III2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair or renew the E/R automatic fire damper.14
AURORA2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide proof of operable marine radar via tech report.42
AURORA2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew port and starboard lifeboat canopies to original specifications.42
AURORA2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace damaged lifeboat windows on port and starboard lifeboats. Renew with original equipment.42
AURORA2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove doubler and make permanent repairs to bulkhead IWO galley reefer/freezer. Conduct gauging of deck IWO leaking reefer/freezer.42
AURORA2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall access panels/plates for all automatic fire dampers to allow for inspection and verify operation.42
AURORA2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair/replace Port davit winch motor.42
AURORA2018Resolved DeficiencyPin missing that provided linkage to engine and bridge for air control42
AVALON EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting the following errors: ZERO LENGTH OR BEAM/ZERO DRAFT.29
AVALON EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyMake watertight bulkhead between bow thruster room and luggage hold watertight at cable penetrations.29
AVALON EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyMake watertight bulkhead between engine room and luggage hold watertight at cable penetrations.29
AVALON EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyMake repairs to bow as indicated to the satisfaction of the attending marine inspector.29
AYALA2017Resolved DeficiencyNoted a fracture on the starboard quarter, approximately two feet above the waterline. Fracture was due to a sharp inset, which was about the size of a quarter.30
AYALA2017Resolved DeficiencyUser fees overdue.30
AYALA2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel unable to provide contract between consortium and State Parks.30
BAY BREEZE2017Unresolved DeficiencySubmit DVTP/PSTP to MSC for review and approval. 46CFR121.620d25
BAY BREEZE2017Resolved DeficiencyMake permanent repairs to vital piping on stbd side raw water intake. 46CFR119.71025
BAY MONARCH2017Unresolved DeficiencyFixed CO2 systems on inspected vessels need to be type approved and installed in accordance with applicable regulations. Relocate the CO2 pressure switch outside of the protected space. Cite: 46CFR118.410(b)(1)(i), See MSIB 1512 for reference.43
BEAVER ISLANDER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide senior deckhand letter listing all qualified senior deck hands.57
BEAVER ISLANDER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide Haz Mat training to all crew.57
BEAVER ISLANDER2017Resolved DeficiencyEffect permanent repairs to leaking stbd fuel tank. All repairs shall be made to the satisfaction of the attending MI and after approval of repair proposal.57
BELLE CHASSE II2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide up to date marine charts for the operating area, as per 46CFR78.05-5.62
BELLE CHASSE II2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide missing aspirin and eye dressing kit in first aid kit, as per 46CFR160.041.62
BETSY ROSS2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel has multiple fractures in the transom and hull plating and in areas a few frames forward of the transom. Vessel to submit a repair proposal and make proper repairs. 46CFR176.7003
BETSY ROSS2017Resolved DeficiencyProve operation of pressure switch to shut down port side engine room ventilation.3
BETSY ROSS2017Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting wrong IMO number. No static draft information.3
BIG CAT EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew emergency exit signage in jet rooms.15
BIG CAT EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide Coast Guard approved design verification test procedures.15
BIG CAT EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide Coast Guard approved periodic safety tests procedures.15
BIG CAT EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide carbon dioxide warning signs on both engine room entrances and entrance to CO2 storage space on each hull.15
BIG CAT EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyCrop and renew wasted and holed aluminum deck plating in way of starboard and port heads (toilets) as identified. Repair proposal received.15
BIG CAT EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyGrind back and make repairs to five cracked welds in port forward compartment.15
BLOCK ISLAND2018Resolved DeficiencyRe-stencil vessel name on oars for all life-floats.22
BLUE ANGEL2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide on board current state vessel registration
BLUE ANGEL2017Resolved DeficiencyPort navigation light found with 180 degree visibility, provide proper visibility of 112 degree for port side navigation light.
BLUE ANGEL2017Resolved DeficiencyEnsure all Personal Flotation Devices are marked with vessel name or state registration number
BLUE ANGEL2017Resolved DeficiencyMark faded vessel registration numbers on the port and starboard bow.
BLUE ANGEL2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide means to make an efficient sound signal
BLUE ANGEL2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel installed vehicle indicator lights, install proper port and starboard navigation lights
BLUE ANGEL2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel received new interior painting and placards removed, post oil pollution discharge placard
BLUE ANGEL2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel received new interior painting and placards removed, post MARPOL V garbage placard
BLUE ANGEL2017Resolved DeficiencyEnsure avaialbility of communications, provide on board VHF radio or a charged cellular phone
BLUE ANGEL2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide CG approved mounting brackets for portable fire extinguishers
BLUE ANGEL2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide 60' of buoyant rope for type IV throwable PFD
BLUE ANGEL2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel received new interior painting and placards removed, post report all injury placard
BLUE ANGEL2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide on board current state registration
BLUE ANGEL2017Resolved DeficiencyFound nozzles for 2 B-I fire extinguishers clogged from mud wasp.
BOMBA CHARGER2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair exhaust leaks in steering compartment on generator exhaust piping in way of flexible coupling and muffler.48
BOMBA CHARGER2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair flexible coupling on fuel vent piping.48
BOMBA CHARGER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide adequate supports on generator exhaust piping and fuel vent piping.48
BOMBA CHARGER2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall metallic wire hangers for power conductors.48
BOMBA CHARGER2017Resolved DeficiencyDAPI program records not available for inspection. Vessel to contact USCG MSD St Thomas marine inspectors to schedule DAPI audit.48
BONITA2017Resolved DeficiencyLifejacket placard does not show donning instructions for all types on board; proper PFD placard required IAW 46 CFR 185.516.58
BONITA2017Resolved DeficiencyWire conduit that penetrates the forward engine room bulkhead is not sealed vapor tight IAW 46 CFR 177.405(e). Seal penetration to ensure vapor tightness accordingly.58
BOONE NO.72017Resolved DeficiencyPFD ripped.82
BOONE NO.72017Resolved DeficiencyBilge pump not self priming or holding prime IAW 46 CFR 182.25-10. "Existing Vessels"82
BVI PATRIOT2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace temporary non-marine grade battery chargers for house batteries with a permanant marine grade battery charger.17
BVI PATRIOT2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct Optest in presence of Coast Guard Marine Inspector to verify the new shaft seals, hydraulic steering, fuel system leaks, and exhaust repairs.17
BVI PATRIOT2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide a permanent repair or renewal of the wasted areas on Stbd MDE exhaust piping.17
BVI PATRIOT2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide new antennas for VHF radios.17
BVI PATRIOT2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide operable EPIRB ina proper float free arrangement.17
BVI PATRIOT2018Resolved DeficiencyMake permanent repairs to hole found in superstructure just above sheer on port side amidship. Minimum 18"x18" insert.17
BVI PATRIOT2018Resolved DeficiencyMake permanent repairs to crack found on starboard quarter.17
BVI PATRIOT2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace missing SFP on port side exhaust piping in lazarette.17
BVI PATRIOT2018Resolved DeficiencyMake permanent repairs to damaged deck railing on bow.17
CADILLAC2017Resolved DeficiencyPort MDE exhaust leaking water IWO water injection point, corrected during inspection.29
CADILLAC2017Resolved DeficiencyVarious sections of hot MDE exhaust piping exposed near pressurized oil lines, corrected during inspection.29
CADILLAC2017Resolved Deficiency2 panelboards in engineroom have openings where cables have been removed, no longer suitable for wet location, corrected during inspection.29
CADILLAC2017Resolved DeficiencyBatteries move excessively within battery boxes in ME cranking batteries, corrected during inspection.29
CADILLAC2017Resolved DeficiencyWiring to P/S cranking motors and engine control harness not mounted or supported, subject to chafe and mechanical damage, corrected during inspection.29
CADILLAC2017Resolved DeficiencyControl and instrumentation wiring on hydrojet engine unsupported and subject to chafe, corrected during inspection.29
CADILLAC2017Resolved DeficiencyFuse overcurrent protection for pilothouse feeder next to battery bank adrift and broken, corrected during inspection.29
CADILLAC2017Resolved DeficiencyDead end wires in engineroom not marked and remain connected to source. removed during inspection.29
CADILLAC2017Resolved DeficiencySteering machinery linkage/swivels not lubed, port quadrant excessively loose on stock. Corrected during inspection.29
CADILLAC2017Resolved DeficiencyPainters excessively detiorated, unserviceable all life floatw, including tethers for multiple floats on a painter. Corrected during inspection.29
CADILLAC2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide support and chafe protection for wiring in enginerom in way of battery banks and hydrojet prime mover.29
CADILLAC2017Resolved DeficiencyThe vsl was operating with an audible bilge alarm silenced. IAW 46 CFR 119.530 bilge alarms must be audible and visual. Attest that the Captains have been trained to not operate w/ alarms in silenced mode.29
CADILLAC2017Resolved DeficiencyFound bridge fire extinguisher in its bracked on the wheelhouse deck. Properly mount fire extinguisher on the bulkhead iaw 46 CFR 118.520.29
CADILLAC2017Resolved DeficiencyComplete permanent repairs per approved repair proposal to the lazarette bulkhead fracture.29
CADILLAC2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove all accessories and after market software/monitoring equipment that has been installed without approval from the Marine Safety Center/OCMI. Demonstrate proper operation of the propulsion system controls and both main diesel engines.29
CAMERON NO II2017Resolved DeficiencySteering system acting eratically. Make repairs, demonstrate proper operation.55
CAMERON NO II2017Resolved DeficiencyFCC Safety Radiotelephony Cert expired. Provide valid certificate.55
CAMERON NO II2017Resolved DeficiencyNo Transfer procedures available for inspection. Provide transfer procedures.55
CAMERON NO II2017Resolved DeficiencyNo NOI available. provide submitted NOI55
CAMERON NO II2017Resolved DeficiencyNo evidence of enrrollement in Consortium available. Provide documentation to demonstrate enrrolment in consortium.55
CAMERON NO II2017Resolved DeficiencyData plates were unreadable on several aire reeceivers. 3 of the 4 relief valves did not reset after being tested.55
CAMERON NO II2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel requires a technician to test overspeeds.55
CAMERON NO II2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of bilge suction system, with CG inspector.55
CAMERON NO II2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel needs to prpoperly mark all emergency lighing.55
CAMERON NO II2017Resolved DeficiencyEmergency fuel shut off would not close valves.55
CAMERON NO II2017Resolved DeficiencyNavigation light found to be not working under emergency power.55
CAMERON NO II2018Resolved DeficiencyNAME: Vsl is broadcasting incorrect Name, AIS PLACEMENT NOT PROVIDED: incomplete dimension information (AIS Antenna Position “X” equals 0), ZERO DRAFT: no static draft information55
CAMERON NO II2018Resolved DeficiencyRescue boat outboard motor will not shift into reverse properly. Prove proper operation of rescue boat outboard motor (propulsion)55
CAMERON NO II2018Resolved DeficiencyTrouble shoot and make necessary repairs to batteries and/or battery charger. Batteries in generator room are boiling and are hot to the touch. Batteries are emergency power supply. In addtion, the battery charger does not appear to be operating properly.55
CAPE HENLOPEN2017Resolved DeficiencyJD01: Vessel shall be provided with an efficient means of communication between the wheelhouse and the engine room. Sound powered phone is in-operable. Repair/fix sound powered phone in engine room at the E-steering to be audible while engines are running.38
CAPE HENLOPEN2017Resolved DeficiencyCorrect Fire Control Plan. Bulkhead and door around port forward locker on the vehicle deck is not an A-0 boundary.38
CAPE HENLOPEN2017Resolved DeficiencyMake permanent repairs to fuel oil leaks in the supply piping and valve between the emergency generator and fuel tank.38
CAPE HENLOPEN2017Resolved DeficiencyMake permanent repairs to pin hole leak in suction pipe for sprinkler pump. Until repairs are completed, temporary repairs must be maintained.38
CAPE HENLOPEN2017Resolved DeficiencyThe main fire pump is demonstrating intermittent reliability. Diagnose and repair pump and motor controller to the satisfaction of the MI.38
CAPE HENLOPEN2017Resolved DeficiencyML02: Prove proper operation of all alarms and shutdowns of Emergency Diesel Generator in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations in the presence of the attending MI.38
CAPE HENLOPEN2018Resolved Deficiency1. Complete servicing for the fixed CO2 system that was started by Harris on 26Feb18. Items outstanding are:
- Replace/repair engine room time delay
- Replace control head O-rings as needed
- Repair/replace damaged/leaky control heads as identified
CAPE HENLOPEN2018Resolved DeficiencyStarboard main had a number of exhaust leaks.75
CAPE HENLOPEN2018Resolved DeficiencyPrime mover for the #1 generator had an exhaust leak75
CAPE HENLOPEN2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair e-light stbd side aft passenger deck75
CAPE HENLOPEN2018Resolved DeficiencyDemonstrate operation of low lube oil and high jacket water alarms and shut downs on OMNI thruster.75
CAPE HENLOPEN2018Resolved DeficiencyLabel each FM200 siren in the boiler room, engine room and generator room with " When Alarm Sounds Vacate at Once Clean Agent Being Released"75
CAPE HENLOPEN2018Resolved DeficiencyRenew or replace pressure relief valve on ships horn air receiver located in the first class cabin.75
CAPE HENLOPEN2018Resolved DeficiencyPaint running light screens mat black75
CAPE POINT2018Resolved DeficiencyFound the Designated Duty Engineer's medical card expired. Remove mariner from operational positions requiring a merchant Mariner Credential.30
CAPT. ALGER2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace fireman supply hose from pump housing. Noted worn during this inspection.34
CAPT. ALGER2017Resolved DeficiencyService all portable fire extinguishers onboard.34
CAPT. ALGER2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall missing wire supports throughout vessel.34
CAPT. ALGER2017Resolved DeficiencyNoted cracked and damaged jacket water hoses on both MDE's.34
CAPT. ALGER2017Resolved DeficiencyClean engine room bilges and strainers in each compartment onboard.34
CAPT. SHEPLER2017Resolved DeficiencySpanner wrenches must be at each fire station.33
CAPT. SHEPLER2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly mount aft main cabin PFE.33
CAPT. SHEPLER2017Resolved DeficiencyMake engineroom and V-drive room emergency escape route safe from exposed rotating machinery hazards.33
CAPT. SHEPLER2017Resolved DeficiencySubmit repair proposal & after approval, effect permanent repairs to port side forwardmost window area structural fractures.33
CAPTAIN CHARLES PHILBROOK2018Resolved DeficiencyCO2 system pressure switches need to be relocated from the engine room to a protected space. To be completed during next DDX in Fall 2018.26
CAPTAIN CHARLES PHILBROOK2018Resolved DeficiencySections of bilge pipe forward IVO shaft packing found to be deteriorated. Gauge or replace section during next DDX in Fall 2018.26
CAPTAIN CHARLES PHILBROOK2018Resolved DeficiencyPort MDE has an exhaust leak at first elbow as noted by lagging discoloration.26
CAPTAIN CHARLES PHILBROOK2018Resolved DeficiencyLube oil alarm and shutdown found inoperative on the embegency generator.26
CAPTAIN HENRY LEE2017Resolved DeficiencyProve resolution of intermittent steering gear fault.27
CAPTAIN HENRY LEE2017Resolved DeficiencyR/R the steering gear alarms as noted in the PSTP or submit changes to PSTP for steering gear alarms.27
CAPTAIN HENRY LEE2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall an Emergency Light to illuminate the escape ladder in the engine room.27
CAPTAIN HENRY LEE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide a rotating flashing light when a machinery alarm is annuciated.27
CAPTAIN HENRY LEE2017Resolved DeficiencyEnsure Emergency Lights are marked with an "E".27
CAPTAIN NEAL BURGESS2017Resolved Deficiencyvessel did not have valid COD26
CAPTAIN NEAL BURGESS2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of #2 generator curcuit breaker26
CAPTAIN NEAL BURGESS2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide FCC Safety Certificate to address taped on dates.26
CAPTAIN NEAL BURGESS2018Resolved DeficiencyProve operation of nozzle on F.S #2 (extremely stiff).26
CAPTAIN NEAL BURGESS2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide servicing report from OEM authorized technician attesting to the satisfactory arrangement and operation of the rescue boat davit/dead mans brake.26
CAPTAIN NEAL BURGESS2018Resolved DeficiencyUpdate expired first aid kit contents in rescue boat.26
CAPTAIN NEAL BURGESS2018Resolved DeficiencyConduct boat drill with USCG attendance.26
CAPTAIN NEAL BURGESS2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide updated deviation card.26
CARIBE CAY2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace fallen insulation in steering compartment.24
CARIBE CAY2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide insulation on underside of engine access hatches in steering compartment.24
CARIBE CAY2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace or clean carbon-covered insulation in steering compartment.24
CARIBE CAY2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide machinery guard at aft end of port generator.24
CARIBE CAY2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace hatch gaskets as necessary and ensure readiness for chalk-testing.24
CARIBE CAY2017Resolved DeficiencyShow integrity of bilge piping on starboard pipe at the aft bulkhead penetration of the fuel tank compartment.24
CARIBE CAY2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide repair proposal for cracks in way of aft frame on port side of compartment 2.24
CARIBE CAY2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide repair proposal for crack in deck stiffener on fwd stbd compartment 2.24
CARIBE CAY2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide repair proposal for crack in fillet weld in way of forepeak connection of transverse swash bulkhead to hull on starboard side.24
CARIBE CAY2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair or replace port main diesel engine raw water piping inboard prior to drydock completion/credit.24
CARIBE CAY2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide exhaust lagging on starboard engine room exhaust prior to drydock completion/credit.24
CARIBE CAY2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide structural fire protection on port fuel tank prior to drydock completion/credit.24
CARIBE CAY2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair cracks in bulkhead/gunwhale and railing in way of port side forward embarkation area prior to drydock completion/credit.24
CARIBE CAY2017Resolved DeficiencyShow proper operation of fire pump.24
CARIBE CAY2017Unresolved DeficiencyRepair or replace damaged lifefloats. Until repaired, vessel is not permitted to carry passengers beyond 3 NM from shore.24
CARIBE CAY2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide calibrated and current alcohol testing device.24
CARIBE CAY2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide records showing completion of security drill and exercise.24
CARIBE CAY2017Resolved DeficiencyLifejackets found with deteriorated floatation. Show adequate numbers of lifejackets that are serviceable.24
CARIBE CAY2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide FCC Safety Radiotelephony, Bridge to Bridge, and EPIRB registration certificates with current call sign and MMSI number.24
CARIBE CAY2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide current tide and current tables.24
CARIBE CAY2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace starboard rudder tiller cross link pin prior to drydock completion/credit.24
CARIBE CAY2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace missing engine room lighting globe cages.24
CARIBE CAY2017Resolved DeficiencyHole found in port battery box and hull plating below. Vessel to replace battery box and crop and renew bottom plating prior to completion of credit dry dock.24
CARIBE TIDE2017Resolved DeficiencyHigh bilge alarms failed to function on the bridge.31
CARIBE TIDE2017Resolved DeficiencyCrew were impeded from turning the valves due to the handle being too long and coming into contact with passenger seating31
CARIBE TIDE2017Resolved DeficiencyFound 7 cracks in aluminum stiffeners and frames in the forepeak void space31
CARIBE TIDE2017Resolved DeficiencyWhistles missing on numerous lifejackets.31
CARIBE TIDE2018Resolved DeficiencyCrop and renew inset in port aft corner at waterline. Prior to drydock credit.31
CARIBE TIDE2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair rubrails throughout vessel, to include holed rubrail at port aft transom. Prior to drydock credit.31
CARIBE TIDE2018Resolved DeficiencyAdjust dogs on forepeak hatch. Prior to drydock credit.31
CARIBE TIDE2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide all bolts for forward void hatches. Prior to drydock credit.31
CARIBE TIDE2018Resolved DeficiencyCrfop and renew crushed frame forward of port main engine. Prior to drydock credit.31
CARIBE TIDE2018Resolved DeficiencyClean carbon coated insulation in engine room. Prior to drydock credit.31
CARIBE TIDE2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair closing mechanism on aft quick acting watertight door. Prior to drydock credit.31
CARIBE TIDE2018Resolved DeficiencyRemove all oily water from bilges.31
CARIBE TIDE2018Resolved DeficiencyHull damaged on starboard side midships in way of gunwale. Crop and renew damaged area approximately 12'x4'. Due to proximity to fuel tank obtain Marine Chemist Certificate prior to conducting hotwork in this area.31
CARIBE TIDE2018Resolved DeficiencyCrop and renew crushed frame forward of port outboard main diesel engine. Due to proximity to fuel tank obtain Marine Chemist Certificate prior to conducting hotwork in this area.31
CARIBE TIDE2018Resolved DeficiencyExcessive pitting discovered in hull plating in way of port outboard shaft. Crop and renew 3 1/2'x5' plate encompassing pitted area. Make available for inspection of welds and NDT.31
CARIBE TIDE2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair holed rubrails throughout vessel.31
CARIBE TIDE2018Resolved DeficiencyAdjust dogs on forepeak hatch to ensure watertight closure.31
CARIBE TIDE2018Resolved DeficiencyDemonstrate proper operation of closing mechanism on aft quick acting watertight door.31
CARIBENA2017Unresolved DeficiencyExtensive damage to the hull platting throughout the entire lenght of the port side of the vessel. See pictures for details15
CARINA2017Unresolved DeficiencyGenerators have plastic tubing for anti-siphon device for raw water cooling. Prove compliance with sub F or replace with pipe that meets sub F. 46CFR56.60-251
CARINA2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide approved stability letter. 46CFR115.3061
CARINA2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct satisfactory Fire Drill prior to carrying passengers 46CFR122.5241
CARINA2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct satisfactory abandon ship/MOB drill prior to carrying passengers 46CFR122.5201
CARINA2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly install two forward IBA's. IBA's are being shipped separately to avoid exposure to elements on transit to San Fran 46 CFR 117.1301
CARINA2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide training log book 46CFR122.4201
CARINA2017Unresolved DeficiencyProvide COD IAW 46CFR67.71
CARINA2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide proper crew 46CFR122.4021
CARINA2017Resolved DeficiencyProve compliance with ASP 33 CFR 1041
CARINA2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide proof of compliance with DAPI prior to carrying passengers 46CFR16.1
CAT EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair 3 inch crack in port lazarette hull.33
CAT EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair fractured frame in the lazarette of port hull.33
CAT EXPRESS2017Resolved Deficiencyrepair fracture flange for stbd sea chest33
CAT EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of the Port engine room fire damper.33
CAT EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of the installed bilge system for the stbd hull.33
CAT EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly install all float-free links for all life floats.33
CAT EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide new Stability Letter following hull modifications and deadweight survey. Vessel is limited to 225 persons on board in accordance with old stability letter dated June 17, 2016.33
CATALINA DUCHESS2017Resolved DeficiencyLazarette compartment, upper corner of STBD transom, where deck intersects with hull plating: Deck plating was found to be separated from the hull plating and interior welds were found to be cracked and in poor condition. Repair area to satisfaction of attending Sector LALB CG Marine Inspectors.28
CATALINA DUCHESS2017Resolved DeficiencyEngine room air receiver: Complete either an internal visual inspection or hydro test. IAW 46CFR 61.10-5 via 176.81228
CATALINA DUCHESS2017Resolved DeficiencyLazzarette compartment, upper corner of Port transom, where deck intersects with hull plating. Deck plating was found with sharp buckles both concave and convex and shows signs of deck plate separation from the hull plating as evidenced by interior weld cracks and gaps. Bent frames and stringers were also noted IVO buckling. Crop and renew buckling deck area (Apx 36 inch long X 14 inch wide) and c28
CATALINA DUCHESS2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew fuel tank vent screens with corrosion resistant 30X30 wire mesh. IAW 46CFR182.450(d)28
CATALINA DUKE2017Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting the following errors: IMO & ZERO DRAFT.16
CATALINA EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting the following errors: ZERO LENGTH OR BEAM.25
CATALINA EXPRESS2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace 02 4" MSD uptake valves as they were found unable to close completely.25
CATALINA EXPRESS2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair fiberglass section by stbd rudder identified by the inspector.25
CATALINA FLYER2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair cracked waterproof layer on PFDs as ID'd by MI.31
CATALINA FLYER2017Resolved DeficiencyMark childsize lifejackets with vessel name.31
CATALINA FLYER2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew worn painters on lifefloats and lifefloat floating waterlights as ID'd by MI.31
CATALINA FLYER2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove heavy weather holdbacks from lifefloat stowage structures to ensure float-free operation.31
CATALINA FLYER2017Resolved DeficiencyEnsure proper drug and alcohol program consortium is properly reflected in the company's drug and alcohol program policy.31
CATALINA JET2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide deviation table and light for compass.20
CATALINA JET2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide large scale harbor charts for LA/LB and Avalon.20
CATALINA JET2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace expired medical supplies: Ammonia inhalants, Medicaine swabs, iodine wipes, analgesics.20
CATALINA JET2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly attach painter to weak link.20
CATALINA JET2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide MIS report and proof of Employee enrollment.20
CATALINA JET2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair jammed dogs on port and starboard engine rooms emergency escape hatches.20
CATALINA JET2017Resolved DeficiencyExisting radiotelephony certificate too faded to read. Provide legible certificate.20
CATALINA JET2017Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting the following errors: MMSI/IMO20
CATALINA JET2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair port jet room bilge piping at pump outlet.20
CATALINA JET2018Resolved DeficiencyRenew hatch gaskets on port and stbd jet rooms.20
CATALINA KING2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove and destroy 8 adult and 1 child lifejacket that are not servicable.46
CATALINA KING2017Resolved DeficiencyMake permanent rapeirs to crack in the hull on the port quarter prior to carrying passengers. 46CFR115.802(a)(1)46
CATALINA KING2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace identified sections of piping and couplings in MSD lines. 46CFR115.800(a)46
CATALINA KING2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide strainer for bilge foot in lazarette. 46CFR182.25-5(b)46
CATALINA KING2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide paddles for two identified lifefloats prior to carrying passengers.46
CATALINA SPIRIT2017Resolved DeficiencyConnect painters for 02 IBAs to weak link.35
CATALINA SPIRIT2017Resolved DeficiencyMake 02 cable penetrations in engine room fwd bkhd, stbd side, watertight.35
CATALINA SPIRIT2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall fire pump discharge pressure gauge.35
CATALINA SPIRIT2017Resolved DeficiencyPlace vessel name on 01 childsize PFD.35
CATALINA SPIRIT2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall properly-sized mounting bracket for CO2 extinguisher in Engine Room.35
CATALINA SPIRIT2017Unresolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting the following errors: ZERO LENGTH35
CATHLAMET2017Resolved Deficiency3 inch penetration found in number 1 and number 2 ends in fan spaces below each wheelhouse. Repair to "A" Class boundery specifications to the satisfaction of the MI. 46 CFR 72.05-10(c)(1)38
CATHLAMET2017Resolved DeficiencyNav Light Panel on # 1 end did not give audio alarm for light failure. Repair to the satisfaction of the MI. 46 CFR 111.75-17(b)38
CATHLAMET2018Resolved DeficiencyAutomatic Draft Indicator not properly operating on the NO 1 and NO 2 END bridge. Vessel will take manual draft readings while loading until permanent repairs to bridge equipment can be made.38
CAYO BLANCO2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair a rupture in the fire main connected to the outlet of the fire pump IAW 46CFR119.710/118.310(b)10
CAYO BLANCO2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of the rudder angle indicator located at the equipment room IAW 46CFR58.25-25.10
CAYO BLANCO2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide adult lifejacket for every adult passenger IAW COI. Until then, passenger count is reduced to 375.10
CAYO BLANCO2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide the name of the vessel in clearly legible letters on each lifejacket.10
CAYO BLANCO2017Resolved DeficiencyEach vessel owner or operator must ensure that the vessel operates in compliance by designating, in writing, by name or title, a CSO, and identify how officers can be contacted at any time in accordance with the VSP. The vessel was operating without an active or acting CSO in accordance with the approved VSP.10
CAYO BLANCO2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove structural fire protection and make are available for inspection.10
CAYO BLANCO2017Resolved DeficiencyThe vessel crew is to monitor the damaged areas of the hull after every voyage and findings are to be logged in the vessel's log book.10
CAYO BLANCO2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly repair damaged areas to the side shell plating. (Starboard side).10
CAYO BLANCO2018Resolved DeficiencyAt each initial and subsequent inspection for certification, the owner or operator shall be prepared to test the steering system of the vessel and make them available for inspection to the extent necessary to determine that they are in suitable condition and fit for the service intended. Prove proper operation of the rudder angle indicator located at the steering gear pump room. 46CFR115.814/115.810
CAYO LARGO2018Resolved DeficiencyAt each initial or subsequent inspection for certification, the owner/operator shall be prepared to test the steering systems of the vessel and make them available for inspection to the extent necessary to determine that they are in suitable condition and fit for the service intended. Properly conduct repairs on both port & stbdside rudder bearings seals as both of them were found broken, repairs 11
CAYO NORTE2017Unresolved DeficiencyConduct hull and internal structural exam.24
CEDAR ISLAND2017Resolved DeficiencyFound an exhaust leak on the #2 MDE IWO the exhaust silencer flange. Renew the exhaust gasket.25
CEDAR ISLAND2017Unresolved DeficiencyUnable to test/ verify the low lube oil alarms on #1 MDE, #2 MDE, and the Bow Thruster. Install fittings to facilitate test.25
CEDAR ISLAND2017Resolved DeficiencyThe discharge side of Fire Pump #2 has a pin hole leak.25
CETUS2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel has not completed drills, docs/certs inspection, DAPI audit, placard inspection, operations review, generator fuel filter, anchor, and IBA inspections, per activity narrative. Vessel shall complete New to Zone inspection, addressing these issues with OCMI, prior to carrying passengers.2

Deficiency extended to allow builder rep approval of current installation through MSC.

Deficiency extended to coincide with next DD date.
CHAMPION2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew Cutless bearing on mainland side of the vessel prior to credit for drydocking.78
CHAMPION2017Resolved DeficiencyCondemned 24 kapok type jackets. Renew with approved Type 1 jackets.78
CHELAN2017Resolved Deficiency#1 Rescue boat is not operational. Passenger count is limited to 600.38
CHELAN2017Resolved Deficiencycrack standoff leading to flange for crankcase negative pressure. Exhaust must be repair at night tie up.38
CHELAN2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace expired ring buoy waterlight batteries.38
CHELAN2018Resolved DeficiencyEnsure fire screen doors #21 and #25 properly secure upon release.38
CHELAN2018Resolved DeficiencyEffect repairs to 03 clogged sprinkler heads. (Zone B, Zone 2, and Zone 4)38
CHELAN2018Resolved DeficiencyRemove flex hose from the fuel oil pump to the burner nozzle on the #1 Boiler and replace with seamless steel pipe/tubing IAW 46CFR56.50-65.38
CHELAN2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair or replace general emergency red flashing light in engine room #2 IAW 46CFR113.25-10.38
CHELAN2018Resolved DeficiencyRemove dead ended wires in the main cable transit between the #2 engine room and the #2 reduction gear space and seal the cable transits to the equivalency of the bulkhead boundary rating IAW 46CFR111.60-17.38
CHELAN2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair or replace Engine Order Telegraph's loss of power audible alarm in the #1 pilothouse IAW 46CFR113.35-5.38
CHETZEMOKA2017Resolved DeficiencyLife jacket stowage "pull" on car deck tested, toggle at end of cable broke.9
CHETZEMOKA2017Resolved DeficiencyFire hose at fire station #21 leaked.9
CHETZEMOKA2017Resolved DeficiencyEmergency generator room natural ventilation supply did not secure during fixed CO2 actuation.9
CHETZEMOKA2017Resolved DeficiencySafe/vault for VSP was not properly secured to vessel, required crew to bolt to deck9
CHETZEMOKA2017Resolved DeficiencyNozzles at fire station #9 and #23 were clogged with marine detritus.9
CHETZEMOKA2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of fire screen doors #20 and #8. Dedicate crewmember to ensure doors properly shut in case of emergency until rectified.9
CHICAMACOMICO2017Resolved DeficiencyIntegrated cooling fan blade in the #2 steering pump failed causing the steering alarm to activate. Repair or replace #2 steering pump motor.30
CHICAMACOMICO2017Resolved DeficiencyA crack was found in #1 fire pump suction between the sea strainer and the pump.30
CHIMACUM2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly troubleshoot steering alarm received on auxiliary 1A/1B. Provide technical report that attests to cause and corrective action taken.If the vessel exceeds more than 3 degrees drift contact OCMI immediately. - 46 CFR 58.25 - 20NOV20172
CHIMACUM2018Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of the deviation alarm that activated while landing vessel on #2 end stern.2
CHIMACUM2018Resolved DeficiencyThe lock cylinder for every MES embarkation station door was difficult to operate and significant manipulation was needed to unlock the door. Also, each upper and lower secondary catch at each MES embarkation station is either difficult to operate and once opened, difficult to properly align in order to secure the doors. Repair locks and catches at each MES embarkation station to allow proper an2
CHIMACUM2018Resolved DeficiencyThe limit switch(es) on boath rescue boats are not working as designed and the ship's crew must manipulate the davit wire in order to work around the switch parameters in order to get the rescue boat launched and out of the cradle. Repair limit switches in order to properly operate the rescue boat. In addition, ensure all crew memebers understand and are knowledgeable about how to operate the cur2
CHIMACUM2018Resolved DeficiencyBoth fire pumps were unable to prime independently of eachother. Identify and resolve fire pump issues.2
CHIMACUM2018Resolved DeficiencyThe upper and lower catches for the #2 end rescue boat doors are difficult to operate. Repair catches in order to allow proper and quick access to the rescue boat. Repair the #1 end if this issue impacts the other set of doors.2
CHIMACUM2018Resolved DeficiencyMake the following repairs to Fire Screen Door’s (FSD): (1) Repair latching mechanism to FSD’s #7, #20, #23, #28 and #40 so doors secure tight. (2) Repair audible alarm for door closure on FSD #19 IAW 46 CFR 72.05-25.2
CHIMACUM2018Resolved DeficiencyDisable the hold back magnet for sliding FSD #15 so door does not have the ability to remain in the open position until repairs can be made IAW 46 CFR 72.05-252
CHIMACUM2018Resolved DeficiencyMake repairs to FSD #15 so the door operates as required IAW 46 CFR 72.05-25.2
CHIMACUM2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair/replace general alarms audible functions for bell G-13-10 and combination visual and audible alarm G-23-ADA3 IAW 46 CFR 113.25-12.2
CHIMACUM2018Resolved DeficiencyThe navigation light panel in the #1 pilot house has three buttons that do not consistently work. The upper filament buttons for the port, starboard and forward mast headlight must be repaired to ensure proper operation at all times. All the navigation lights physically work and can be turned on/off by utilizing the programed buttons however those three individual buttons do not.2
CHIMACUM2018Resolved DeficiencyMES access doors currently require to be pressed in to relieve pressure to unlock and open the doors. To ensure crewmembers are aware and able to easily open the doors,the Master is responsible at each crew change to ensure the crewmembers are trained and capable of opening each MES access doors. Previous 835 will remain open but have a due moved to 16April18.2
CHRISTINE ANDERSON2017Resolved DeficiencyRescue boat marking missing from both sides of bow. Stencil the name of vessel and the number of persons capacity in clearly legible letters and numbers on each side othe bow of the rescue boat. 46 CFR 122.604.25
CHRISTINE ANDERSON2018Resolved DeficiencyEmergency generator inoperative, repair generator to full capability and provide technician's report with problem and steps taken to rectify problem.25
CHRISTINE ANDERSON2018Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting the following errors: CLSN25
CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS2017Resolved DeficiencyProve operation of port generator in the presence of CG marine inspector.19
CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide (03) hand red flares and (03) hand orange flares IAW 46 CFR 180.68. Restricted to LBS route.19
CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel has a small leak below the water line in the STBD aft engine room behind the entrance ladder. Vessel may not carry passengers or move from the current home port area until a CGMI attends the vessel and this office receives a repair plan and gives permission to proceed to a repair facility.19
COLUMBIA2017Resolved DeficiencyMake complete repairs to starboard side CPP system. Provide technical report identifying the root cause of CPP failure, explanation of effected components, and documentation of all repairs made. Report must be reviewed by the Coast Guard and your classification society prior to any vessel movements. (46 CFR 58.05-1)45
COLUMBIA2017Resolved DeficiencyMake permanent repairs to the #1 generator's main display to show proper voltage readings in idle mode.45
COLUMBIA2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide approved DVTPs and prove proper operation of the steering stand prior to the carriage of passengers. Until this item is complete, a helmsman shall remain on watch at the main steering console AT ALL TIMES while u/w. Additionally, until this item is complete, when maneuvering or while navigating the river systems, the engine control room shall be manned with one licensed engineer.45
COLUMBIA2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct emergency drills with vessel's entire crew in the presence of a Marine Inspector prior to carrying passengers. At time of inspection, 08 crew members were absent.45
COLUMBIA2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly repair inoperable fast rescue boat and conduct a speed trial proving proper operation in the presence of a Marine Inspector prior to carrying passengers.45
COLUMBIA2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide approval letter from MSC for Revision I of the Design Verification Testing Procedures. 46 CFR 61.4045
COLUMBIA2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly label #84, #85, #86, #87 fire screen doors.45
COLUMBIA2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly label and restore the 06 inoperable emergency lights.45
COLUMBIA2017Resolved DeficiencyOil mist detector on starboard main engine activates without presence of oil, resulting in engine shutdown. Restore starboard main engine oil mist detector to proper operation to the satisfaction of the attending Coast Guard marine inspector and provide tech's report.45
COLUMBIA2018Resolved DeficiencyThe rudder angle indicator connecting rod broke. Repair prior to sailing.45
COLUMBIA2018Resolved DeficiencyGauge thickness of Firemain pipe in way of wasted area to the horizontal connecting pipe and all the way to the fire station #67 (vertical section). Provide repair proposal to MSD Ketchikan. Make approved repairs in accordance with attending CG Marine Inspector.45
COLUMBIA2018Resolved DeficiencyEach passenger vessel of 500 tons gross tonnage and over must carry on each side of the vessel at least one rescue boat. The propulsion system on the port fast rescue boat is currently partially inoperable. The vessel is limited to a maximum of 300 passengers until the deficiency is corrected. The port rescue boat must be repaired to the satisfaction of the attending marine inspector by 27APR18.45
COLUMBIA2018Resolved DeficiencyPinhole leak on waste heat boiler blowdown line. Temp repair made with synthoglass pathc. Vessel authorized to transit normal itinerary to Ketchikan to conduct non-destructive examination of pipe and effect repairs to the satisfaction of the attending CG MI from MSD Ketchikan.45
COLUMBIA2018Resolved DeficiencyMake permanent repairs to the starboard overboard discharge piping for waste heat boiler blow down line. Additionally, the sea valve for the line is to be relocated, on the discharge line, as close as possible to the side shell. The current location of the sea valve is too far from the side shell.45
COLUMBIAN PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall approved battery cables, positive and negative on all four main engines IAW 46CFR183.340(d)(2)(3).38
COLUMBIAN PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencySecure batteries from movement within all four main engine enclosures IAW 46CFR183.350(b).38
COLUMBIAN PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace worn fuel hoses and install hose clamps on various hoses with all four main engines IAW 46CFR182.455.38
COLUMBIAN PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace generator fuel oil hose run from supply piping to generator housing with approved hose IAW 46CFR182.455.38
COLUMBIAN PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace generator fuel oil hose and clamp from low pressure fuel oil pump to fuel manifold IAW 46CFR182.455.38
COLUMBIAN PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace 02 excessively worn life ring buoys on the vehicle deck IAW 46CFR176.808(b).38
COLUMBIAN PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace fire hose at fire station by the #3 main engine IAW 46CFR176.810(c).38
COVADONGA2017Resolved DeficiencyVHF radio must be connected to a GPS receiver or have a VHF-DSC marine radio with integral GPS. The MMSI number must be also entered in the VHF radio. 47CFR80.30
COVADONGA2017Resolved DeficiencyMain diesel engines do not have covers on fly-wheels. Provide guards for moving parts.
COVADONGA2017Resolved DeficiencyRing life buoy with self-igniting water light on bow has department of transportation retro reflective tape. Provide approved retro tape.30
COVADONGA2017Resolved DeficiencyAIS does not show other vessels. Prove ability to target other vessels.
COVADONGA2017Resolved DeficiencyMTWBs forward found open. Reseal MTWBs.
COVADONGA2017Resolved DeficiencyPFDs have Department of Transportation retroreflective material. Provide approved retro-reflective material on approximatley 20 PFDs.
CROATOAN2017Resolved DeficiencyThe vessels PA system started smoking during periodic and was not working as designed.16
CROATOAN2017Resolved DeficiencyThe emergency intructions for local steering operation is missing orange and yellow tags for pins.16
CROATOAN2017Resolved DeficiencyUnknown subtance in a flammable container was found in the flammable locker in the engine rooom.16
CROATOAN2017Resolved DeficiencyRemark the security markings on main for deck hatch covers.16
CROATOAN2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall security tags, tamper tape on the life jacket stowage closets onboard.16
CROATOAN2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall missing fire extinguisher pins on the #6 and #8.16
CROATOAN2018Resolved DeficiencyEmergency generator vent louvers not closing 100% with out manual assistance. CAPT has designated one person to ensure vent will be closed in the event of a fire.16
CROATOAN2018Resolved DeficiencyRescue boat davit lever is wasted and needs to be replaced.16
CROATOAN2018Resolved DeficiencyRescue boat remote control, lower sheave pin wasted.16
CROATOAN2018Resolved Deficiency#6 Portable fire ext. pin missing16
CROATOAN2018Resolved DeficiencyMain deck B side second ladder rung loose.16
CROATOAN2018Resolved DeficiencyCO2 Fixed system bottle brackets loose. Which could allow the bottles to turn and kink CO2 hose.16
CROATOAN2018Resolved DeficiencyPrior to passenger operations, perform repairs to the B End main engine jacket water cooling system and keel cooler to the satisfaction of the Coast Guard Marine Inspector.16
CRUZ BAY I2017Resolved DeficiencyPre-engineered fixed firefighting systems installed in both engine rooms were found with discharged cylinders. Prior to carrying passengers, install functioning and serviced fixed firefighting systems in both engine rooms to the satisfaction of the attending USCG marine inspector.6
CRUZ BAY I2017Resolved DeficiencyDemonstrate proper operation of fire detection system prior to carrying passengers.6
CRUZ BAY I2017Resolved DeficiencyComplete fire drill, abandon ship drill and man overboard drills prior to carrying passengers.6
CRUZ BAY I2017Resolved DeficiencyShow proper operation of main engines, gauges, and steering.6
CRUZ BAY I2017Resolved DeficiencyForepeak tanks gravity drain to vent compartments through collission bulkheads. Provide repair proposal to USCG Marine Inspector.6
CRUZ BAY I2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide MMSI and GPS input to DSC radio.6
CRUZ BAY I2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide correct call sign input to AIS.6
CRUZ BAY I2017Resolved DeficiencyService IBAs.6
CRUZ BAY I2018Resolved DeficiencyTHru hull fittings not avialable for inspections.6
CRUZ BAY I2018Resolved DeficiencyMake voids available for inspection.6
CRUZ BAY I2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair holed discharge fitting in fuel tank space starboard.6
CRUZ BAY I2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide repair proposal for and remedy communication between forepeak and #2 void spaces.6
CRUZ BAY I2018Resolved DeficiencyRectify fixed fire detection fault.6
CRUZ BAY I2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide servicing certificate for fixed gas firefighting system.6
CRUZ BAY I2018Resolved DeficiencyDiagnose and repair port rudder hunting.6
CRUZ BAY I2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide current Certificate of Documentation6
CRUZ BAY I2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair leaking air conditioning piping in center void.6
CRUZ BAY I2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair leaking fire pump.6
CRUZ BAY I2018Unresolved DeficiencyProvide training and designation of Senior Deckhands prior to utilizing Senior Deckhand in lieu of mate.6
CURT BERGER2017Resolved DeficiencyCrop and renew remaining deck plate IWO port fwd door.17
CURT BERGER2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace hull sheathing IWO corroded wire run.17
CURT BERGER2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide FCC Safety Radio Certificate.17
CURT BERGER2018Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of fire pump, stbd side generator fuel shuf-off valve, and bilge pump.17
CURT BERGER2018Resolved DeficiencySeal wire run between No.3 and No.2 stbd voids.17
D III2017Resolved DeficiencyCracks discovered in port strut, and salt deposit on interior of strut. Investigate extent of cracks and complete temporary repair.23
D III2017Resolved DeficiencyWork List: Provide battery box and cover for battery in engine room.23
D III2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair lazarette ladder rungs.23
D III2017Resolved DeficiencyShow proper operation of fire pump and bilge pumps23
D III2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide serviceable EPIRB HRU23
D III2017Resolved DeficiencyMake permanent repairs to port side engine room vent23
D III2017Resolved DeficiencyReconnect fuel shut-off valve23
D III2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide valid EPIRB registration23
D III2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove excess oil from the vessel bilges23
D III2018Resolved DeficiencySecure stern bench seat in place.23
D III2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide instructions for CO2 system.23
D III2018Resolved DeficiencyMount and protect ship service circuit breaker.23
D III2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide servicing certificate for IBA23
D III2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide generator fan belt guard.23
D III2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide DSC Radio with MMSI and GOS input23
D III2018Resolved DeficiencyMount lazarett bilge alarm.23
D III2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide lanyard and clip for life buoy.23
D III2018Resolved DeficiencyAttach buoyant lifeline around body of life buoy.23
D III2018Resolved DeficiencyShow proper operation of emergency lights.23
D III2018Resolved DeficiencyMount COI and stability letters.23
D III2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide records for servicing of fixed firefighting (CO2) system.23
D III2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide lid for generator start batteries.23
D III2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide suitable emergency/hand bilge pump.23
D III2018Resolved DeficiencyMark vessel name on life float.23
D III2018Resolved DeficiencyMArk vessel noame on ring buoy.23
D III2018Resolved DeficiencyMount EPIRB to facilitate float free release.23
D III2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide weak link for life float.23
DAY OFF2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide serviceable portable fire extinguisher. Extinguisher was found to be under charged.17
DAY OFF2017Resolved DeficiencyShow proper function of the bilge audible and visual alarms17
DAY OFF2017Resolved DeficiencyShow proper operation of the self-igniting light for lifebuoy.17
DAY OFF2017Resolved DeficiencyShow proper installation of insulation above engine room. Provide non-combustible panel on doors17
DAY OFF2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall missing heat installation on engine room hatch covers17
DAY OFF2017Resolved DeficiencyLife floats must have atleast 2" of separation between each other if stacked.17
DAY OFF2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide Masters Marine Operator Permit17
DAY OFF2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace oil & garbage placards.17
DAY OFF2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of all lighting fixtures17
DAY OFF2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct satisfactory drills17
DAY OFF2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of pre-engineered CO2 alarm.17
DAY OFF2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace 2 B-II fire extinguishers due to corrosion.17
DAY OFF2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of fire pump, belt is broken.17
DAY OFF2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide a new FCC Radio Station Licence17
DAY OFF2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace VHF Radio with an integral VHF-GPS ready or connect Radio to GPS17
DEL NORTE2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair cracks in port and stbd engine room hatches. 46 CFR 174.22022
DEL NORTE2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove plugged in after market lube oil filter. 46 CFR 115.70022
DELAWARE2017Resolved DeficiencyEmergency Diesel Generator failed to take load after CO2 shutdown test was completed. EDG restarts were attempted but it could not automatically take the load. EDG must automatically take load.45
DELAWARE2017Resolved Deficiency#2 Air receiver safety valve relieved 10 psi over the tank MAWP. Prove proper operation of safety valve at 250 psi.45
DELAWARE2017Resolved DeficiencyMake permanent repairs to holed/corroded 1 1/2" close nipple in the bilge discharge piping in way of the bilge pump recirculation line.45
DELAWARE2017Resolved DeficiencyBilge suction piping for aft peak tank in way of the manifold is holed. Verify the integrity of all bilge suction piping & manifolds located below the chiller units in the engine room & make permanent repairs as necessary.45
DELAWARE2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair/replace leaking wave tank for the Omni-thruster exhaust.45
DELAWARE2018Resolved DeficiencyClean and inspect both ships service generators to include rotors, stators, exciters and megging. Provide a condition assessment report with recommended long term maintenance; for example, timeframe for deep cleaning and dipping.45
DELAWARE2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair/replace butterfly suction valve for the electric bilge pump. Valve is difficult to operate.45
DELAWARE2018Resolved DeficiencyAF01: Repair 10cm (s-band) radar prior to sailing on 12Apr18. Send tech report/email to the email below attesting to the proper repair and operation of 10cm radar.45
DELAWARE2018Resolved DeficiencyTroubleshoot and repair #1 generator onboard the Delaware, prior to carrying passengers. Vessel is allowed to make one transit from Cape Henlopen to Cape May with passengers onboard on 21Apr18.45
DIANE2017Resolved DeficiencyCovers for batteries missing.63
DIANE2017Resolved DeficiencyNavigation lights not operating63
DONZA LEE2018Resolved DeficiencyClean L/O from port keel cooler and pressure test.21
DONZA LEE2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace fire system flex loop hose at cyl.21
DONZA LEE2018Resolved DeficiencyAdd non-skid to ladder, main deck to pilot house21
DONZA LEE2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace lifebuoy and mark properly21
DONZA LEE2018Resolved Deficiencyprovide dog wrench for engine room hatch and prove operation.21
DONZA LEE2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace shaft log hoses and clamps port and stbd shaft.21
DONZA LEE2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace rod and hardware on STBD MDE emergency soleniod shut down.21
DONZA LEE2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace port and stbd fuel lines as indicated.21
DONZA LEE2018Resolved DeficiencyAft mid-engine room fuel piping leak at union.21
DONZA LEE2018Resolved DeficiencyPort engine fuel piping and elbow replace21
DONZA LEE2018Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of bilge alarm21
DONZA LEE2018Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of fire alarm.21
DRUMMOND ISLANDER III2017Resolved DeficiencyHull and bulkhead plating wasted/holed between engineroom and shaft alley, starboard side from chine to stbd shaft doubler. Corrected during inspection.30
DRUMMOND ISLANDER III2017Resolved DeficiencyMake anchor light operational.30
DRUMMOND ISLANDER III2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel remote fuel oil shut off valve.30
DRUMMOND ISLANDER III2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel bilge manifold suction valves.30
DRUMMOND ISLANDER III2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel emergency escape from engineroom.30
DRUMMOND ISLANDER III2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall signage required by 49 CFR 176.325.30
DRUMMOND ISLANDER III2017Resolved DeficiencyMount portable fire extinguisher properly (wrong bracket) at port aft corner of main deck.30
DRUMMOND ISLANDER III2017Resolved DeficiencyMake proper repair to portside shore power cable prior to use.30
DRUMMOND ISLANDER III2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide labels for derating both ship service generators for 50degF service.30
DRUMMOND ISLANDER III2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall metallic plugs o the sediment drain cocks in fuel filters at portside of engineroom.30
DRUMMOND ISLANDER III2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace chafed flexible connections in fire pump suction and discharge piping.30
EAGLE2017Resolved Deficiency46 CFR 183.01-10/46 CFR 183.310: Install guard on main engine belt.38
EAGLE2017Resolved Deficiency46 CFR 182.220(a): Gen #1 excessivley leaking oil, repair valve and replace gasket/seal.38
EAGLE2017Resolved DeficiencyREPAIR CRACK IN KNIFE'S EDGE TO #2 END SHAFT ALLEY. 46 CFR 179.360(a).38
EAGLE2017Resolved DeficiencyCROP AND RENEW 09 DECK OVERHANGS. 46 CFR 176.802.38
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY II2017Resolved DeficiencyWhen repairs are made during an emergency, the operator shall notify the OCMI as soon as practicable after such repairs are made. Vessel's port propeller shaft mechanical seal came loose while carrying passengers resulting in flooding of watertight compartment. Vessel may not carry passengers until satisfactory repairs are made to the satisfaction of the attending CGMI.33
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY II2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel's port propeller shaft seal is not sealing as required/intended. Provide technician's report from the manufacturer that the shaft seal has been installed correctly per the manufacturer's instructions to the satisfaction of the attending Coast Guard Marine Inspector.33
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY II2017Resolved DeficiencySTBD shaft coupling lost oil pressure and failed, leading to loss of propulsion on STBD engine. USCG MIs must witness satisfactory testing after technician completes maintenance and repairs.33
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY III2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel struck object losing operational control of starboard rudder. Attend drydock to assess damage and conduct permanent repairs to ensure vessel's seaworthiness.29
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY III2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel Struck object causing damage to both props and ptentially both rudders. Attend dry dock to assess damage and conduct permanent repairs to the satisfaction of the attending OCMI, prior to carrying passengers.29
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY III2017Resolved DeficiencyGauge on fire pump inoperable. All installed fire equipment must meet federal regulations. 46 CFR 181.05-529
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY III2017Resolved DeficiencyAnchor light not operational. All vessels must have navigation lights in compliance with International and Inland Navigation Rules. 46 CFR 183.42029
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY III2017Resolved DeficiencyBridge fire extinguisher has not been serviced. The owner or managing operator shall provide satisfactory evidence of required servicing of portable fire extinguishers.
46 CFR 176.810(b)(1)
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY III2017Resolved DeficiencyUpper deck passenger restriction not marked. On a vessel which the number of passengers on the upper decks is limited, the maximum number of passengers allowed must be marked at the entranceway. 46 CFR 185.602(g)29
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY III2017Resolved DeficiencyHeat pump for bridge has electrical installation that is not of permanent type. Permanent installations must have elctrical installations of a permanent type. 46 CFR 183.34029
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY III2017Resolved DeficiencyForward damper on starboard side engine room does not fully close. Openings shall be closed to prevent the admission of air into the space. 46 CFR 181.20-3529
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY III2017Resolved DeficiencyHatch to the void space has a failed gasket. Each hatch on a vessel on a protected route must be weather tight, if exposed to the weather. 46 CFR 171.12429
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY IV2017Resolved DeficiencyInsulation was missing on aft sections of port and stbd dry exhausts by flanges. Provide and instal insulation. 46CFR177.90.2
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY IV2017Resolved DeficiencyCOD contains incorrect tonnage and length. Provide corrected COD. 46CFR67.2
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY IV2017Resolved DeficiencyHydraulic steering gear fluid leaking from multiple locations, including but not limited to; a bulkhead penetration valve and the steering gear hydraulic ram. Additionally, there was significant pooling of hydraulic fluid in the bilge within multiple spaces. Clean bilges and make satisfactory repairs to steering system.2
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY IV2017Resolved DeficiencyVessels Starboard transmission gauge failed, locking transmission in neutral. Provide technician report and conduct power trials in the presence of attending USCG Marine Inspector2
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY V2017Resolved DeficiencyThe public address system is inaudible on the passenger decks while the vessel is underway. Correct to the satisfaction of the attending CG Marine Inspector.2
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY V2017Resolved DeficiencyThe vessel's approved electrical plans differ from acutal arrangement. Resubmit electrical one-line diagram to the Marine Safety Center for approval.2
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY V2017Resolved DeficiencyThe vessel's electrical system arrangement differs from the approved plans. Resubmit updated electrical load analysis to the Marine Safety Center for approval.2
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY V2017Resolved DeficiencyThe distribution panel in the vessel's equipment room has no dripshield. Install dripshield on the distibution panel to the satisfaction of the CG Marine Inspector.2
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY V2017Resolved DeficiencyThe ring life buoy does not have CG approved retro-reflective material on the body. Replace retro-reflective material with CG approved material.2
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY V2017Resolved DeficiencyThe ring life buoy does not have a lifeline that meets the required specifications. Replace lifeline to the satisfaction of the attending CG Marine Inspector.2
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY V2017Resolved DeficiencyThere is no mechanical means provided to access the break glass enclosure for the fixed gas firefighting system. Provide means to access the controls to the satisfaction of the attending CG Marine Inspector.2
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY V2017Resolved DeficiencyThe bilge suction line in the vessel's void space is not secure. Secure to the satisfaction of the attending CG Marine Inspector.2
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY V2017Resolved DeficiencyThe fire pump pressure gauge is inoperable. Replace gauge to the satisfaction of the attending CG Marine Inspector.2
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY V2017Resolved DeficiencyThe vessel's fire hydrant and hose does not have a spanner wrench. Provide spanner wrench as required.2
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY V2017Resolved DeficiencyObserved that plastic zipties are used throughout the vessel to support cabling and wiring. Install metal supports in place of plastic zipties as required.2
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY V2017Resolved DeficiencyThe vessel does not have a servicing certificate that indicates testing of all components of the installed fixed gas firefighting system. Provide servicing certificate that shows testing of all fixed gas firefighting system components prior to carrying passengers. Testing shall be witnessed by a CG Marine Inspector.2
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY V2017Resolved DeficiencyThe vessel does not have onboard a CG approved first aid kit. Provide a CG approved first aid kit ass required.2
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY V2017Resolved DeficiencyMaster does not posess a Marine Radio Operator's Permit. Provide Marine Radio Operator's Permit as required.2
ELIZABETH RIVER FERRY V2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel's PA system is inoperable. While operating, vessel is required to carry three handheld radios, one for each crewmember, in lieu of the required PA system, until the system is repaired to the satisfaction of the CG Marine Inspector.2
ELWHA2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair and identify all corroded hand rail stanchions on outside passenger decks.51
ELWHA2017Resolved DeficiencyDeck hatch access for #1 Steering gear space require UT shots to determine wastage near upper RH corner as looking at #1 end.51
ELWHA2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide permanent repairs and proposal to address 4 holes & thin deck on upper passenger deck.51
ELWHA2017Resolved DeficiencyStructural fire protection insulation removed/missing from A-60 boundary below both pilot houses. Restore boundary to A-60 IAW 46CFR72.05-10(a)table.51
ELWHA2017Resolved DeficiencyAccommodation sprinkler system zone flow alarms not working repair alarms IAW 46CFR76.25-3551
ELWHA2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace the following valves: top valve FS 11, top valve FS 14, bottom valve FS 24.51
ELWHA2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall the following doors: both PH exterior doors, door beside FS 18.51
ELWHA2017Resolved DeficiencyEOT power failure alarm in both pilot houses not equipped with audible function. Provide audible alarm IAW 46CFR113.35-5(e)(1).51
ELWHA2017Resolved DeficiencyBoth drive motors supply ventilation dampeners remote closers not working. Repair remote closure IAW 46CFR76.15-1(a).51
ELWHA2017Resolved DeficiencyEngine room CO2 system discharged. Recharge and restore system IAW 46CFR76.05-1(a)table.51
ELWHA2017Resolved DeficiencyRear seal on #1 fire pump blew out. Prove proper operation of #1 fire pump.51
ELWHA2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly replace throttle hand assembly on #2 end pilothouse. Conduct sea trials verifying no additional throttle differential alarms received.51
EMERALD ISLE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel to correct issue with overpressure on port side engine crankcase22
EMERALD ISLE2017Resolved DeficiencySecurity placards did not include verbiage indicating unauthorized presence in restricted areas constitutes breach of security, corrected.22
EMERALD ISLE2017Resolved DeficiencyServicing company's report not credible due to invalid data and unacceptable actuation of pneumatic discharge time delays. Conduct full annual service and inspection of both fixed CO2 fire extinguishing systems.22
EMERALD ISLE2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair leaking lube oil line on starboard engine turbo prior to carrying passengers.22
EMPIRE STATE2017Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting no Static Draft information.26
EMPIRE STATE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide (14) adult lifejackets. Passenger count restricted to 385.26
EMPIRE STATE2018Resolved DeficiencyBoth pressure vessels are corroded, replace.26
ENCINAL2017Resolved DeficiencySmall deck hole in starboard #3 void. Temp repair completed today and 30 days to affect permanent repair.34
ENCINAL2017Resolved DeficiencySix BA's are in deteriorated condition. Company needs to remove and inspect each one individually and determine if repairs can be made or if they are no longer serviceable.34
ENDURING FREEDOM2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide corrected chart17
ENDURING FREEDOM2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide new FCC Radiotelephony certificate (Vsl restricted to <1000ft offshore)17
ENDURING FREEDOM2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair crack in plate on port side of forepeak; drill stop, weld, and prove NDT. Repair cracked welds in same space.17
ENDURING FREEDOM2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace shatterproof bowl on stbd engine foreward fuel filter.17
ENDURING FREEDOM2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly install required ground detection for dual-voltage generator.17
ENDURING FREEDOM2017Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting wrong IMO number, no Static Draft information.17
ESCAPE2017Resolved DeficiencyProve activation of all emergency lighting upon loss of power. 46 CFR 120.432(a), 116.510(b)(3)19
ESCAPE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide adequate emergency lighting for below deck crew accommodation spaces. 46 CFR 12.432(a)19
ESCAPE2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace PVC section of compressed air piping. 46 CFR 119.71519
ESCAPE2017Resolved DeficiencyDemonstrate satisfactory hydrostatic test of the ships whistle air receiver at 125% of MAWP. 46 CFR 119.330, 61.10-5(b)(3)19
ESCAPE2017Resolved DeficiencySeal stuffing box under the port fwd corner of the pilot house to ensure fire boundary is maintained. 46 CFR 116.415(a)(2)(ii)19
ESCAPE2017Resolved DeficiencyMain deck galley is missing overhead lagging above the port reefer. Replace to A-0 standard. 46 CFR 116.415(a)(2)(i)19
ESCAPE2017Resolved DeficiencyTag out vessels LPG system until security assessment has been conducted and VSP updated accordingly. 33 CFR 104.305(c)(9)(i)19
ESCAPE2017Resolved DeficiencyRelocate fixed fire system pressure switches outside of protected space. 46 CFR 118.410(b)(1)(i).19
ESCAPE2017Resolved DeficiencyRelocate VMAP designated IBA to ensure provisions of plan are met. 46 CFR 117.207(f)19
ESCAPE2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of the #2 generator to include reverse power relay trip. 46 CFR 120.310a/ 46 CFR 120.322(b)19
ESCAPE2017Resolved DeficiencyProve operation of automatic fire screen door closure upon loss of power. 46 CFR 116.435(c)(6)(ii)(c)19
ESCAPE2017Resolved DeficiencyMake repairs to fire screen doors to ensure they meet all provisions of 46 CFR 116.435(c).19
ESCAPE2017Resolved DeficiencyTag out elevator until loss of power testing completed. 46 CFR 111.19-119
ESCAPE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide 2 independent bilge pumps as required by 46 CFR 56.50-55. Ensure the power driven pump is provided with a second independent source of power in accordance with 46 CFR 119.520(c). Fire/Bilge combination as currently installed does not meet regulations as secondary F/B pump is powered by generator in lieu of propulsion engine. 46 CFR 56.50-55, 119.520(c), 118.300(d).19
EVENING STAR2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide 3rd fire bucket.24
EVENING STAR2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide records of consortium enrollment and last years MIS report.24
EXPEDITIONS 22017Resolved DeficiencyFwd penetration in eng rm needs to be sealed.27
EXPEDITIONS 22017Resolved Deficiency9 life jackets failed inspection. Limit max persons to 57 until renewed.27
EXPEDITIONS 22017Resolved DeficiencyPaddles missing.27
EXPEDITIONS 22017Resolved DeficiencyOil hose port outboard turbo is loose in fitting.27
EXPEDITIONS 22017Resolved DeficiencyMIS report missing.27
EXPEDITIONS 22017Resolved DeficiencyEAP contact info missing.27
EXPEDITIONS 22018Resolved DeficiencyInstall both shafts and props for inspection.27
EXPEDITIONS 22018Resolved DeficiencyConduct sea trail prior to receiving credit drydock IAW 46CFR176.802(c).27
EXPLORER2017Resolved DeficiencyVessels outboard failed while in transit.8
EXPRESS IV2018Resolved DeficiencyMake vessel available to MI to test outboard engine.6
EXPRESS V2017Resolved DeficiencyFound extinguisher servicing expired. Provide proof of servicing.6
EXPRESS V2017Resolved DeficiencyFound first aid kit missing various items.6
EXPRESS V2017Resolved DeficiencyFound expired battery in floating water light. Vessel restricted to daytime operations.6
EXPRESS V2017Resolved DeficiencyProof of DAPI enrollment not available. Provide proof of enrollment.6
FAIRWEATHER2017Resolved DeficiencyUpdate posted instructions for launching the rescue boat davit (new davit) & update operating manuals including route operational manual onboard.16
FAIRWEATHER2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly repair leaking discharge valve for the fresh water tank, wrap with electrical tape.16
FAIRWEATHER2017Resolved DeficiencyDemonstrate safety drills, fire-MOB-safety orientation-abandon ship prior to carrying revenue passengers.16
FAIRWEATHER2017Resolved DeficiencyUpdate vessels Craft Operating Manual Section 7, to reflect the fact that the pneumatic fuel valves for the SSDG's need to be manually opened in order to start the generators. 2008 HSC 9.1.5 &
FAIRWEATHER2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair STBD Raytheon Anschutz Radar onboard required on HSC vessels prior to getting underway.16
FAIRWEATHER2017Resolved DeficiencyDemonstrate proper smooth operation of the rescue boat davit controls. The hydraulic control levers valve operation during hoisting, slewing, & lowering does not center up to the notch or goes to stop motion when control lines were released. Noted: Installed lines by crew for easy reach access due to height problems.16
FAIRWEATHER2017Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting the following errors: (1)NAME16
FAIRWEATHER2018Unresolved DeficiencySee uploaded document FAIRWEATHER DD 0218. It contains all items to be corrected prior to completion of next dry dock (2019).16
FALCON2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide company Drug and Alcohol Policy, Designated Employee Representative, Employee Assistant Hotline number, and updated employee list.45
FALCON2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide one life ring buoy designated for the flat (02 total on the ferry).45
FALCON2017Resolved DeficiencyVisual indicator for bilge high level alarm is always on. Prove proper operation of high level alarm during activation only.45
FALCON2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace stbd bow stanchion.45
FALCON2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace bottom hull planks amidships as marked.45
FALCON2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace bottom hull plank #12 from bow.45
FATHER MYCHAL JUDGE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel radio certificate is expired. Vessel is restricted to 1,000 ft from shore until a new certificate is issued.18
FATHER MYCHAL JUDGE2017Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting wrong IMO number, no Static Draft information.18
FELICITY2017Resolved DeficiencyHelm excessively loose on hydraulic unit spindle at operating station, corrected during inspection.47
FELICITY2017Resolved DeficiencyConductors loose on main engine cranking battery terminals, corrected during inspection.47
FIORELLO LAGUARDIA2017Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting wrong IMO number, no Static Draft information.20
FIRE ISLAND CLIPPER2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace hatch that leads to stbd muffler space, due to broken hinges.40
FIRE ISLAND EMPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair hole in #2 void (at deck, 2nd bay aft from bkhd on stbd side)15
FIRE ISLAND EMPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencySeal fire suppression piping running thru #2 to #3 bkhd.15
FJORDLAND2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide updated marine charts onboard the vessel. To the satisfaction of the attending Coast Guard Marine Inspector.18
FJORDLAND2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide 2017 tides and currents onboard the vessel. To the satisfaction of the attending Coast Guard Marine Inspector.18
FLOYD J. LUPTON2017Resolved DeficiencyWire connection was loose and casued shipboard electrical failure. Repair loose wire connection to the satisfaction of the attending marine inspector.19
FLOYD J. LUPTON2017Resolved DeficiencyFound a leak in the A/C cooling water overboard discharge pipe at the flow meter. During discussion/ research a comment, dated 11/28/2016, was found on file stating that repairs had been made using putty but it still leaked.19
FLOYD J. LUPTON2018Resolved DeficiencyFound the propulsion control system 2 battery charger faulty and both batteries dead. Replace the charger and both batteries.19
FORT FISHER2017Resolved DeficiencyIn Section 11 - "Security Measures for Restricted Areas", the vsl security plan states that restricted areas will be locked and protected from passengers or any other persons on board. This in not the current practice on board. Submit amendment to MSC or follow approved security plan.19
FORT FISHER2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace missing general alarm sign in passenger compartment and crew lounge.19
FORT FISHER2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace non-approved type fire extinguishers in the passenger accommodations with two USCG approved type extinguishers. (AII)19
FORT FISHER2017Resolved DeficiencyThe vessel records indicate that the falls for the rescue boat davit have not been end-for-ended or renewed since the installation date more than four years ago. The falls must be renewed at this time since they were not end-for-ended 30 months after the initial installation.19
FORT FISHER2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair damage to the fiberglass hull IWO the port bow.19
FORT FISHER2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace the deteriorated conductor for the embarkation light at the B end of the 03 deck.19
FORT FISHER2018Resolved DeficiencyFound a FM relief valve installed without prior approval from the Marine Safety Center. Submit plans to MSC for approval.19
FREEDOM2017Resolved DeficiencyAVH01: Life buoy lights batteries are exired. Replace batteries.31
FREEDOM2017Resolved DeficiencyAVH02: Relocate life jacket donning placard on the 2nd deck.31
FREEDOM2017Resolved DeficiencyAVH03: Conduct MOB drills prior to carrying passengers, must be logged of min of 5 drills.31
FREEDOM2017Resolved Deficiency31
FREEDOM2017Resolved DeficiencyFor each fire door onboard provide class A/B and fire rating38
FREEDOM2017Resolved DeficiencyResubmit fire control plan for review to evaluate/update the following: areas of safe refuge, passenger count, types of boundaries and class of spaces.38
FREEDOM2017Resolved DeficiencySecurity audit not conducted in 2016. Provide proof of audit completion for 2017.38
FREEDOM2017Resolved DeficiencySecurity exercise not conducted in 2016. Provide proof of exercise completion for 2017.38
FREEDOM2017Resolved DeficiencyVSO not familiar with Alternate Security Program and reporting procedures. Provide proof of VSO security training.38
FREEDOM2017Resolved DeficiencyThere is a hydraulic leak on aft steering hydraulic piping. Repair piping to satisfaction of USCG Marine Inspector38
FRISCO2017Resolved DeficiencyUnexplained ingress of water into the MSD space. Sea trials required with Marine Inspector present and deck plates removed for observation.30
FRISCO2017Resolved DeficiencyFound the following water tight doors and/or hatches unable to make watertight:
- main deck to engine room
- main deck to bow thruster
- main deck to fuel void
FRISCO2017Resolved DeficiencyFound the stbd fire pump strainer foundation mount missing. Install strainer foundation mount.30
FRISCO2018Unresolved DeficiencyA relief valve has been installed in an effort to limit FM pressure however, if the engine rpm is raised the PTO driven fire pumps are still capable of producing pressures in excess of 150 psi. Provide means to comply with regulation.30
FRISCO2018Unresolved DeficiencyFound unapproved modification to the port longitudinal frame and deck support stantion iwo main sea strainer, between transverse frames 53 & 54. Submit plans to MSC for approval

Note: Modification exist class wide with slight variations and was made years ago to accommodate the large sea strainer.
GALLEONS PASSAGE2018Resolved Deficiency1410 - The condition of the ship and its equipment shall be maintained to conform with the provisions of the present regulations to ensure that the ship in all respects will remain fit to proceed to sea without danger to the ship or persons onbaord. The #4 main engine is inoperable due to a lube oil leak in the gear box. 74 SOLAS (14) I/111
GALLEONS PASSAGE2018Resolved Deficiency0720 - Each hose shall be provided with a nozzle and the necessary couplings. Emergency fire hoses are not outfitted with a nozzle. 74 SOLAS (14) II-2/
GALLEONS PASSAGE2018Unresolved Deficiency0750 - In general, the use of free standing oil fuel tanks shall be avoided. The vessel is carrying 25,000 liters of marines diesel oil in 25 ISO containers on deck. 74 SOLAS (14) II-2/
GARDEN STATE2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair/replace 2 amp ground in main distribution paneland two broken amp selctor switches.25
GARDEN STATE2017Resolved DeficiencyEngine room fire dampner is not closing as designed, must repair/replace to like new condition.25
GARDEN STATE2017Resolved DeficiencyEngine room contains excessive oil, fuel, and coolant below decks must clean for further inspection by CGMI.25
GARDEN STATE2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove fuel from port engine racor flame shield.25
GARDEN STATE2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove or place in a junction box two dead end wires in the engine room. (IWO lube oil tank and overhead near ladder)25
GARDEN STATE2017Resolved DeficiencyPP&S gen set windings are oil soaked which is an electrical and fire hazard, must clean to like new condiction.25
GARDEN STATE2017Resolved DeficiencyVoid 2 has broken two broken welds, repair as discussed and marked.25
GEMINI2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide MSC "examined" letter for DVTP/PSTP, make vessel available for testing.11
GEMINI2017Resolved DeficiencyDetermine causative factors and prove proper operations of overheating on port engine.46CFR115.70011
GEMINI2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel reported 4 inch crack along the chine weld on the starboard lazarette.11
GEMINI2017Resolved DeficiencyPotable water pipe on bow was open and provided unhindered access directly to the tank. 33 CFR 104.27011
GEMINI2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel struck an unidentified object resulting in engine vibrations.11
GIBB GILCHRIST2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel experienced loss of throttle control of "A" end engine. Restore full control of "A" end engine to the satisfaction of the vessel's classification society surveyor and the attending Coast Guard Marine Inspector.42
GIBB GILCHRIST2017Resolved DeficiencyPilot house air condition was inoperable.42
GIBB GILCHRIST2017Resolved DeficiencyCO2 piping is not labeled or marked.42
GIBB GILCHRIST2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel experienced a failure of the MOV(resister) on the #1 MDG causing a loss of power to the #1 MDG.42
GIBB GILCHRIST2017Resolved DeficiencyLoss of steering while switching from A end to B end.42
GIBB GILCHRIST2018Resolved DeficiencyNoted ground detected on the E-Gen SB 120v ground detection indicator. Company electrician thinks is a fault with the circuit to the radar UPS units. Locate and correct ground fault to the satisfaction of the attending marine inspector or ABS surveyor.42
GIBB GILCHRIST2018Resolved DeficiencyThe bulkhead deck separating the E-Gen room to the pilot house must be of a A-60 SFP. MI noted several pieces of A_60 insulation was missing from the overhead within the E-Gen room. Replace insulation to the satisfaction of the attending marine inspector or ABS surveyor.42
GIBB GILCHRIST2018Resolved DeficiencyWeather doors leading down into the machinery spaces and the watertight doors installed on the WTBH separating the below deck subdivision where found to not seal correctly. O/O to adjust and chalk test in the presence of a marine inspector the Watertight integrity of these doors.42
GIBB GILCHRIST2018Resolved DeficiencyFloating electric light attached to life rings on deck were found expired. Appropriate batteries have been order. Replace batteries with manufacture approved batteries as needed.42
GOLDEN BEAR2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide operable AIS 33 CFR 164.46.40
GOLDEN BEAR2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide operable AIS 33 CFR 164.46.40
GOLDEN BEAR2017Resolved DeficiencySeveral PFDs required maintenance on fasteners for proper use IAW 46 CFR 180.71.40
GOLDEN BEAR2017Resolved Deficiency02 child-size PFDs found unfit for service and required replacement IAW 46 CFR 180.71.40
GOLDEN GATE2017Resolved DeficiencyTonnage openings on the aft starboard side, main deck, are being blocked by seats and bar. Areas must be cleared in accordance with tonnage exemption regulations.21
GOLDEN GATE2017Resolved DeficiencyStarboard side engine room lagging is coming off and must be reattached.21
GOLDEN GATE2017Unresolved DeficiencyPort side engine room has inoperable high level alarm. Provide proposal for checking engine room water level for OCMI approval until issue permanently fixed at next DD.21
GOLDEN GATE2017Resolved Deficiency07 welds in Starboard Void #2 require repair IAW 46 CFR 116.100.21
GOVERNOR2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct drills: security, man overboard, and fire to the satisfaction of the attending USCG marine inspector.65
GOVERNOR2017Resolved DeficiencyComplete DVTP USGC MSC review, test as required, fwd main engine reversing interlock.65
GOVERNOR2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel remote fuel transfer pump shutoff outside the house of the #2 motor room.65
GOVERNOR2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair/replace high jacket water alarm indicator on the local panel for the emgergency generator.65
GOVERNOR2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace steel grating at bottom of ladders in both emergency steering
GOVERNOR2017Resolved DeficiencyUnable to take bilge suction from both fwd and aft steering room bilges.65
GOVERNOR2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel bilge alarm panel.65
GOVERNOR2017Resolved DeficiencyHydraulic watertight door in the E/R will not function correctly, it is unable to close, open, close using the accumulator tank and will not close remotely from the bridge properly.65
GOVERNOR2017Resolved DeficiencyGen winding possible grounded to case and caught fire.65
GOVERNOR2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel's fuel oil shut off button located on the main car deck is easily accessible to passengers. Provide a different means to shut down the fuel oil.65
GOVERNOR2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel is not properly using the company's lock out/tag procedure. Vessel has several pieces of tape over many fuses in panel boards in the engine room.65
GOVERNOR2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel has a large amount of oil waste in the bilge. Vessel is to remove the oil water waste to prevent a fire.65
GOVERNOR2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel has vast amounts of combustible equipment in the engine room. Vessel is to conduct housekeeping.65
GOVERNOR2017Resolved DeficiencyVessels's first aid kit was found to have many expired items. Vessel is to replace the expired items with unexpired.65
GOVERNOR2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel's hand flares were found expired. Replace with unexpired ones.65
GOVERNOR2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel's security plan (VSP) was found unorganized as records of drills and exercises were hard to locate. Vessel is to organize their security plan.65
GOVERNOR2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide U.S. Coast Guard approved Qualitivative Failure Analysis (QFA), Design Verification Test Procedure (DVTP), and Periodic Safety Tests Procedure (PSTP) for newly installed generator switchboard.65
GOVERNOR2017Resolved DeficiencyPFD locker on car deck was decommissioned for installation of new emergency fuel shutoff device. Provide updated Fire & Safety Plan for OCMI review and approval.65
GOVERNOR2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct assessment of vessel's stability to show the total aggregate weight change (due to replacement of vessel's SSGs) doesn not exceed 2% of the currently approved lightship displacement and the longitudnal center of gravidty does not shif by more than 1% of the vessel's lenght between perpendiculars. Assessment/calculations are to be provided to the Coast Guard Marine Safety Center for review65
GOVERNOR2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide approved "as built" plans associated with SSGs renewal. Plans to be submitted to Coast Guard Marine Safety Center for review/approval.65
GOVERNOR2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct pressure test of repaired ballast piping in forward steering gear machinery space.65
GOVERNOR2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace jacket water hoses on the SSDGs with hoses that meet J1942.65
GOVERNOR2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide approved plans for the electrical one-line diagram, electrical AC load analysis, and main switchboard.65
GOVERNOR2018Resolved DeficiencyRevise AC one line dwg to reflect correct location of the emergency switchboard CB on SS SWBD.65
GOVERNOR2018Unresolved DeficiencyProvide plan approval for dwgs/PSTP/DVTP testing the speed interlock.65
GOVERNOR2018Resolved DeficiencyIdentify and repair communication fault/nuisance alarm on the SSDG alarm panels located on the bridges.65
GOVERNOR2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide updated compass deviation table.65
GOVERNOR2018Resolved DeficiencyConduct man overboard, security, and fire drills to the satisfaction of the attending USCG Marine Inspector.65
GOVERNOR2018Resolved DeficiencyRemove dead ended cables that were tied into the main switchboard and emergency switchboard for the EDG feedback circuit.65
GOVERNOR2018Resolved DeficiencyInstall ground detection as per comment #9 listed in MSC return for revision ltr dtd 16Jun17. E2-17207165
GOVERNOR DANIEL RUSSELL2017Resolved DeficiencyElectric Starter not engaging on A End of vessel, A Main will not start.27
GOVERNOR DANIEL RUSSELL2017Resolved DeficiencyPin-hole leak in fire main found directly above main engine (B-end).27
GOVERNOR DANIEL RUSSELL2017Resolved DeficiencyPin hole leak in fire main.27
GOVERNOR DANIEL RUSSELL2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel reported (2) pin hole leaks in fire main.27
GOVERNOR DANIEL RUSSELL2018Resolved DeficiencyIdentified 3" hole caused by wastage in sewage supply line to MSD. Make permanent repairs to the satisfaction of the attending marine inspector.27
GOVERNOR DANIEL RUSSELL2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel experienced temporary blackout and subsequently left alarm panel illuminated post casualty.27
GOVERNOR JAMES BAXTER HUNT JR2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair leaking diesel filter/separator assembly to the satisfaction of the attending marine inspector before operating with passengers.35
GOVERNOR JAMES BAXTER HUNT JR2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew foam strips in all ventilation dampers. Current foam is not appropriate for application.35
GOVERNOR JAMES BAXTER HUNT JR2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace worn life ring with suitable replacement.35
GOVERNOR JAMES BAXTER HUNT JR2017Resolved DeficiencyUnable to verify/test low lube oil alarms on port & starboard Main Diesel Engines.35
GOVERNOR JAMES BAXTER HUNT JR2017Resolved DeficiencyUnable to test outlet pressure from fire hoses. Provide pitot tupe tester to test.35
GOVERNOR JAMES BAXTER HUNT JR2017Resolved DeficiencyFound (02) broken windows in port passenger lounge. Replace in kind.35
GOVERNOR JAMES BAXTER HUNT JR2017Resolved DeficiencyFound break-glass type box adjacent to EDG space, containing pull handle for CO2 system missing glass. Glass located before MI's departed the vessel.35
GOVERNOR JAMES BAXTER HUNT JR2017Resolved DeficiencyFound mast head light inoperable. Bulb replaced on the spot.35
GOVERNOR JAMES BAXTER HUNT JR2017Resolved DeficiencyFound steering system #1 unable to maneuver 35 deg. to 35 deg. on either side. repair system.35
GOVERNOR JAMES BAXTER HUNT JR2017Resolved DeficiencyLove joint connecting electrical motor to hydraulic pump on the #1 steering system failed resulting in loss of steering.35
GOVERNOR THOMAS H. KEAN2017Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting incorrect IMO number and CLSN from an expired registration, no Static Draft information.16
GOVERNOR THOMAS H. KEAN2018Resolved DeficiencyFire Boy in generator space starboard side needs servicing. Extra portable extinguisher to be placed near entrance to space until servicing.16
GRAND REPUBLIC2017Resolved DeficiencyChafed high pressure fuel oil hoses from oil filter to pump on both port and stbd main engines16
GRAND REPUBLIC2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace chafed fuel return line on #2 bow thruster16
GRAND REPUBLIC2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace #1 bow thruster water temperature sensor.16
GRAND REPUBLIC2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair light fixtures in Eng Room 1 PS 1 STBD 1 PS MSD space and 1 STBD rudder space. 2 STBD side car deck AFT.16
GRAND REPUBLIC2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair low oil pressure alarms on #1 and #2 bow thrusters.16
GRAND REPUBLIC2018Resolved DeficiencyPressure guages on the bilge pumps were not operational16
GRAND REPUBLIC2018Resolved DeficiencyEngine was leaking lube oil from the stbd side16
GRAND REPUBLIC2018Resolved Deficiency#1 SSG Reverse Power Relay did not function16
GRAND REPUBLIC2018Unresolved DeficiencyRepair OOC security cameras16
GREENPORT2017Unresolved DeficiencyRepair cracked window in operating station (SE Side). 46CFR177.103045
GREENPORT2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide aspirin and ammonia for First Aid Kit. 46CFR184.71045
GREENPORT2017Resolved DeficiencyRe-label ring life buoys (03). 46CFR185.604(b)45
GREENPORT2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide new retro reflective material (Type II) for ring life buoys. 46CR185.604(i)45
GREENPORT2017Resolved DeficiencyRe-label PFDs on main deck. 46CFR185.604(b)45
GREENPORT2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide new retro (Type I) for PFDs on main deck. 46CFR185.604(h)45
GREENPORT2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct man overboard drills with USCG MI present. 46CFR176.40045
GREENPORT2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of fire pump. 46CFR176.810(a)(4)45
GREENPORT2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide new fire hose. this was cleared on the spot. 46CFR181.320(a)45
GUY V. MOLINARI2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel's number 4 transformer to the number 4 motor drive unit burned up and needs to be replace. Vessel must replace and test with a CGMI.15
GUY V. MOLINARI2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel's number 1 transformer to the number 1 motor drive unit burned up and needs to be replaced. Vessel must replace and prove proper operation to a Coast Guard Marine Inspector.15
HARBOR EMPEROR2017Resolved DeficiencySubmit repair proposal and affect repairs to integral fuel tank leak.51
HARBOR EMPEROR2017Resolved DeficiencyMissing cap on generator fuel strainers.51
HARBOR EMPEROR2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel had correct # of PFDs however ~30 were stowed in wrong lockers.51
HARBOR EMPEROR2017Resolved DeficiencyFixed CO2 systems on inspected vessels need to be type approved and installed in accordance with applicable regulations. Relocate the CO2 pressure switch outside of the protected space. Cite: 46CFR118.410(b)(1)(i), See MSIB 1512 for reference51
HERBIE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide CG approved brackets for portable fire extinguishers14
HERBIE2017Resolved DeficiencyPost pollution placard14
HERBIE2017Resolved DeficiencyPost MARPOL V garbage placard14
HERBIE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide means to easily access ring buoy to ensure immediate deployment14
HERBIE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide and post report all injury placard14
HERBIE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide 03 unexpired day and night distress flares
HERBIE2017Resolved DeficiencyFound BI portable fire extinguisher under pressurized. Replace BI extinguisher.
HERBIE2017Resolved DeficiencyFound portable canned sound horn expended. Provide means to make an efficient sound signal.
HERBIE2017Unresolved DeficiencyFound navigation lights inoperable, restricted to day light only.
HERBIE2017Resolved DeficiencyRemark vessel state registration numbers on port and starboard hull.
HERBIE2017Unresolved DeficiencyObserved vessel operating with 18 POB including 03 children under the age of 13. Vessel had on board 10 adult and 01 child type II PFD. Inspector condemned 01 adult PFD incapable for use as a flotation device.
HERBIE2017Unresolved DeficiencyVessel was observed operating in an unsafe manner, vessel overloaded and not carrying sufficient life jackets for all on board and not providing life jackets for children under the age of 13.
HERBIE2017Unresolved DeficiencyObserved vessel operating with 18 POB including 03 children under the age of 13. Vessel had on board 10 adult and 01 child type II PFD. Inspector condemned 01 adult PFD incapable for use as a flotation device.
HERBIE2017Unresolved DeficiencyFound vessel marking faded,remark port and starboard vessel marking in 3" block lettering.
HERON2017Resolved DeficiencyA self priming, power driven fire pump must be installed on each vessel of not more than 65ft in length which is a ferry vessel. Vessel is not outfitted with fire pump.14
HERON2017Resolved Deficiency14
HERON2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide navigation rules and light list. 46CFR184.42014
HERON2017Resolved DeficiencyPost stability letter 46CFR176.30614
HERON2017Resolved DeficiencyComplete DAPI Audit for company at next CG Inspection. 46CFR16.50014
HERON2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of fire pump on ship's power. Vessel restricted from ferry service until complete. 46CFR181.300(a)i14
HERON2017Resolved DeficiencyProve operation of bilge high level alarm in aft lazarette. 46CFR182.530(a)i14
HIDEAWAY ONE2018Resolved DeficiencyCOD is expired.31
HIDEAWAY ONE2018Resolved DeficiencyB-II fire extinguisher cylinder is wasted at neck and bottom.31
HIDEAWAY ONE2018Resolved Deficiency2017 emergency drills not logged.31
HIDEAWAY ONE2018Resolved DeficiencyRing buoy grab line and life line are frayed/breaking.31
HIDEAWAY ONE2018Resolved DeficiencyCorrect charts to lastest notice to mariners.31
HIDEAWAY ONE2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide current first aid kit.31
HIDEAWAY ONE2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide lastest MIS report.31
HIDEAWAY ONE2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide EAP policy statement, substance abuse professional contact, and hotline number.31
HIYU2018Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting the following errors: IMO/NAME AND ZERO DRAFT.52
HYAK2017Resolved DeficiencyAdjust fire screen door #9 to close without assistance, IAW 46CFR72.05-2552
HYAK2017Resolved DeficiencyProve operation of #3 water tight door from pilot house and local control.52
HYAK2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove corrosion from all four MES protection bars, IAW 46CFR19952
HYAK2017Resolved Deficiency#2 end, starboard, main car deck aft fire pull station needs label and new break glass, IAW 46CFR72.1552
HYAK2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair split weld, #2 end, port of center-line to the satisfaction of USCG MI.52
HYAK2017Resolved Deficiency"perform maintenance on fueling light on top of stack, cleaning away Sut build-up". 46 CFR 72.03-552
HYAK2018Unresolved DeficiencyCrop and renew temporarily repaired areas (doublers) on the #2 engine room bilge holding tank bottom at the next dry dock availability IAW 46CFR72.01-25(a)(7).52
HYDRUS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide A-0 stbd steering hatch or insulate existing hatch to A-0 as indicated on approved plans. Prove rubber between hull and superstructure in stbd steering meets A-0 or submit plan to OCMI to bring up to standard. As an alternative, provide MSC approved plans that reflect as built specification of non-insulated aluminum hatches and rubber boot arrangement.2
HYDRUS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide MSC approved plans for sewage system (revise plan to eliminate discharge reference), lube oil, potable water, HVAC, main engine cooling. Local plan review conducted to permit operations while MSC reviews plans.2
HYDRUS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide revised MSC approved FMEA/DVTP/PSTP procedures indicating exact breakers/pin #'s and locations for testing, revise PSTP procedures to eliminate DVTP portions, prove revised procedures if OCMI determines changes warrant new testing.2
ISLA BONITA2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide a repair proposal to address the repair or replacement of port-outboard main diesel engine and associated modifications required to the main deck for engine access. In addition, prove proper operation of main diesel engine to the satisfaction of an attending USCG Marine Inspector IAW 46CFR119.100 & 119.200(a).7
ISLA BONITA2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of Main Diesel Engine # 2 (port-inboard).7
ISLA BONITA2017Resolved DeficiencyCorrect excessive water intrussion on shafts #4, #3, #2.7
ISLA BONITA2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly correct overload alarm on steering panel in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.7
ISLA BONITA2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly correct excessive water intrusion on faulty seals and packings in both port and starboard steering posts.7
ISLA BONITA2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove excessive bilge water in both engine and steering rooms.7
ISLA BONITA2017Resolved DeficiencyAccess door leading to the cargo deck on portside must meet A-60 in accordance with Fire Control Plan, vessel is restricted of carrying fuel trucks.7
ISLA BONITA2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly secure steering drive wheel that secures the wheel to the control station.7
ISLA BONITA2017Resolved DeficiencyVHF radio must be connected to a GPS Receiver IAW 47CFR. Vessel was issued this deficiency during COI on June 2016 and failed to correct it.7
ISLA BONITA2017Resolved DeficiencyWiring on all four main diesel engines must be installed with metal supports spaced not more than 24 inches apart and as high of the bilges as practicable.7
ISLA BONITA2017Resolved DeficiencySensors indicating open/close position for the following compartments, hatches and doors must be replaced and prove proper operation: a. stern loading ramp; b. bow thruster hatch; c. port & stbd steering room hatches.7
ISLA BONITA2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair fire main pipe rupture located at the engine room. 46CFR 118.310 & 119.710.7
ISLA BONITA2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair bilge pipe rupture located at the engine room next to the pump. 46CFR119.510 & 119.710.7
ISLA BONITA2017Resolved DeficiencyProve propr operation of all exterior fire hydrants, fire hoses and nozzles.7
ISLA BONITA2017Resolved DeficiencyEach vessel owner or operator must ensure that the vessel operates in compliance by designating, in writing, by name or title, a CSO, and identify how officers can be contacted at any time in accordance with the VSP. The vessel was operating without an active or acting CSO in accordance with the approved VSP.7
ISLA BONITA2017Resolved DeficiencyFCC Radio Safety & Vessel Bridge-to-Bridge Certificate must be renewed and valid, vessel is restricted to not more than 1,000 FT from shore. 46CFR121.502.7
ISLA BONITA2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operations on both port & stbdside bridge wings rudder agnle indicators. 46CFR58.25-25.7
ISLA BONITA2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace anchor chain and windlass rope wire. 46CFR122.320.7
ISLA BONITA2017Resolved DeficiencyA path was found in fire main piping, replace with an integral pipe as in kind. 46CFR119.710.7
ISLA BONITA2017Resolved DeficiencyVoyage Data Recorder must be serviced and certified in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and recommendations.46CFR115.816.7
ISLA BONITA2018Resolved DeficiencyAt each subsequent inspection of a vessel, the owner/operator shall be prepared to conduct inspection of all machinery essential to the routine operation of a vessel cooling systems. Main Diesel Engine #4 was found with an alarm indicating a fault in the crank case sensor, Properly correct the cause of the problem as indicated by the alarm and prove proper operation of main diesel engine #4. 46CFR7
ISLA BONITA2018Resolved DeficiencyAt each subsequent inspection of a vessel, the owner/operator shall be prepared to conduct inspection of all machinery essential to the routine operation of a vessel cooling systems. Main Diesel Engine #2 was found to have multiple alarms indicating a high temperature of the exhaust gas system. Properly correct the cause of the problem as indicated in the alarms and prove proper operation of main 7
ISLA BONITA2018Resolved Deficiency At each inspection all observed unsafe practices must be corrected and must be in satisfactory conditions. Mechanics indicated that all 4 main diesel engines were 11,000 hrs overdue for maintenance and engine #2 was being operated at lower RPMs to prevent overheating. Conduct maintenance in all engines in accordance with engine manufacturer's instructions, following a statement from vessel chie7
ISLA BONITA2018Resolved Deficiency13101-At each subsequent inspection of a vessel, the owner/operator shall be prepared to conduct inspection of all machinery essential to the routine operation of a vessel. The Main Diesel Engine number 1 was found to have a severe oil leak located between the crank case and the engine block. Properly correct the cause for the oil leak and prove proper operation during sea trials. 46CFR115.8047
ISLA BONITA2018Resolved Deficiency08107-At each subsequent inspection of a vessel, the owner/operator shall be prepared to conduct inspection of all machinery essential to the routine operation of the vessel, including the test of machinery alarms. Main Diesel Engine Number 4 was found with an alarm indicating a fault (error) in the crank case oil pressure sensor previously replaced with a new sensor. However, the the alarms is 7
ISLA BONITA2018Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of bilge pump after finding the seal and connecting shaft from the pump to the centrifugal to be broken.7
ISLA BONITA2018Resolved DeficiencyElectric equipment on a vessel must be maintained to provide services necessary for safety under normal and emergency conditions. Prove proper operation of port side generator which failed to operate. 46CFR120.220(a) & 115.804(c). Prior Carrying Passengers.7
ISLAND EXPLORER2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall chafing gear to protect damaged hydraulic hose (marien transmission).6
ISLAND HOME2017Resolved DeficiencyAVH01: Captain shall ensure all crew members who have access to a resticted areas carry an active TWIC card as per the CFR and security plan.12
ISLAND HOME2017Resolved DeficiencyAVH02: Crewmember did not have active TWIC card. Crewmember shall be escorted when entering a restricted area.12
ISLAND HOME2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide plan approval for submitted A/C one line, load analysis, and coordination study.12
ISLAND HOME2018Unresolved DeficiencyRemove/disconnect not used R/G bow thruster sum alarm and bow thruster ctrl alarm from EMS Marcon panel.12
ISLAND HOME2018Resolved DeficiencyConduct fire, man overboard, and security drills to the satisfaction of the attending USCG Marine Inspector.12
ISLAND QUEEN2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel was not fully manned/crewed and currently not operating. Vessel is to conduct a man overboard and fire drill to the satisfaction of the CG prior to the 2018 operating season.45
ISLAND QUEEN2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel does not have an up to date CG light list. Vessel is to provide an up to date light list.45
ISLAND VIC2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove excess oil and water in engine room bilge and show proper operation of bilge high level alarm. High level alarm was found disabled in the "off" position.43
ISLAND VIC2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide current registration or documentation.43
ISLAND VIC2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide current NOAA EPIRB registration.43
ISLAND VIC2017Resolved DeficiencyCrop and renew fire main where bolt slug is inserted.43
ISLAND VIC2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide complete and current first aid kit.43
ISLAND VIC2017Resolved DeficiencyShow proper operation of port emergency lighting,43
ISLAND VIC2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace starboard outboard engine exhaust lagging.43
ISLAND VIC2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide cover for battery box.43
ISLAND VIC2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove excess batteries or provide battery box.43
ISLAND VIC2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide and secure paddles for all life floats.43
ISLAND VIC2017Resolved DeficiencySlow excess water ingress from port shaft packing.43
ISLAND VIC2017Resolved DeficiencyDemonstrate proper operation of bilge system to include all bilge pickups, manifold labelling, and crew knowledge prior to carrying passengers or cargo.43
ISLAND VIC2017Resolved DeficiencyDemonstrate proper operation of all bilge high level alarms prior to carrying passengers or cargo.43
ISLAND VIC2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove excess oil from all bilge wells prior to carrying passengers or cargo.43
ISLAND VIC2017Unresolved DeficiencyWork List: Replace pad eyes on vessel bulwarks aft where ramp safety chains attach due to elongation of pad eye holes.43
ISLAND VIC2017Unresolved DeficiencyWork List: Provide information for repowering, including HP. RPM and Weight for both existing and replacement engines.43
ISLAND VIC2017Resolved DeficiencyWork List: Crop and renew wasted metal on both aft corners of vessel. Expose internal baffles and transom plate in stern void until good metal is reached and crop and renew wasted plate as needed.43
ISLAND VIC2017Unresolved DeficiencyWork list: Replaced wasted railing port side midship43
ISLAND VIC2017Resolved DeficiencyWork List: Replace wasted bilge pickup piping in port side lazarette.43
ISLAND VIC2017Resolved DeficiencyWork List: Crop and renew wasted angle beams in space aft of superstructure, second to aft bay, keel stiffeners.43
ISLAND VIC2017Resolved DeficiencyWork List: Replace wasted flange on transverse support in way of starboard rudder support assembly in starboard lazarette.43
ISLAND VIC2017Unresolved DeficiencyWork List: Provide specifications on existing and replacement shafts, propellers, and bearings.43
ISLAND VIC2017Unresolved DeficiencyWork List: Replace ramp hinges43
ISLAND VIC2017Resolved DeficiencyWork List: Replace wasted transverse flat bar stiffeners on ramp.43
ISLAND VIC2017Unresolved DeficiencyWork List: 3 holes found in bottom plating in way of starboard rudder. Crop and renew plate.43
ISLANDER EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting the following errors: IMO & LENGTH DIFF.25
ISLANDER EXPRESS2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair delaminated site approximately 1 foot forward of STBD trim tab (above chine).25
ISLANDER EXPRESS2018Resolved DeficiencyMake final repair to strut mount locations available for inspection.25
ISLE ROYALE QUEEN IV2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace missing blanks in the panel behind the starboard generator.39
ISLE ROYALE QUEEN IV2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair or replace the volt meter for the port genset.39
ISLE ROYALE QUEEN IV2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair or replace the inoperative relief valve on the port air receiver.39
ISLE ROYALE QUEEN IV2017Resolved DeficiencyProgram VHF-FM radio with MMSI number.39
ISLENO2017Resolved DeficiencyMachinery space hatches cannot be closed weathertight. Prove ability to close hatches.15
ISLENO2017Resolved DeficiencyBilge system unable to provide suction during 30 minutes of troubleshooting. Seal air leak from worn gasket.15
ISLENO2017Resolved DeficiencyFire pump gauge does not show pressure. Replace gauge.15
ISLENO2017Resolved DeficiencyExhaust pipe lagging hanging loose from outer starboard main engine, exposing underside of pipe. Re-secure exhaust lagging.15
ISLENO2017Resolved DeficiencySecure power unit controls on inner starboard engine. Observed held in place with rope strings (shoe string size).15
ISLENO2017Resolved DeficiencyProve starboard side fire pump provides 50 psi.15
ISLENO2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of fire/bilge alarm panel on bridge.15
ISLENO2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace machinery space port side blower guard.15
ISLENO2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide medical card for Captain.15
ISLENO2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide proper logs for drills, training, life saving and firefighting equipment maintenance.15
ISLENO2017Resolved DeficiencyEach vessel owner or operator must ensure that the vessel operates in compliance by designating, in writing, by name or title, a CSO, and identify how officers can be contacted at any time in accordance with the VSP. The vessel was operating without an active or acting CSO in accordance with the approved VSP.15
ISLENO2017Resolved DeficiencyA weathertight door must have means for closing to make it weather tight. Found the following. a) Port and starboard doors for the dek house, main deck, did not have latching devices. b) Second deck portside door leading to the main deck would not closse due to door fraime and hingies being bent. c) Both six (06) dog doors to the engine room would not close and be secured by the dogs. 46 CFR 116.15
ISLENO2017Resolved DeficiencyVSP is SSI and was found accessible, out of its safe.15
ISLENO2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly repair and prove operation of #4 MDE (stbd outboard) to the satisfaction of the attending Marine Inspector.15
ISLENO2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of main diesel engine number 4 (outer stbdside) including cooling system. 46CFR 119.420.15
ISLENO2017Resolved DeficiencyComplete portside generator maintenance of the cooling system. 46CFR420.15
ISLENO2017Resolved DeficiencyEmpty the excessive amount of bilge oily water in central bildge, engine room (about 3 feet high). 46CFR 119.500.15
ISLENO2017Resolved DeficiencyConnect the anchor to make it ready for deployment. 46CFR121.30015
ISLENO2018Resolved DeficiencyLube oil pressure gauge inoperable on the port generator.15
ISLENO2018Resolved DeficiencyCorrect minor transmission oil leak located at the gasket on the tranmission pump.15
ISLENO2018Resolved DeficiencyEach vessel that relies on electricity to power the vital systems listed in 119.710, interior lighting, communications, navigation equipment, must be arranged so that the loads can be energized from two sources of electricity. In addition to emergency power sources required under 46CFR112, each self propelled vessel must have at least two electric generation sources. Vessel stbdside generator had15
ISLENO2018Resolved DeficiencyCorrect diesel fuel leak located on all four main diesel engines at the inlet fitting by the cooling plates. It was noted in the vessel logbook that captains have reported the vessel to have fule leaks on several dates without being corrected.15
ISLENO2018Unresolved Deficiency02106-Hull damage impairing seaworthiness. Whenever damage or deterioration to hull plating or structural members that may affect the seaworthiness of the vessel is discovered or suspected, the Cognizant OCMI may conduct an internal structure examination in any affected space and may require the vessel to be drydocked or taken out of service to assess the extent of the damage, and to effect perma15
ISLENO2018Unresolved Deficiency20111-Beams, frames, floor corrosion. Whenever damage or deterioration to hull plating or structural members that may affect the seaworthiness of the vessel is discovered or suspected, the Cognizant OCMI may conduct an internal structure examination in any affected space and may require the vessel to be dry-docked or taken out of service to assess the extent of the damage, and to effect permanent15
ISLETA I2017Resolved DeficiencyThe cable on the bulkhead aft of the operating station was not marine grade cable and must be replaced with marine grade cable.42
ISLETA I2017Resolved DeficiencyThe battery terminals were coroded and must be replaced.42
ISLETA I2017Resolved DeficiencyThe fire extinguisher at the operating station is missing and the bracket is heavily corroded. Both must be replaced.42
ISLETA I2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel needs FCC Certificate.42
ISLETA I2017Resolved DeficiencyRunning light background needs to be painted black.42
ISLETA I2017Resolved DeficiencyPositive shut off valves not installed at hull penetrations.42
ISLETA I2017Resolved DeficiencyExhaust piping needs insulation.42
ISLETA I2017Resolved DeficiencyVarious dead ended wires must be removed.42
ISLETA I2017Resolved DeficiencyCable must be supported by metal supports not more than 24-in apart.42
ISLETA I2017Resolved DeficiencyThe flexible section of fill piping must be joined by a conductor to protect against static charge.42
ISLETA I2017Resolved DeficiencyFuel filter must be marine grade.42
ISLETA I2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel needs Coastwise endorsement.42
ISLETA I2017Resolved DeficiencyWhen testing the pre-engineered fixed fire extinguishing system, it was discovered that the system was not installed properly which does not allow for proper operation.42
ISLETA I2017Resolved DeficiencyA vessel must be provided with an auxiliary means of steering that is capable of moving the rudder from 15 degrees on one side to 15 degrees on the other side in not more than 60 seconds. The vessel's tiller was not aligning properly which did not allow the operator to properly connect and move the rudder.42
ISLETA I2017Unresolved DeficiencyAn exposed hazard, such as gears or rotating machinery, must be properly protected by a cover, guard, or rail. The vessel's engine has two exposed rotating machinery.42
ISLETA I2017Resolved DeficiencyThe bilge pump discharge line must be suitably supported. One of the vessel's bilge pump discharge lines was zip-tied to a hydraulic line and the aft most bilge pump discharge line was completely unsupported.42
ISLETA I2017Resolved DeficiencyA visual indicator must be provided at the operating station to indicate when any automatic bilge pump is operating. The aft engine bilge pump and stern void space bilge pump indicating lights were not separate from one another.42
ISLETA III2017Resolved DeficiencyMissing lagging on MDE exhaust piping43
ISLETA III2017Resolved DeficiencyFire pump Ball valve is suffering from dezinctification.43
ISLETA III2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel is 34.5ft with a 50ft hose. the 50 ft hose is too long to be effective in a fire and is being replaced with a 25ft hose.43
ISSAQUAH2017Resolved Deficiency#23 Fire Screen Door does not latch shut. Repair to the satisfaction of Coast Guard inspector. 46 CFR 72.05-2540
ISSAQUAH2017Resolved DeficiencyHave RADAR, AIS, GPS, and gyro compass ready for inspection. 33 CFR 164.25.40
ISSAQUAH2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace hose for Fire Station # 12. 46 CFR 76.10-10(g)40
ISSAQUAH2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace nozzle for Fire Station # 17.40
ISSAQUAH2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace all ring buoy light batteries. 46 CFR 199.70(a)(3)(ii)40
ISSAQUAH2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace retro-reflective tape on all ring buoys. 46 CFR 160.050.40
ISSAQUAH2017Resolved DeficiencyCrew must complete manual draft readins twice a day, once at the start of operations and again at the end of operations. Additionally, if any unusual listing occurs, crews must complete manual draft reading to ensure they are within the correct range IAW the vessels stability letter. This requirement will remain in effect until the draft indicator system is restored to proper working condition.40
ISSAQUAH2018Resolved Deficiency21MAR18, 1917: Received initial JHOC notification. Mr. Chris Blasko, 206-743-4827 reported ISSAQUAH experienced two pinhole leaks in the vessels sea chest vent line starboard side in the #2 engine room. Vessel to install soft patch currently underway operating on the Fauntleroy - Vashon run with passengers onboard. Mr. Blasko requested that the vessel be permitted to operate until it can eff40
ISSAQUAH2018Resolved DeficiencyPropulsion control system would not respond in Pilot House Control mode, only manual (Eng Room) controls. No alarm or indicator was given when steering controls were inoperable in PHC mode. Effect repairs to automated vital system, propulsion control system in all modes.40
J. C. DINGWALL2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel Unable to complete COI Renewal due to Hurricane Harvey. Scheduled for 02 Nov. 201732
J. C. DINGWALL2017Resolved DeficiencyVessels charts, and publications were out of date, ensure required charts and publications are the most current version.32
J. C. DINGWALL2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel sustained damage to hull and rudder during heavy weather. Vessel shall be hauled out for drydock and be made available for internal structural exam and hull exam. All repairs shall be made to the satisfaction of the attending marine inspector.32
J.J. CALLIS2017Resolved DeficiencyUpdate call sign on EPIRB registration30
J.J. CALLIS2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair cracks in welds on top of aft stancion in forepeak30
JAMAICA BAY2017Resolved DeficiencyDuring inspection, MI was shocked, determine source and install ground detection.33
JAMAICA BAY2017Resolved DeficiencyPrior to commencing any post-casualty repairs, a CG Marine Inspector shall attend to inspect hull failures and discuss with owner's rep the repair proposal.33
JAMAICA BAY2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel is restricted from leaving Pier 11 until daylight hours. Vessel must notify SECNY SCC prior to departing.33
JAMAICA BAY2017Resolved DeficiencySubmit repair proposal for review and approval to Sector New York prior to starting any repairs. All repairs to be inspected to the satisfaction of the attending Coast Guard marine Inspector.33
JAMAICA BAY2017Resolved DeficiencyPrior to any vessel movement a salvage plan must be submitted for review by SECNY.33
JAMAICA BAY2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel changed names from the ZELINSKY to the JAMAICA BAY. All documents, markings, and lifesaving need be updated to reflect the new name.33
JAUME I2017Resolved DeficiencyMain propulsion machinery essential to the propulsion and the safety of the ship shal, as fitted in the ship, be designed to operate when the ship is upright. The vessel's starboard inner main engine is not fully operational. 74 SOLAS (04 CONS.) Ch. II-1/ Reg. 26.6. action taken 40ac.25
JAUME I2017Resolved DeficiencyHSC Code 7.7.1 - Areas of major and moderate fire hazard should be provided with an approved automatic smoke detection system. Multiple fire detectors were found inoperable throughout the ship. In addition, 02 faults were noted in the fire detection system control panel.25
JAUME I2017Resolved DeficiencyHSC Code - The structural fire protection times for seperating and decks should be in accordance with the tables 7.4.1 and 7.4.2. Duty free store contains flammable liquids in excess of daily use, increasing fire risk.25
JAUME I2017Resolved DeficiencyHSC Code - Fire resisting bulkheads and decks should be constructed to resist exposure to the standard fire tests for a period of 60 minutes for areas of major fire hazard. Multiple penetrations were found through A60 boundary located on the bridge.25
JEAN RIBAULT2017Resolved DeficiencyThe crew was unable to pull suction (voids 1A/1B) with the bilge pump nor the secondary fire/bilge pump.23
JEAN RIBAULT2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair or repalace the "A" end bilge high level alarm switch in the rudder room.23
JEAN RIBAULT2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair or replace all exterior general alrm bells. They were not producing sound when activated.23
JENNIFER C2017Resolved DeficiencyLabels for valve release and cylinder release for CO2 system in engine room are switched.54
JENNIFER C2017Resolved DeficiencyAft engine room bilge suction valve found inadequate.54
JENNIFER C2017Resolved DeficiencyFixed fire system system in deli space are overdue for annual service.54
JENNIFER C2017Resolved DeficiencyDemonstrate operational readness for low lube oil alarm or bow thruster motor.54
JENNIFER C2017Resolved DeficiencyInadequate audible alarm for fixed CO2 system located in the engine room.54
JENNIFER C2018Resolved DeficiencyRudder stock post snapped inside the rudder bearing and the rudder dropped from the vessel54
JENNIFER C2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel did not have onboard a drawing of the vessel outlining the restricted areas54
JET CAT EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide replacement items for expired first aid kit contents.14
JET CAT EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide proper markings on ring buoy to include entire vessel name.14
JET CAT EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting the following errors: IMO.14
JET CAT EXPRESS2018Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of emergency lighting.14
JET CAT EXPRESS2018Resolved DeficiencyPlacards for upper deck passenger limit are incorrect. Post correct # in accordance with stability letter.14
JOHN F. KENNEDY2018Resolved Deficiency1. Aft (Staten Island End) #3 DC Propulsion Motor experienced an overheating condition. Damage was sustained to #3 motor armature. Prove proper operation of #3 DC Propulsion Motor prior to putting #3 motor back into service.54
JOHN STEVENS2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct hydrostatic test on both start air receivers in presence of USCG MI. (Vessel plans to test in drydock on 28 April 2017).23
JOHN STEVENS2017Resolved DeficiencyRemount and clean fire detectors in engine room.23
JOHN STEVENS2017Resolved DeficiencyUpdate fire control plan to comply with 46 CFR 116.53023
JOHN STEVENS2017Resolved DeficiencyMake all electrical connections in forepeak & above main deck forward sliding door to terminate in junction box/enclosure.23
JOHN STEVENS2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace or repair ammeter on ground detector.23
JOHN STEVENS2017Resolved DeficiencyRacor filters on both engines are leaking. Repair to prevent leaking. 46 CFR 115.800.23
JOHN STEVENS2017Resolved DeficiencyRepairs are being made to fire main piping due to system leaks. Upon completion of repairs, conduct test of fire main witnessed by USCG marine inspector. 46 CFR 119.71023
JOHN STEVENS2017Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting an impropeR Call Sign and IMO Number.23
JOHN STEVENS2018Resolved DeficiencyPressure vessels must be tested and inspected IAW 46 CFR 61. Two (02) pressure vessels in e/r must be hydrostatically tested prior to 04/30/2018 to satisfy requirement.23
JOHN STEVENS2018Resolved DeficiencyAt each subsequent inspection piping and piping systems must be ready for inspection. Discovered small hydraulic leak in stbd steering gear line.23
JOHN STEVENS2018Resolved DeficiencyThere should be no excessive accumulation of oil that might create a fire hazard. Clean the bilges of e/r and lazarette space of oil.23
JOHN STEVENS2018Resolved DeficiencyA fire control plan must be posted in an area accessible to all passengers, and must show hazard classifications and structural fire protection boundaries.23
JOHN STEVENS2018Resolved DeficiencyPenetrations in fire boundaries for electrical cables must be constructed to withstand passage of flame and smoke. Wire runs and old piping between e/r and lazarette must be properly sealed.23
JOHN STEVENS2018Resolved DeficiencyA bilge suction must be fitted with a suitable strainer having an open area not less than 3x the area of the bilge pipe. Bilge suction in all spaces do not have properly sized strainers.23
JOHN STEVENS2018Resolved DeficiencyAt every inspection spaces must be serviceable and in sanitary condition. Lazarette space is not sanitary due to sewage leak.23
JOHN STEVENS2018Resolved DeficiencyAt each subsequent inspection, piping and piping systems must be ready for inspection. Flex piping on sewage tank became unattached and must be re attached and double clamped.23
KALEETAN2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of end of Zone 3 branch lines on #1 and #2 end IAW 46 CFR 76.25-10.52
KALEETAN2017Resolved Deficiency#1 Propulsion Generator's breaker tripped and won't come back on line. Repair to the satisfaction of the Coast Guard Inspector. 46 CFR 50.20-35(a).52
KALEETAN2017Resolved DeficiencyProve operation of fire stations #6, #10, #11, #13, #19 and #22 valves. Valves were painted and are stuck. IAW 46CFR76.10-10(f)52
KALEETAN2017Resolved DeficiencyProve operation of #1 and #2 end radars. IAW 33CFR164.35(a)52
KALEETAN2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew expired FCC Safety radio Certificate. IAW 47CFR80.5952
KALEETAN2017Resolved DeficiencyUpdate instructions to include 30 sec. time delay.52
KALEETAN2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace leaking safety valve.52
KALEETAN2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace faulty time delay.52
KALEETAN2017Resolved Deficiency1. Vessel experienced minor allision with docking pylon, causing two hull structure welds to crack. Grind and renew cracked welds in way of Frames 3-5. Maintain twice daily watch of cracks until repaired. - 46 CFR 72.01-15(a) - 14JUL201752
KALEETAN2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace section of sprinkler pipe zone 1 in STBD fiddley that was hard patched due to small pinhole leaks. Borescope remainder of horizontal run from section to the 90 degree turn down to the sprinkler manifold.52
KATAMA2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel does not have up to date charts.37
KATAMA2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel's EPIRB battery and hydro release are expired. Renew same prior to operating more than 3nm off shore.37
KATAMA2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct Fire and Man Overboard drills to the satisfaction of attending USCG Marine Inspector.37
KATAMA2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair bilge alarms for bow thruster and MSD space. Both alarms are alarming at same time.37
KATAMA2017Resolved DeficiencySubmit light ship change calculations to MSC to include the replacement of the rescue boat davit and rescue boat for lightship change determination.37
KATAMA2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair remote ventilation shutdown for E/R. Button does not function.37
KATAMA2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair WTD alarm/indicator for E/R door. Indicates door is open at all times.37
KATAMA2018Resolved DeficiencyRam assembly function failure.37
KATHRYN T2017Resolved DeficiencyRescue Plat form 1.5 foot below water line when installed for MOB. shorten rescue plat form required.39
KATHRYN T2017Unresolved DeficiencyIdentified rott in the Stern Post. Stern Post shall be renewed as original.39
KATHRYN T2017Resolved DeficiencyIdentified holes on the Port and Starboard Engine Room canvas ventilation covers. Replace or make repairs to the satisfaction of the attending MI.39
KATHRYN T2017Unresolved DeficiencyRefasten along garboards with 3 1/2" monel.39
KATHRYN T2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace Pilot House window gaskets on port, stbd and middle windows.39
KATHRYN T2017Resolved DeficiencyForward compartment was missing overhead lighting heat shield.39
KATHRYN T2017Unresolved DeficiencyIdentified rott in the Port Frame #1 in the Engine Room. Renew or make repairs to the frame to the satisfaction of the attending marine inspector.39
KENNEWICK2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove all unauthorized security seals (zip ties) from passenger bench storage seats, and install approved security seals in accordance with vessel's ASP to satisfaction of USCG Marine Inspector, IAW 33CFR104.140(c).8
KENNEWICK2017Unresolved DeficiencySteering gear not provided with power disconnect in the steering gear space.8
KENNEWICK2017Resolved DeficiencyRepairs to correct persistent power supply ground fault not as depicted in approved plan. Provide "as built" details that differ from approved plan for approval.8
KENNEWICK2017Resolved Deficiency03 Strobe lights emitted insufficient lighting/visual indication of general alarm in STBD FWD ENG RM (1) and in #1 RED GEAR RM (2).8
KENNEWICK2017Resolved DeficiencyCompass deviation card has not been updated since 2011.8
KENNEWICK2017Resolved DeficiencyNFU mode for Steering Gear Pumps on #1 END not indicating proper helm arrangement. In NFU mode, rudder indicates port when positioned to starboard, and starboard when positioned to port.8
KENNEWICK2017Resolved DeficiencyRemote Propulsion Control in both pilot houses has no audible alarm upon failure.8
KINNAKEET2017Resolved DeficiencyThrottle air control delay over 2 min. Cracked tubing to cluck air PSI. Tubing appears to be to short causing crack.30
KINNAKEET2017Resolved DeficiencySTBD MDE control has moisture in the system not allowing the clutch to shift.30
KINNAKEET2017Resolved DeficiencySubmit repair proposal for removing water/moisture from throttle and control system. As per conversation with Keith Stegall.30
KINNAKEET2017Resolved DeficiencyUnable to test EDG low lube oil and overspeed shutdown sensors on the engine. Provide means to prove proper operation of shutdown devices.30
KITSAP2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of clogged sprinker heads in Zone 3: 1 clogged, Zone 4: 2 clogged, Zone 7 1 clogged.39
KITSAP2018Resolved DeficiencyMake repairs to the #2 end shaft alley to main car deck escape hatch where excessive leaking was found at the gasket to sealing edge at the 3 o'clock position while looking toward the #2 end loading ramp during post installation testing IAW 46CFR72.01-25(a)(4).39
KITSAP2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace fire hoses for Fire Station #17. 46 CFR 76.10-1039
KITSAP2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace batteries for all life buoy lights. 46 CFR 199.70(3)(ii)39
KITSAP2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace SOLAS tape as needed on life buoys. 46 CFR 160.05039
KITTITAS2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly control access to secure areas.39
KITTITAS2017Resolved DeficiencyWSF contracted divers found oil droplets leaking from the #2 end stern tube of vessel. Approximately 8 gallons of stern tube lubrication oil was reported missing from the head tank over the course of a week by the vessel's chief engineer. Effec reparis to the stern tube and provide report of findings.39
KLAHOWYA2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of audible alarm in PH for steering #1 and #2 end. 46 CFR 113.4361
KLAHOWYA2017Resolved DeficiencyEDG and Inport Generator exhaust manifold and turbo are not insulated. Insulate hot surfaces. 46 CFR 56.50-1(k) Due: 16APR1761
KLAHOWYA2017Resolved Deficiency#1 Main generator air damper sticks. Service air damper. 46 CFR 36.15-3561
KLAHOWYA2017Unresolved DeficiencyConduct re-inspection prior to entering passenger service.61
KLAHOWYA2017Unresolved DeficiencyConduct required credit dry-dock, ISe, and fuel tank inspections. Prior to entering passenger service.61
KRISTEN D2017Resolved DeficiencyPost operating instructions and diagram for fixed CO2 system at the storage cylinders.32
KRISTEN D2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel CO2 system pull stations.32
KRISTEN D2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide effective means to close ventiliation to engineroom to be used during a fire.32
KRISTEN D2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide current edition of navigation rules.32
KRISTEN D2017Resolved DeficiencyPost emergency instruction placard at operating station.32
KYDON2017Resolved DeficiencyDetectors and manually operated call points shall be grouped into sections. The activation of any detector or manually operated call pint shall initiate a visual and audible fire signal at the control panel and indicating unit. The PSCO found the call point missing in way of Fire Screen Door 618. 0730, SOLAS (97) II-2/12.1.4
KYDON2017Resolved DeficiencyAll lifesaving appliances shall be in working order. PSCO found the following: 1. #4 lifeboat wheel was frozen on the forward davit arm bottom wheel. 2. #2 lifeboat the forward top shive on hte davit arm was excessively squeaking due to lack of lubrication. 0630, SOLAS (14)III/20.2
KYDON2017Resolved DeficiencyEscape routes shall not be obstructed by furniture and other obstruction. Several corridors were obstructed by garbage cans. 0960, SOLAS 97 II-2/28-1.1.3
KYDON2017Resolved DeficiencyFire-fighting systems and appliances shall be kept in good working order. Multiple penetrations in drencher piping was observed during the test of the systems in way of zone b on deck 4, between frames 33 and 45. 0725, SOLAS (14) II-2/
KYDON2017Resolved DeficiencyAn administration may allow a seafarer to serve for a period not exceeding three months onboard a ships entitled to fly its flag while holding an appropriate and valid certificate as required by another party, but which has not yet been endorsed so as to render it appropriate for service onboard ships to fly the flag of the administration. PSCO found the Ship's Security Officer had been onboard f
KYDON2017Resolved DeficiencyDoors required to be self closing shall not be fitted with holdbacks. Their were several Fire Screen Doors on deck #4 with door wedges holding the self-closing door open. 0710, SOLAS (97) II-2/47.2
KYDON2017Resolved DeficiencyThe ILLC shall not be delivered to the ship until the officer or surveyor has certified that the marks are correctly and permanently indicated on the ship's sides. The side of the ship has a Summer Load Line and the certificate does not. ICLL 66/88, Annex I / Reg. 9, 50ac
KYDON2017Resolved DeficiencyThe master of a ship shall comply with the requirements of adopted ship reporting systems. There is no acknowledgement of the GMDSS test message. 74 SOLAS (14), Ch. V / Reg. 11.7, 16ac.
KYDON2017Resolved DeficiencyA portable rechargeable battery operated lamp shall be provided unless supplementary emergency lighting, as required by subparagraph .1, is provided. The emergency supplemental lighting on Deck 5 starboard crew corridor is not working. 74 SOLAS (97), Ch. II-1 / Reg. 42-1.2, 16ac
KYDON2017Resolved DeficiencyThe condition of the ship and its equipment shall be maintained to conform with the provisions of the present regulations. There is a strong smell of diesel in Lifeboat 4 and a visible sheen in the bilge suggesting a fuel leak. In addition, rain water was observed dripping from compromised helm window seal contributing to approximately 30 gallons of water in the bilge. 74 SOLAS (14), Ch. 1 / 11(a)
KYDON2017Resolved DeficiencyAt all times while the ship is in service, the requirements of paragraph 1.1 shall be complied with. PSC found the following decripencies: (a) Hose box 603 - atching device broken. (b) Hose box 611 - Missing nozzle. (c) Hose box 609 - not fitted with a dual purpose nozzle.
KYDON2017Resolved DeficiencyOnly public toilets, lifts, lockers of non-combustible materials providing storage for fafety equipments and open informatation may be located withing the stairway enclosure boundries. PSCO found an excessive amoint of combustible materials stored at the reception dest on deck #6. Storage shall be limited to combustible materials that can be consumed in a day. 0750, 16c.
KYDON2017Resolved DeficiencyThe construction of all doors in "A" class divisions fitted with the means of securing tehem when closed. The latching device on aft door Deck #8, Beverage Store, was inoperable.
KYDON2017Resolved DeficiencyThe construciton of all doors and door frames in "A" class devisions shall provide resistance to fire as well as the passage of smoke and flames. PSCO found that Fire Screen Door 805 was not closing.
KYDON2017Resolved DeficiencyInspection of he life-saving equipment shall be carried out monthly using hte checklist required by regulation 36.1 to ensure that they are completed and in good order. PSCO found that the bottom forward wheel on he #4 lifeboat davit was not rotating.
LADY MARTHA2018Resolved Deficiency#2 void portside damaged when vessel moored to floating barge. Approx 6" inset was witnessed, side shell has a crack in the plate. Repair / replace in kind 18" x 18" insert.22
LADY NAOMI2018Resolved DeficiencyWater service pipes shall be sufficient for the effective distribution. Found a hole in the fire main piping for firs service station on 01 deck21
LADY NAOMI2017Resolved DeficiencyThe sanitary pump, fire pump and A/C pump all have severly leaking packing glands, resulting in lack of appropriate pipe pressure and flooding hazard.21
LADY NAOMI2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel has not conducted security exercise in over 18 months.21
LADY NAOMI2017Resolved DeficiencyThe Vessels OWS is inoperable.21
LADY NAOMI2017Resolved DeficiencyOil Water Content Meter display was not functioning properly.21
LADY NAOMI2017Resolved DeficiencyStern door alarm for cargo bay not working.21
LADY NAOMI2017Resolved DeficiencyPort side ventilation fan not operational.21
LADY OF THE LAKE2017Resolved DeficiencyChock battery.73
LADY OF THE LAKE2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall engineroom vent closures.73
LADY OF THE LAKE2017Resolved DeficiencyProve hydrostatic test for fixed CO2 bottle, install anti-chafe material between CO2 bottle & steel deck.73
LAKE EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew section of wasted sewage pipe in the Stbd #4 compartment. Small holes and pitting observed in 4 inch pipe, extending about 15 feet. Repairs to be prior to carrying passengers and to the satisfaction of attending CG MI.15
LAKE EXPRESS2018Resolved DeficiencyCircuit breaker in panel E- was labeled with a temporary tag identifying a change to the circuit from refrigerated concession to entertainment system. Corrected on the spot.15
LAKE EXPRESS2018Resolved DeficiencyEleven of the drychem B-II portable extinguishers had not been properly serviced for the 6 year requirement to recharge and 2 portable B-II CO2 were out of date for hydro.
All out-dated/serviced extinguishers were removed for servicing and (temporary) replacements provided by servicing facility (Cintas).
LECONTE2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly repair steering alarms iaw 46 CFR 113.43-3. System alarms are currently in-op.46
LECONTE2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of the vessel work-boat davit winch to the satisfaction of an attending marine inspector. Parts on order for the single point hook & spool valves for the davit winch.46
LECONTE2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly restore A-60 insulation in three areas in the engineroom overhead identified with C/E & 1st Engineer.46
LECONTE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel has a pinhole leak on the fire main piping in the E/R room on the pipe that connected the Aux fire pump to the fire main46
LECONTE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel is required 2 sources of electrical generation. #1 Generator is currently inoperable. Provide 2 sources of electrical generation prior to movement to the satisfaction of the attending CG Marine Insapector.46
LECONTE2017Resolved DeficiencySubmit the PSTP to MSC for review and update. Needs written procedure for generator's fuel leak Off High Level Alarm, ESP 1000 Speed Pilot Power Loss, both Main Engines High Crankcase Pressure Alarm. 46 CFR 61.40-1 / 46 CFR 62.30-10. (30 days)46
LECONTE2017Resolved DeficiencyLifeboat #2; Repair/replace Hydrostatic release/on-load handle safety pin (detent does not prevent pin from falling out).46
LECONTE2017Resolved DeficiencyAll automatic fire dampers shall be made accessible for periodic inspection by means of a hinged or bolted plate in the duct.46
LECONTE2017Resolved DeficiencyEnsure all automatic sprinkler zones addresses on the Cerberus are correct. Current zone addresses do not reflect zone that is being tested.46
LECONTE2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove existing doublers and replace with approved inserts in the following areas; Captains head (under heater), port stair locker, port line locker and aft port stairwell.46
LECONTE2017Resolved DeficiencyBoth lifeboats; Fill lifeboat compasses with proper fluid.46
LECONTE2017Resolved DeficiencyLifeboat #2: Use correct shackles between floating blocks and “D” ring to hook. Replace current shackles (2 part type) with correct (3 part type) shackle with cotter pin.46
LECONTE2017Resolved DeficiencyLifeboat #2; Replace corroded steering cable mount at tiller end.46
LECONTE2017Resolved DeficiencyLifeboat #1; Replace coxswain cracked fwd window.46
LECONTE2018Resolved DeficiencyCompression fitting on starboard main engine clutch air supply line failed. Repair as original to the satisfaction of the attending CG MI.46
LECONTE2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel's Starbaord pump is having a loss of pressure while operating from the normal 1500 psi down to 1000 PSI during the operation of the rudder46
LECONTE2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair No. 1 S/S Generator after a valve head casualty prior to carrying revenue passengers.46
LECONTE2018Resolved DeficiencyProve proper performance of PTSps once approved by MSC, to the satisfaction of the attending CG marine inspector.46
LECONTE2018Resolved DeficiencyInstall a permanent hard wired electrical receptacle in the area of chest freezer located in the car deck STBD side aft In a Way of steering gear room hatch & dry stores room. A portable power chord is in use at the present time.46
LIGHTNING2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of propulsion machinery to the satisfaction of marine inspector.23
LIGHTNING2018Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of propulsion engine on port side.23
LITUYA2018Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting: No IMO #, & no static draft information.15
LT JOE THEINERT2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct dye pen test on newly discovered gouge in hull, witnessed by the USCG prior to making repair proposal determination.22
LT SAMUEL S COURSEN2017Resolved DeficiencyRelay switch was burnt out making emergency power check inop.63
LT SAMUEL S COURSEN2017Resolved Deficiency1. Prove proper operation of pump No. 1 for steering system navigating vessel when en route to Governor's Island. Proper operation is to be proven to attending USCG Marine Inspector.63
LT SAMUEL S COURSEN2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel's #2 Gen set will not take an electrical load due to high voltage issue. Vessel must repair and supply a service tech report to the CGMI, prior to passenger operations vessel must prove proper operation in the presants of a CGMI63
LT SAMUEL S COURSEN2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel must label all electrical panel's on the bridge and locate the source of power.63
LT SAMUEL S COURSEN2017Resolved DeficiencyFire ext #13 needs the hose replaced due to cracking63
LT SAMUEL S COURSEN2018Resolved Deficiency1. The #1 SSDG breaker trips when using the #1 firepump. The vessel is to either parallel the #1 and #2 SSDG or use only the #2 SSDG until the #1 SSDG can prove proper operation. In addition, provide procedural guidance addressing the in-operability of the #1 SSDG and the new procedures. These procedures are to be posted on both bridges and engine room until the #1 SSDG has proven proper operation63
LT SAMUEL S COURSEN2018Resolved Deficiency2. The fire main has a pin hole leak producing one drop every three to five seconds. Submit repair plan with certified welder's documentation.63
LT SAMUEL S COURSEN2018Resolved Deficiency1) Bulkheads or decks shall be so constructed that, if subjected to the standard fire test, they would be capable of preventing the passage of smoke and flame. In the PA Room, the bulkhead was found with wires passing through without any means to stop smoke and flame. Properly install approved fire stop material.63
LT SAMUEL S COURSEN2018Resolved Deficiency2) Accommodations provided for officers and crew on all vessels shall be securely constructed, properly lighted, heated, drained, ventilated, equipped, located, arranged, and insulated from undue noise, heat, and odors. In the PA Room, the lighting fixture cover was missing from the overhead light. Properly install approved lighting fixture cover.63
LT SAMUEL S COURSEN2018Resolved Deficiency3) Electric installations on vessels must ensure protection of passengers, crew, other persons, and the vessel from electrical hazard. In the PA Room, the panel for the PA system was missing, exposing wires to crew. Properly install panel.63
M. V. JOHN H.2017Resolved DeficiencySecure light in Crew only locker IWO M/F rest room.30
M. V. JOHN H.2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall covers on 3 junction boxes.30
M. V. JOHN H.2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall juction box cover in galley.30
M. V. JOHN H.2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall self closing device for all galley doors and show operation of magnet door release system.30
M. V. JOHN H.2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel and show proper operation of emergency vent in galley30
M. V. JOHN H.2017Resolved DeficiencyDe-grease galley vent.30
M. V. JOHN H.2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair sound powered phone P/S main car deck30
M. V. JOHN H.2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair leaking heating pipe clean/inspect IWO STBD hatch in steering space30
M. V. JOHN H.2017Resolved DeficiencyInspect all adult lifejackets retro tape and repair where nessary.30
M. V. JOHN H.2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel waste oil motor control pump on main car deck.30
M. V. JOHN H.2017Resolved DeficiencyPump controler was not labled on car deck30
M. V. JOHN H.2017Resolved DeficiencyLeak noted in pipe just above fire pump30
M. V. JOHN H.2017Resolved DeficiencyTwo light fixtures in engine room required covers30
M. V. JOHN H.2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove or blank off old piping from old heating system just above the boiler30
M. V. JOHN H.2017Resolved DeficiencySecure junction box to bulkhead located aft in the bow thruster space30
M. V. JOHN H.2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove remote valve for bow thruster fuel tank30
M. V. JOHN H.2017Resolved DeficiencyWatertight door located in the engine room was not operating properly30
M. V. JOHN H.2017Resolved DeficiencyDoors to passenger area would not close properly30
M. V. JOHN H.2017Resolved DeficiencyDoor to engine room was missing the door handle30
M. V. JOHN H.2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair High Level Alarm in void #530
M. V. JOHN H.2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide strainer for bilge suction30
M.V. NAPA2017Resolved DeficiencyVital System Piping has repairs utilizing unauthorized couplings. Couplings are located in Port and Starboard Engineroom on forward bilge suction line. Port side Ballast void #1 bilge suction piping, and port side firepump discharge piping. 46 CFR 119.710, 46 CFR 56.60, 46 CFR 56.30-35, 46 CFR 56.30-4020
M.V. NAPA2017Resolved DeficiencyPort and Starboard Engine Room trunks and hatch are not A-0. The stainless steel hatch and coamings are less than 3mm thick and are not insulated. 46 CFR 116.415(a), NVIV 09-9720
M.V. NAPA2017Resolved DeficiencyBilge Strainers are Plastic and are not an acceptable material for use in a vital system. 46 CFR 119.710, 46 CFR 56.60, 46 CFR 56.50 (g).20
M.V. NAPA2017Resolved DeficiencyPort and Starboard Ballast Bilge #1 has excessive amounts of mud and debris that could possibly clog the bilge piping system. 46 CFR 115.83020
M.V. NAPA2017Resolved DeficiencyBilge Pipe on discharge side of stbd bilge pump contains a leak. Suction Bilge pipe on Starboard bilge on starboard bilge pump contains a soft patch. 46 CFR 119.510.20
M/V ADVENTURER2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace missing/broken hose clamps on exhaust cooling lines in lazarette.38
M/V ADVENTURER2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall blanks in missing breaker panel in wheel house breaker panel.38
M/V ADVENTURER2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel port side emergency fuel shut-off.38
M/V ADVENTURER2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace two broken windows on starboard side main cabin.38
M/V ADVENTURER2017Resolved DeficiencyProve enrollment of all crewmembers in company dapi program.38
M/V ADVENTURER2018Resolved DeficiencyMake permanent repairs to hull inset on starboard bow.38
M/V HENRY ISLAND2017Resolved DeficiencyTubular gauge glasses for diesel fuel tanks made of non-heat resistant plastic tubing. Tubular gauge glasses, if fitted to diesel fuel tanks, must be of heat resistant materials. Replace tubular gauge glasses with heat resistant tubing. 46 CFR 182.440(a)(7)16
M/V HENRY ISLAND2017Resolved DeficiencyFire hose had pinhole leaks. Each hose must be lined commercial fire hose that conforms to UL19. Remove, destroy, and replace with new hose.16
M/V HENRY ISLAND2018Resolved DeficiencyLifefloat in an unserviceable condition. Replace lifefloat. 46CFR180.20016
M/V HENRY ISLAND2018Resolved DeficiencyBattery in light expired. Replace battery. 46CFR184.72616
M/V HENRY ISLAND2018Resolved DeficiencyLifebuoy on stern and lifebuoy outside kpilot house window were unserviceable. Replace lifebuoys. 46CFR180.7016
M/V HENRY ISLAND2018Resolved DeficiencyBattery in light expired. Replace battery. 46CFR185.72616
M/V INTINTOLI2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of starboard and port engine room(s) bilge suction.22
M/V INTINTOLI2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide improved hatch opening mechanism's for port and starboard engine room escape hatches.22
M/V INTINTOLI2017Resolved DeficiencyProve documentation of emergency escape hatch operational maintenance in vessel's scheduled maintenance log.22
M/V INTINTOLI2017Resolved DeficiencyThermocouple for port M/E, cylinder A6 failed.22
M/V INTINTOLI2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of port jet reversing system.22
M/V INTINTOLI2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel experienced dual engine loss of propulsion & requires corrective action IAW 46 CFR 119.200.22
M/V INTINTOLI2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of propulsion following repairs.22
M/V INTINTOLI2018Unresolved Deficiencyreplace rubber hose between bilge pump and bilge manifold IAW Sub-chapter F.
Sub-chapter F -Nonmetallic Flexible hose must be IAW SAE J1942. Hose end fittings must comply with SAE J1475.
46 CFR 182.20-40; 46 CFR 56.60-25
M/V TACOMA2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly install security tag on life jacket bench retaining pin.22
M/V TACOMA2018Resolved DeficiencyService all (8) IBA due to expire in Jan 2018. Vessel granted extension by OCMI IAW 46CFR199.190(g)(I)(ii)22
M/V TACOMA2018Unresolved DeficiencyFound Main Propulsion switchboard cabinets in both engine rooms are not fitted with dripshield as required. Repair proposal must include engineering calcuations ensuring that the explosion lelif characteristics of the cabinet, designed by the original manufactuer, are maintained.22
M/V TACOMA2018Unresolved DeficiencyProve proper oepration of #1 Boilwe and complete PSTP to the satisfaction of the attending marine inspector.22
MACHIGONNE II2018Resolved DeficiencyFRP patch found on piping system. Temporary repairs not authorized on vital systems.32
MACHIGONNE II2018Resolved DeficiencySections of hose found in bilge system. Provide proof that the system is unaltered from approved drawings.32
MALASPINA2017Resolved DeficiencyRescue boats must be stowed to be ready for launching in not more than 5 minutes. The failure of the hydraulic valve on the starboard rescue boat would prevent the rescue boat from being made ready for launching in the event of a loss of power. Demonstrate proper operation of the hydraulic davit controls in the presence of a Coast Guard Marine Inspector at the vessel's next drydock.56
MALASPINA2017Resolved DeficiencyRe-submit Periodic Safety Test Procedures to the CG Marine Safety Center (MSC) With a corrected test procedure for reverse power relays (generators and overspeeds for the main engines) to incorporate all missing documents and then demonstrate test as written. In accordance with 46 CFR 61.4056
MALASPINA2017Unresolved DeficiencyFor all Automatic Fire Dampers (AFD) that pass through a main vertical zone bulkhead; the damper shall be fitted on at least one side of the bulkhead with a visible indicator showing whether the damper is in the open or closed position. For complete requirements see 46 CFR 72.05-15 (e).56
MALASPINA2018Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting: Invalid Call Sign.56
MAMMOTH CAVE FERRY2018Resolved DeficiencyMake permanent repairs to crack in West (down river)side shell.
MAMMOTH CAVE FERRY2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair floating light attached to life buoy and prove proper operation. Ensure both lights onboard have the proper batteries as listed on light.
Repair floating light attached to life buoy and prove proper operation. Ensure both lights onboard have the proper batteries as listed on light.
Repair floating light attached to life buoy and prove proper operation. Ensure both lights onboard have the
MAMMOTH CAVE FERRY2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair South end Red running light and prove proper operation.
MANHANSETT2018Resolved DeficiencyClean all bilges within machinery space11
MANHANSETT2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide service tech. report for props11
MANHANSETT2018Resolved DeficiencyInstall new shaft on Greenport side11
MANHANSETT2018Resolved DeficiencyInstall new cutlasses11
MANHANSETT2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair fractured transverse frame in lazarette11
MARE ISLAND2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew strructural fire protection in doghouse compartment below operating station at 16 identified & labeled locations. - 46 CFR 116.41522
MARE ISLAND2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew structural fire protection in starboard engine room at main engine fuel filter rack as well as frame below emergency escape hatch. - 46 CFR 116.41522
MARE ISLAND2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew structural fire protection in port engine room at main engine fuel filter rack. - 46 CFR 116.41522
MARE ISLAND2017Resolved DeficiencyDetermine cause of high temperature alarm.22
MARGARET CHASE SMITH2017Resolved DeficiencyEnsure upper deck is marked with max. passenger count.32
MARGARET CHASE SMITH2017Resolved DeficiencyProve operation of General Alarm in engine room.32
MARGARET CHASE SMITH2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace/Repair valve on #2 fire station.32
MARGARET CHASE SMITH2017Resolved DeficiencyPost proper donning placards at stowage locations.32
MARGARET CHASE SMITH2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide B-II extinguisher and new bracket at vehicle deck, stbd. side.32
MARGARET CHASE SMITH2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide updated deviation table.32
MARGARET CHASE SMITH2017Resolved DeficiencyService cover for main deck lifejacket stowage.32
MARGARET CHASE SMITH2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide a replacement nut & jam nut on the port shaft stern tube gland.32
MARGARET CHASE SMITH2017Resolved DeficiencyAlarms for the #1 genset do not alarm in the E/R, repair as orginal32
MARGARET CHASE SMITH2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove the flammable liquids from the E/R control room32
MARGARET CHASE SMITH2017Resolved DeficiencyFuel tank bulkhead vert stiffeners were cracked at the top of the stiffener in shaft alley.32
MARGARET CHASE SMITH2017Resolved DeficiencyAs noted on the E/R fire plan, a dectector was missing above the port MDE.32
MARGARET CHASE SMITH2017Resolved DeficiencyRelief valves shall be adjusted or replaced to open below the pressure vessel MAWP.32
MARGARET CHASE SMITH2018Resolved DeficiencyTwo car deck sprinkler heads were found clogged preventing coverage of deck. Remove debris from sprinkler nozzles.32
MARGARET CHASE SMITH2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair leak on hydrant/nipple, Fire Station #9.32
MARGARET CHASE SMITH2018Resolved DeficiencyConduct boat drill with USCG attendance.32
MARGARET CHASE SMITH2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide valid FCC Station License.32
MARIN2018Resolved DeficiencyEach ring life buoy on a vessel must be approved in accordance with 160.050 in subchapter Q of this chapter. Starboard Sun Deck life buoy has faded vessel name lettering and wasted retroreflective tape. Main Deck life buoy outer material is peeling from the main body. Repair or replace life buoys. 46 CFR 117.70(b)(1)43
MARIN2018Resolved DeficiencyA vessel owner or operator may use an Alternative Security Program as approved under 101.120 of this subchapter. Vessel's PVA Certificate of Eligibility is expired. Provide valid documentation for compliance with MTSA ASP prior to carrying passengers.
33 CFR 104.140
MARIN2018Resolved DeficiencyA fire control plan (FCP) must be posted on the vessel in a location that is accessible and visible to all passengers. The plan must show escape routes, the location of fire protection/emergency equipment, compartment titles and hazard classification of accommodation and service spaces, and structural fire protection boundaries. FCP not posted on Sun Deck and Upper Deck IAW shipboard FCP. Current 43
MARIN2018Resolved DeficiencyA vessel must be provided with a piping system that meets 56.50-50 in subchapter F of this chapter. Bilge suction in void 3 allowing air into the line near the threaded connection at the pick up. Tighten bilge line in void 3. 46 CFR 119.51043
MARIN2018Resolved DeficiencyStations in the maritime service must be licensed by the FCC either individually or by fleet. Vessel did not have FCC Station License onboard. Provide valid station license. 47 CFR 80.13(a)43
MARIN2018Resolved DeficiencyAt each initial and subsequent inspection for certification, the owner or managing operator shall be prepared to conduct tests and have the vessel ready for inspection of its fire protection equipment. All portable fire extinguishers onboard were overdue for servicing. Service portable fire extinguishers and provide documentation prior to carrying passengers.
46 CFR 115.810(a)
MARIN2018Resolved DeficiencyWhen in accordance with 170.120 in subchapter S of this chapter, a vessel must be provided with a stability letter. Vessel does not have an updated stability letter from recent incline test that was completed. Provide approved stability letter prior to carrying passengers. 46 CFR 115.30643
MARIN2018Resolved DeficiencyDouble doors capable of independent operation and latching may have a clearance between the doors of not more than 3.2 millimeters. However, if one door must always be closed first, means shall be provided to ensure that the doors close in the proper order. Self closing doors on starboard side main separating accommodation spaces would not fully close. Prove proper closure of doors. 46 CFR 116.435(b)(5)(i)43
MARQUETTE2017Resolved DeficiencyMark upper deck capacity (82 max).40
MARQUETTE2018Resolved DeficiencyAddress exhaust leaks in engine room.40
MARQUETTE2018Resolved DeficiencyPermanently repair steeing flange bolt interface.40
MARQUETTE2018Resolved DeficiencyConduct man overboard drill with full crew.40
MARQUETTE II2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly post instructions and broadcast placard in pilothouse14
MARQUETTE II2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide Sr. deckhand designations.14
MARQUETTE II2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove combustible pilothouse trash can. Replace with noncombustible type if desired.14
MARQUETTE II2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide training records.14
MARQUETTE II2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly post.14
MARQUETTE II2017Resolved DeficiencyDetermine cause of starboard engine failure, make permanent repairs and demonstrate proper operation of same to the satisfaction of the attending marine inspector.14
MARQUETTE II2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove all accessories and after market software/monitoring equipment that has been installed without approval from the Marine Safety Center/OCMI. Demonstrate proper operation of the propulsion system controls and both main diesel engines.14
MARTHA'S VINEYARD2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel's engine room bilge has 8" to 12" of oil in the bilge as per the chief engineer. Also, oily waste tank is full. Vessel will need to remove oil from the bilge and empty the oil bilge water holding tank.26
MARTHA'S VINEYARD2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct underway fire, man overboard, security and abandon ship drills.26
MARTHA'S VINEYARD2017Resolved DeficiencyUpon completion of MSC approvals of DVTP/PSTPs combine all DVTP/PSTPs in one document with consolidated table of contents. Submit to OCMI for approval.26
MARTHA'S VINEYARD2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide indicators for the automatic ventilation louvers concealed in the 4 vents on the exterior of the 02 deck.26
MARTHA'S VINEYARD2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide appropriate ventilation closures in the two vents in the A-60 bulkhead between the starboard side elevator machinery space and the stateroom.26
MARTHA'S VINEYARD2017Resolved DeficiencyObtain approved electrical plans from USCG MSC. Address all remaing coments from MSC ltrs E2-1800650, E2-1800640, dtd 01 Mar 2018.26
MARTHA'S VINEYARD2017Resolved DeficiencyNoted vessel firefighter outfits oxygen bottles did not have adequate breathing air in them. Re-charge bottles for the suits.26
MARTHA'S VINEYARD2017Resolved DeficiencySeveral fire stations were missing spanner wrenches. Vessel is to check all fire stations and ensure they have spanner wrenches.26
MARTHA'S VINEYARD2017Resolved DeficiencyClean crew galley exhaust hood and provide servicing report for the fixed fire fighting suppression system.26
MARTHA'S VINEYARD2017Resolved DeficiencyDoor to galley for the crew has a broker latch. Repair or replace.26
MARTHA'S VINEYARD2018Resolved DeficiencyBreaker on the main bus OOC.26
MARTHA'S VINEYARD2018Resolved DeficiencyVessels forward loading door is inoperable, due to failure of welds on the roller housing unit, which attached to the door track. Housing unit was replaced in kind along with one roller. Vessel is required to implement safety zone, with net 14 ft from center of loading door during operation until permanent repairs have been conducted and doors have been operationally tested to the satisfaction 26
MASHOMACK2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide means to properly test smoke/heat detectors. 46CFR176.810(a)(7).17
MASHOMACK2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide new retro-reflective material for RLB's (deck level, outside). 46CFR185.604(i).17
MASHOMACK2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide valid FCC Bridge to Bridge Certificate. 46CFR184.50217
MASHOMACK2017Resolved DeficiencyPA in Passenger Accom needs volume (new speaker). 46CFR184.610(b).17
MASHOMACK2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace Waste Gate on North Engine. (Leaking) 46CFR182.200.17
MATANUSKA2017Resolved DeficiencyBad starter identified during weekly lifeboat run tests.56
MATANUSKA2017Resolved DeficiencyCoolant hose failed causing engine to over heat.56
MATANUSKA2017Resolved DeficiencyGauge the metal thickness in way of the #6 Fuel Oil STBD Wing tank near frame 85-86 below the MSD OVBD valve. Crop and renew as needed.56
MATANUSKA2017Unresolved DeficiencySubmit repair proposal for items identified during hull walk including holes in the vicinity of the bottom plating around the rudders, pitting on rudders, localized pitting on port/stbd bottom shell plating as detailed in the call out sheet, bow thruster pitting, and gauging on the side shell plating on the boot top forward of the car deck doors both port and starboard.56
MATANUSKA2017Unresolved DeficiencyRepair all soft patches as identified in the soft patch log (currently 15 items)56
MATANUSKA2017Unresolved DeficiencyGauge metal thickness and crop and renew deck plating as required in way of the port side boat deck public female head.56
MENANTIC2017Resolved DeficiencyUpdate expired items in first aid kit14
MENANTIC2017Resolved Deficiencyreplace screws on ladder step face leading to operating station14
MENANTIC2017Resolved Deficiencyadd a blank in missing breaker space on A/C distribution panel in engine room14
MENANTIC2017Resolved Deficiencyreplace both fire hoses.14
MENDOCINO2017Resolved Deficiency02 holes were found on port and starboard sides of Second Deck, adjacent to ring buoys, which require repairs at next dry-dock period. - 46 CFR 116.10018
MENDOCINO2017Resolved DeficiencyDoors to port and starboard entrances to engine rooms failed to close properly and require repair or replacement. - 46 CFR 116.405(g)18
MICKEY MURPHY2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide (03) adult lifejackets. Passenger count restricted to 98 (101 total persons)17
MICKEY MURPHY2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide updated marine charts.17
MICKEY MURPHY2018Resolved DeficiencyBlast/clean hull prop pockets to examine pitting.17
MICKEY MURPHY2018Resolved DeficiencyCrop and renew in stbd hull battery compartment as outlined to address pitting.17
MICKEY MURPHY2018Resolved DeficiencyInstall ground detection IAW 46 CFR 183.324(c)17
MICKEY MURPHY2018Resolved DeficiencyMeet with vessel rep on 2/1 to discuss path forward on starboard hull insert. Also check frame/stiffener connections iwo insert (remove insulation).17
MICKEY MURPHY2018Resolved DeficiencyCrop and renew in way of cracked plate on port quarter17
MISS BRENDA2017Resolved Deficiencyfirst aid kit expired11
MISS BRENDA2017Resolved Deficiency51 Lifejackets failed inspection due to break down of foam material.11
MISS BRENDA2017Resolved DeficiencyMake repairs to fractures welds were indicatted in fwd compartment frames 3&4 (portside) and frames 4 in fwd compartment stbd side.11
MISS BRENDA2017Resolved DeficiencyUNKNOWN issue until, MDE overheat is the report and owner wants to replace with in kind engine.11
MISS BRENDA2018Resolved DeficiencyRadio Operators Permit not issued to CAPT11
MISS BRENDA2018Resolved DeficiencyThree fuel lines leaking off governor11
MISS BRENDA2018Resolved DeficiencyTesting strips out of date11
MISS BRENDA2018Resolved DeficiencyHorn not sounding, hand held provided as temp.11
MISS BRENDA2018Resolved DeficiencyFirst aid kit expired meds and missing meds. Provide approved 160.041 kit11
MISS BRENDA2018Resolved DeficiencyAll flares expire in Jun 201811
MISS BRENDA2018Resolved DeficiencyMOB Lifejacket harness improperly connnected to MOB platform. Harness cant be connected to MOB Platform. Attach to vsl and demonstrate for CG.11
MISS BRENDA2018Resolved DeficiencyFalse bilge alarms while underway. Port crash and STBD fwd alarms would not clear.11
MISS FREEDOM2018Resolved DeficiencyVSL's AIS UNIT is broadcasting errors

MISS LIBERTY2018Resolved DeficiencyAIS Unit broadcasting errors65
MISS LIZZIE2017Resolved DeficiencyThe tank was due for hydro in May 2016; CO2 system to have new bottle installed until hydro can be completed.52
MONA QUEEN2017Unresolved DeficiencyConduct repairs to damaged passenger canopy, railing, and windows prior to carrying passengers.42
MV IYANOUGH2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel to complete drills with crew.13
MV IYANOUGH2017Resolved DeficiencySTBD side luggage room smoke detector inop and needs to be replaced.13
MV IYANOUGH2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide FCC Safety Cert.13
MV IYANOUGH2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide current servicing report for evacuation slides.13
MV IYANOUGH2018Resolved DeficiencyComplete drills with crew.13
MV IYANOUGH2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide documentation/ proof that crew members are enrolled in drug and alcohol program verify with crew that conducts drill.13
MV IYANOUGH2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace battery in water light for life ring.13
MV IYANOUGH2018Resolved DeficiencyPort fuel tank shutoff valve frozen, repair valve.13
MV IYANOUGH2018Resolved DeficiencyMarkings on life ring are worn. Remark life rings w/ vessel name.13
MV IYANOUGH2018Resolved DeficiencyDemostrate steering gear tests / operation of propulsion system.13
MV IYANOUGH2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair fuel leak on starboard #2 generator.13
NATHANIEL BOWDITCH2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair electrical faults to remove 6 amp ground from switchboard ground detection.25
NATHANIEL BOWDITCH2017Resolved DeficiencyStarboard hull bilge pump impeller was found to be wasted and non-operational. Repair pump.25
NATIVE SON EXPRESS2017Resolved Deficiencyrenew oil soaked lagging on stbd and port generators42
NATIVE SON EXPRESS2017Resolved Deficiencyinstall temperature gauge on stbd MDE42
NATIVE SON EXPRESS2017Resolved Deficiencyrepair push-in on the port aft42
NATIVE SON EXPRESS2017Resolved Deficiencysecure red wire in the fwd storage compartment42
NATIVE SON EXPRESS2017Resolved Deficiencyrepair bilge pipe in fwd lower storage space42
NATIVE SON EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair fwd bow rails and stbd cabin window.42
NATIVE SON EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair rail stanchions aft stbd side.42
NEUSE2017Resolved Deficiency#1 SSDG low L/O shutdown did not secure the engine; make repairs and prove proper operation.21
NEUSE2017Resolved DeficiencyThe life buoy on the "B" end is failing at the inner seam; replace the life buoy and ensure it is properly marked.21
NEUSE2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly terminate the dead end wires in the #2 SSDG control panel and the EDG control panel.21
NEUSE2017Resolved DeficiencyVentilation closure IWO the emergency generator compartment is not closing as designed; repair as necessary and prove proper operation.21
NEUSE2017Resolved DeficiencyThe #2 SSDG RPM gauge in not working; make the necessary repair and prove proper operation.21
NEUSE2018Resolved DeficiencyEDG space vent closures broken spring and will not close 100%.21
NEUSE2018Unresolved DeficiencyB-end escape hatch dog cracked. Yard period in June conduct repairs.21
NEUSE2018Resolved DeficiencyA-end escape hatch leaking21
NEUSE2018Resolved DeficiencyLiferaft straps deteriorated on three rafts.21
NEUSE2018Resolved DeficiencyExt #9 wasted horn clip21
NEUSE2018Unresolved DeficiencyHarndrail B-end 01 deck stanchion cracked. Repair in Jane 2018 Yard21
NEUSE2018Resolved DeficiencyQuoit ring deteriorated21
NEUSE2018Unresolved DeficiencyFuel remote shutoff link-age temp repaired. replace in yard Jun 201821
NEW JERSEY2017Resolved DeficiencyEither replace the #15 CO2 fire extinguisher on the car deck (midway stbd side) or have the extinguisher serviced by an authorized servicing facility.45
NEW JERSEY2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove Hydraulic/water mixture in the steering void and clean as necessary. Further evaluate steering system & rudder post seals to ensure any leakage is identified and if necessary, repairs made.45
NEW JERSEY2017Resolved DeficiencyClean & inspect battery boxes for Emergency Generator & General Alarm Batteries.45
NEW JERSEY2017Resolved DeficiencyMake permanent repairs to the wasted cabinet structural supports for the 4 Mitsubishi Heat Pumps located on the car deck.45
NEW JERSEY2017Resolved DeficiencyKB01 Port bridge wing rudder angle indicator is obscured and cannot be read. Replace port bridge wing rudder angle indicator as original.45
NEW JERSEY2017Resolved DeficiencyMake permanent repairs to crack in the fire box/flue in way of the tube sheet in the heating boiler.45
NEW JERSEY2018Resolved Deficiency01- Prove proper operation of newly installed sprinkler system to the satisfaction of the attending Coast Guard Marine Inspector.45
NEW JERSEY2018Resolved Deficiency02- Replace broken starboard shaft tachometer on bridge.45
NEW JERSEY2018Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of the emergency generator under load.45
NEW JERSEY2018Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of jacket water alarms for both ship's service generators.45
NICOLET2018Resolved DeficiencyTighten bolts for flange interface.34
NICOLET2018Resolved DeficiencyConduct man overboard drill.34
NSI I2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair fwd rail damage and bridge windows. Contact MSD STT to conduct COI exam.42
NSI I2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide servicing report showing servicing and proper operation of fixed gas fire extinguishing system prior to carriage of passengers.42
NSI I2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair leak in forepeak bilge piping in way of bulkhead penetration.42
NSI I2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair bridge window.42
NSI I2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide training records for persons with security duties.42
NSI I2017Resolved DeficiencyAmend security plan to reflect new CSO.42
NSI I2018Resolved DeficiencyCrack foune forward bilge compartmment on vertical frame 3rd from top.42
NSI I2018Resolved DeficiencyHole found in bottom plate in way of forward engine room bulkhead at keel.42
NSI I2018Resolved DeficiencyBattery cables penetrating lazarette forwad bulkhead not made with proper stuffing tubes.42
NSI I2018Resolved DeficiencyForepead bilge piping valve linkage broken.42
NSI I2018Resolved DeficiencyWastage found in bottom plate in way of aft bulkhead of engine room and forward bulkhead of lazarette at keel.42
NSI I2018Resolved DeficiencyCracks found at transom in way of flange plate both port and starboard side.42
NSI I2018Resolved DeficiencyPipe penetrating transom not completely welded.42
NSI I2018Resolved DeficiencyVerticle stiffner in lazarette found to be cracked a way from bulkhead.42
OCEAN QUEEN ROCKSTAR2018Resolved DeficiencyAt each initial and subsequent inspection for certification, the marine inspector may require that a to be specified by the inspector. Once the vessel has arrived in the New York OCMI zone, they shall coordinate with their local Coast Guard office to perform a fire drill with the crew operating the vessel.

46 CFR 115.808(g)
OCEAN QUEEN ROCKSTAR2018Resolved DeficiencyAt each initial and subsequent inspection for certification, the marine inspector may require that a to be specified by the inspector. Once the vessel has arrived in the New York OCMI zone, they shall coordinate with their local Coast Guard office to perform an abandon ship and man overboard drill with the crew operating the vessel.

46 CFR 115.810(d)
OCEAN QUEEN ROCKSTAR2018Resolved Deficiency33 CFR Part 104 applies to a passenger vessel certificated to carry more than 150 passengers. The vessel must have an approved vessel security plan on board and conduct security drills as applicable.

33 CFR 104.105(a)(6)
OCEAN QUEEN ROCKSTAR2018Resolved DeficiencyDesign Verification and Periodic Safety test procedure (DVTP) documents approved by the Coast Guard must be retained aboard the vessel. The vessel must obtain a final approved copy of DVTPs.

46 CFR 61.40(c)
OCRACOKE2017Resolved DeficiencyFound station license expired. Renew station license.29
OCRACOKE2017Resolved DeficiencyFound a leak in the inboard ships service air receiver. Replace air receiver.29
OCRACOKE2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace STBD propeller and inspect shaft packing and stuffing box.29
OCRACOKE2017Resolved DeficiencyFound the stbd shaft cooling water flow meter inop. Replace flow meter.29
OCRACOKE2017Resolved DeficiencyFound neither MDE capable of sounding on the alarm panel. Both only alarm on the CAT panels.29
OCRACOKE2018Resolved DeficiencyArrived at Hatteras Operations to find M/V OCRACOKE had been taken out of service due to a loss of compression on the #4 cylinder of the port MDE. Repair the MDE and conduct operational test to include PSTPs.29
OCRACOKE2018Resolved DeficiencyDuring routine tests of the bilge de-watering system a small hole was found in the #2 bilge pump suction pipe. Renew bilge suction pipe.29
OLD BLUE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide repair proposal for hole in the hull in engine room. 46 CFR 116.30040
ON TIME II2017Resolved DeficiencyAVH01: Stencil appropriate # of life jackets for the storage containers.50
ON TIME II2017Resolved DeficiencyAVH02: Replace battery for ring buoy50
ON TIME II2017Resolved DeficiencyAVH03: Provide DAPI information for crew that was operating the vessel.50
ON TIME III2017Resolved DeficiencyAVH03: Provide DAPI information for crew that was operating the vessel.44
ON TIME III2017Resolved DeficiencyAVH02: Replace battery for ring buoy.44
ON TIME III2017Resolved DeficiencyAVH01: Stencil appropriate # of life jackets for the storage containers.44
ONTAMICH2017Resolved DeficiencyTransverse stiffiners on the Canada side had severe wastage around the limber-holes. Repair to original acantlings.80
ONTAMICH2017Resolved DeficiencyStanchion on US-side port forward is wasted. Repair/renew to original.80
ONTAMICH2017Resolved DeficiencyNavigation lights were not functioning. Provide functional navigation lights.80
ONTAMICH2017Resolved DeficiencyPTO fire pump pressure insufficient. Replace/repair to ensure proper pressure can be attained.80
ONTAMICH2017Resolved DeficiencyGasket material around water-tight door to engine space was wasted. Renew gasket material.80
ORIOLE2017Resolved Deficiencywasted section aproximately 5 ft from stern46
ORIOLE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide current servicing certificate for IBA's.46
ORIOLE2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly wire engine room battery charger.46
ORIOLE2017Resolved DeficiencyCorrect kinked pneumatic control line for port side engine transmission.46
ORIOLE2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly rig IBA hydrostatic releases.46
ORIOLE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide a rescue boat or meet requirements of 46CFR180.210(a)(2). To be corrected by next dry docking.46
OSCAR B2017Resolved DeficiencyDC01: Identify cause of rudder failure, fix rudder and perform underway trials to the satisfaction of attending Marine Inspector prior to carrying passengers.5
OSCAR B2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel was missing life jackets as required by COI for (2) adults (100 on board) and (1) child (10 on board). Vessel is restricted to 98 passengers.5
OUTER BANKS SHUTTLE2017Resolved DeficiencyNavigation pubs and charts were damaged.21
OUTER BANKS SHUTTLE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide FCC radio station license.21
OUTER BANKS SHUTTLE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide ring buoy/markings and water light bracket.21
OUTER BANKS SHUTTLE2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair cracked/damaged handrails as marked.21
OUTER BANKS SHUTTLE2018Resolved DeficiencyEmbarkation Life Lines install21
OUTER BANKS SHUTTLE2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair port side rub rail as marked21
OUTER BANKS SHUTTLE2018Resolved DeficiencyFirst aid kit does not meet the CG approval.21
OUTER BANKS SHUTTLE2018Resolved DeficiencyConduct MOB/Fire drill21
OUTWARD BOUND2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove oily water from the E/R bilge.24
OUTWARD BOUND2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide emergency instructions list.24
OUTWARD BOUND2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair leak in transmission on main diesel.24
OUTWARD BOUND2017Resolved DeficiencyMinimize or eliminate amps to ground.24
OUTWARD BOUND2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall appropriate hydrostatic release unit on EPIRB.24
OUTWARD BOUND2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove or replace in electrical box, dead end wires in void #2 and engine room.24
OUTWARD BOUND2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace line on life ring on bow.24
OUTWARD BOUND2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair light on life float light.24
OUTWARD BOUND2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair/replace the amp to ground indicator to working condition.24
P.T. BARNUM2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair electrical receptacle on focsle. Box is held togther with zip ties.20
P.T. BARNUM2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair damaged thermostat in deli.20
P.T. BARNUM2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace battery and repair detector located in the steering space on smoke detection system.20
P.T. BARNUM2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall elbow on upper boiler releif valve.20
P.T. BARNUM2017Resolved DeficiencyDemonstrate operational readness of #2 SSG RVS power trip20
P.T. BARNUM2017Resolved DeficiencyPropside adjust Hi BMD SST points for #1 and #3 SSG20
P.T. BARNUM2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair o-ring #3 SSG, at heat exchangers20
P.T. BARNUM2017Resolved DeficiencyDemonstrate operational readness of bow thruster Low oil alarm.20
P.T. BARNUM2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair wasted cable hangers on car deck.20
P.T. BARNUM2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace chart 12362 and chart 12354 with updated charts.20
P.T. BARNUM2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall T handle on emergency hatch on PS upper deck stack for engine room.20
P.T. BARNUM2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair bilge alarm in void #5.20
P.T. BARNUM2017Resolved DeficiencyRe-attach fore peak bilge bracket.20
P.T. BARNUM2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace bilge screen in Void 4?20
P.T. BARNUM2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair broken urinals20
P.T. BARNUM2017Resolved DeficiencyRe-label emergency fuel shut offs for E-Gen and boiler on Texas deck.20
P.T. BARNUM2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair insulation on upper boiler piping.20
P.T. BARNUM2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair broken sprinkler pipe hanger, starboard side aft, under upper car deck.20
P.T. BARNUM2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair smoke detection system. Trouble alarm in the steering space.20
P.T. BARNUM2018Unresolved DeficiencyRepair inoperable security cameras. 3 are OOC.20
P.T. BARNUM2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide velcro securing straps for 3 painter extension tubes for IBAs.20
P.T. BARNUM2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide placards for starboard side aft lifejacket locker on the sun deck.20
P.T. BARNUM2018Resolved DeficiencyPrior to the carriage of passengers conduct sea trails.20
PARK CITY2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair hydraulic leaks at visor control deck fittings33
PARK CITY2017Resolved DeficiencyProvided bracket for e/r Halon System pull cable conduit at bottle release33
PARK CITY2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair port wiper on pilot house window33
PARK CITY2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair low lube oil sensor for alarm and shut down of the #1 SSG33
PARK CITY2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair 3 OOC cameras.33
PARK CITY2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair fractured support bracket for the port rudder tube.33
PARK CITY2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace port rudder stop33
PARK CITY2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair excursion netting fence on port side of sun deck33
PARK CITY2017Resolved DeficiencyPARK CITY had a loss of steering or a loss of control to the steering from the bridge, but was able to control steering from the pilot wing and emergency steering in the engine room. Engineering noticed loose cables and sodered them and this appreared to fix the problem. While USCG marine inspector was onboard pump #2 was not communicating from bridfe control, MI noticed a fuse was blown, engine33
PARK CITY2017Resolved DeficiencyPipe backed out causing a dishcharge of CO2 into the car deck. Vsl is to have servicing tech provide report of failure and proper operation of system and to check all fire fighting systems on board the vsl. The vsl is to maintain a live fire watch in the space with extinguishers and 2way communication while operating the vessel. Once the def is cleared and requirements are met the vsl may operer33
PARK CITY2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel do not park emergency fuel shut off on car deck and MSD escape hatch.33
PARK CITY2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall cover on electrical outlet in galley.33
PARK CITY2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide proper operation of camera systems.33
PARK CITY2017Resolved DeficiencyPerform load analysis of electrical panal #2 in snack bar galley.33
PARK CITY2017Resolved DeficiencyMove the cord so is not running over counter by sink. (food warmer)33
PARK CITY2018Unresolved DeficiencyConduct permanent reapirs to the satisfaction of the attending Marine Inspector prior to carriage of passengers, vessel reported to be holed, 3/8in. diameter located at the chine, starboard side machinery space33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair hole in the bottom plate located under the stbd engine room stair well.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyC/R 3 frames in Fore Peak Frames 2,3,5.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyC/R 3 vertical and 1 horizontal stringers in forepeak.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyPS FWD void 1 UT test Hull plating as marked and discussed with drydock foreman.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyC/R WTB between VOID 1PS and STBD. Wasted metal.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyC/R transverse web frame in Void 1 STBD.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencySTBD void 1 C/R various stringers as marked.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyDe-scale hull plating in forepeak.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyU/T wasted hull plating above renewed plating on both sides PS and STBD. In Forepeak.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyC/R wasted gussett IWO scuttle in Void 1 STBD33
PARK CITY2018Resolved Deficiencyde-scale space void 5 three frames in from Keel33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair hydraulic leak on bow thruster B/T space Void 1 PS33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyDe-scale PS void 1 bow thruster space.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair fractured web on PS deep frame Void 1 PS33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyInstall outlet for piping electrical heat tape. Void 533
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyInstall bilge suction strainer in Void 533
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyDe-scale 3 frame bays either side of keel in Void 5.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyMake bilge system ready for inspection. Engine room.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyMake sea-valves ready for inspection. Engine room.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyTest Bilge suction in All spaces.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyC/R wated tripping bracket PS FWD in Fuel Void.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyC/R tripping bracket and stiffeners on PS as marked. in Fuel void33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyC/R 3 tripping brackets and stiffeners on PS as marked. in Fuel Void.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyC/R #1,2,4,5,and 6 stiffeners STBD under fuel tank as marked. in Fuel Void33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyDe-scale and mark ready for inspection. Steering space.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyRe-new wasted bilge piping. in AFT peak.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyC/R wasted plate (hole) STBD side 12" from chime. in AFT peak.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyC/R wasted side shell and stiffeners as marked. Car Deck.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyC/R wasted deck drain piping PS AFT. Car Deck.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyC/R wasted frames and stiffeners on Visor as marked. Car Deck.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyC/R wasted side shell side shell stiffener STBD FWD stairwell.Passenger deck.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace railings around life raft stations and perimeter of deck as marked. Sun deck.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace E-Gen space door (Holed) Sun Deck.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyC/R wasted hand rails as marked. Sun Deck.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyC/R wasted door sills PS and STBD in Pilot house.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace running light Screens. PS and STBD side Pilot House.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyConduct hull guaging IAW ABS special survey #4 belt guaging to be conducted IWO void # 5, engine room, and MSD space.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyC/R hull plating in Forepeak STBD as marked becasue of results of UT testing.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyRe-new scuttle ring in fore peak.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyMake bilge ready ready for inspection. MSD space33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyC/R wasted side shell stiffeners and sprinkler piping as marked. Upper Car Deck.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyC/R frame as marked in Bow Thruster space on PS.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyRemove insulation on exhaust pipe and remove debris and inspect. IWO hull. In Bow thruster space.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyC/R frames as marked in the steering space. 4 frames.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyClean and inspect bilge suction strainer in steering space.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyC/R plate for STBD rudder stop in steering space. Plating is wasted.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair leak in pipe FWD of hatch PS in steering space.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyC/R hull plating in MSD space as marked. Plate replaced due to UT testing results.33
PARK CITY2018Resolved DeficiencyConduct UT testing along waterline. Entire vessel.33
PATRIOT2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of the port MDE and maintenance of fuel system.16
PATRIOT2017Resolved DeficiencyMast light extinguished. Replace and prove proper operation.16
PATRIOT2017Resolved DeficiencyPort M/E Fuel Supply Shut-Off valve inoperable. Repair and prove proper operation.16
PATRIOT2017Resolved DeficiencyStarboard #2 Compartment high level bilge alarm inoperable. Repair and prove proper operation.16
PATRIOT2017Resolved DeficiencyPort and Starboard bilge pipe valve closures forward of the collision bulkhead inopearble. Repair and prove proper operation.16
PATRIOT2017Resolved DeficiencyStarboard Engine Room power ventilation control stuck in "ON" position. Repair and prove proper operation.16
PATRIOT2017Resolved DeficiencyPort M/E fuel filter bowls (2) have drain cocks without plugs. Replace valves with solid bottom valves with plugs.16
PATRIOT2017Resolved Deficiency(2) portable fire extinguishers located in the passenger accommodation space on the main deck require monthly maintenance.16
PATRIOT2017Resolved DeficiencyMark the number of life jackets stowed inside storage compartments in passenger accomodation area on the main deck.16
PATRIOT2017Resolved DeficiencySecure ligh fixture on overhead outside of pilot house.16
PATRIOT2017Resolved DeficiencyIn accordance with approval letter 16710/6280179 dated OCT 5, 2017, paragraph 1 provide operating station with a rudder angle indicator.16
PATRIOT2017Resolved DeficiencyIn accordance with approval letter 16710/6280179 dated Oct 5, 2017, paragraph 2 provide limit switch for port side steering system.16
PATRIOT2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace electrical box for sewage water pump in port side steering space. Ensure box is of watertight design.16
PATRIOT2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace fire pump gauge on port side.16
PELICAN2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel was involved in collision on starboard quarter. Vessel issued CG 835 to be attended by CG inspector prior to operation.38
PERALTA2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel had small portion of cracked bottom plate and several cracked welds all within the port lazarette. Cause is due to known issue of additional stresses to the lazarettes. Re-inspection of port laz due on 23JUN17 to assess the condition after the vessel has been in service for a week following repairs to above mentioned cracks.18
PERALTA2017Resolved DeficiencyMake permanent repairs to holed section of port bow resulting from buoy strike at next Credit Dry Dock.18
PISCES2017Resolved DeficiencyMissing proper structural fire protection where urea pipes pass through engine rooms towards centerline of the vessel.11
PISCES2017Resolved DeficiencyDesign verification and Periodic Safety Test Procedures not approved by MSC.11
PLAQUEMINES PRIDE2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace stbd navigation side light, found casing to be fractured with watrer ingress. Limited to daytime operation in good visibility until fixed.15
PLAQUEMINES PRIDE2017Resolved DeficiencyCurrently, both sliding watertight doors are only operable from the local hand pump. O/O shall repair the remote and local electric opening mechanisms for both class 3 WT doors prior to issuance of the COI15
POINTE A LA HACHE2017Resolved DeficiencyMissing 1 required adult lifejacket from Stbd side forward stowage box - only 49 in box marked for 50. Replace the missing life jacket.52
POINTE A LA HACHE2017Resolved DeficiencyLifering filled with water. Replace lifering.52
POINTE A LA HACHE2017Resolved DeficiencyHigh Pressure CO2 bottle for fire-suppression system was stored directly on the deck in the engine room.52
POINTE A LA HACHE2017Resolved DeficiencyShutoff valve installed between electric air compressor and the air reciever, thereby leaving a section of the supply piping unprotected (relief valve on compressor was set higher than the air reciever).52
POINTE A LA HACHE2017Resolved DeficiencyShutoff valve installed between deisel engine powered air compressor and the air reciever, thereby leaving a section of the supply piping unprotected (relief valve on compressor was set higher than the air reciever).52
POINTE A LA HACHE2017Resolved DeficiencyStbd SS Generator reported OOC. Prior to placing back in service, MI must attend for partial survey.52
POINTE A LA HACHE2017Resolved DeficiencyCrew could not follow the posted instructions. Need to either update the instructions to make it easier to follow or train the crew on the differences on the two different sets of instructions.52
POINTE A LA HACHE2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove fluids in e/r batt install. Repair holed batt box aft of bridge.52
POINTE A LA HACHE2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace pressure gauge would not display the MAWP of the pv or the relief valve settings.52
PROVINCETOWN II2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel rep. had bilge pump out for servicing. Prove proper operation of PTO bilge pump.39
PROVINCETOWN II2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct 1.25 x MAWP hydrostatic test on 03 air receivers.39
PUYALLUP2017Resolved DeficiencyFS #42 hose cracked during operational test.21
PUYALLUP2017Resolved DeficiencyAuto Draught Indicating System inoperable. Issued CG 835. Crew must complete manual draft readings twice daily (beginning & end of operations). Additionally, if any unusual listing occurs crew must complete manual draft readings to ensure vessel is within correct range IAW vessel stability letter. Manual readings shall continue until system is functioning as intended. 33 CFR 164.35(h)21
PUYALLUP2018Resolved Deficiency04 pinhole leaks found in bilge piping. temp. repair authorized.21
PYXIS2017Resolved Deficiencyach officer employed on any vessel subject to this subchapter must have his or her license or merchant mariner credential onboard and available for examination at all times when the vessel is operating. Provide evidence of valid MMC.
PYXIS2017Resolved DeficiencyMarine employers shall establish programs for the chemical testing for dangerous drugs on a random basis of crewmembers on inspected vessels who: Occupy, or perform the duties and functions of, a position required by the vessel's Certificate of Inspection; or, Are specifically assigned the duties of warning, mustering, assembling, assisting, or controlling the movement of passengers during emergen
PYXIS2017Resolved DeficiencyAny vessel of at least five net tons which engages in coastwise trade must have a Certificate of Documentation bearing a valid endorsement appropriate for the activity in which engaged. Provide evidence of valid Certificate of Documentation.
PYXIS2017Resolved DeficiencyAs appropriate for the intended voyage, a vessel must carry adequate and up-to-date: Charts of large enough scale to make safe navigation possible; U.S. Coast Pilot or similar publication; Coast Guard Light List; Tide tables; and Current tables, or a river current publication issued by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or a river authority. Provide evidence of up-to-date navigational publications a
PYXIS2017Resolved Deficiencyeach ship transporting more than six passengers for hire equipped with a radiotelephone station must carry a radio operator who meets the following requirements: the radio operator must hold a marine radio operator permit or higher class license. Provide evidence of valid FCC Marine Radio Operator Permit.
PYXIS2017Resolved DeficiencyVessels carrying more than 150 passengers shall have an approved VSP or ASP and vessel has to be in compliant with approved plan.
PYXIS2017Resolved DeficiencyThe master shall conduct sufficient drills and give sufficient instructions to make sure that all crew members are familiar with their duties during emergencies that necessitate abandoning ship or the recovery of persons who have fallen overboard. Complete satisfactory MOB/Abandon Ship Drill.
PYXIS2017Resolved DeficiencyThe master shall conduct sufficient fire drills to make sure that each crew member is familiar with his or her duties in case of a fire. Complete satisfactory Fire Drill.
QUAIAPEN2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide double hose clamps where possible on flex hose in engine room. 46CFR182.410(d)52
QUAIAPEN2017Resolved DeficiencyComplete MOB and Fire Drills with USCG MI in attendance, prior to carrying passengers. 46CFR185.52052
QUAIAPEN2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of bilge system prior to carrying passengers. 46CFR182.25-10(a)&(b) [Old T]52
QUAIAPEN2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel electrical panel @ operating station. 46CFR183.220(d)52
QUICKSILVER2017Resolved DeficiencyDisplay name and hailing port as required for documented vessels.27
QUICKSILVER2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel PFD stowage with # of PFDs for the location.27
QUICKSILVER2017Resolved DeficiencyPost proper donning placard.27
QUICKSILVER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide 3-6' line with clip.27
QUICKSILVER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide new battery in waterlight.27
QUICKSILVER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide third fire bucket.27
QUICKSILVER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide second flashlight (2 total).27
QUICKSILVER2017Resolved DeficiencyProve operation of high level alarm light (visual)27
QUICKSILVER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide hose on portable puymp of sufficient length to reach the deck.27
QUICKSILVER2017Resolved DeficiencyEstablish log to record required drills and safety equipment checks.27
QUICKSILVER2018Resolved DeficiencyVsl to troubleshoot unexpected engine shutdown and make permanent repairs to satisfaction of USCG.27
R E STOTZER JR2017Resolved DeficiencyIncorrect call sign on FCC Safety Radiotelephony certificate and FCC Bridge-to-bridge certificate. Vsl must meet requirements for a station license and installation certificates. Certificates with current vessel call sign must be provided.26
R E STOTZER JR2017Resolved DeficiencyDead end wiring found throughout vessel. Electrical installations shall be to the satisfaction of the OCMI. Remove/repair all dead end wiring.26
R E STOTZER JR2018Resolved DeficiencyA vessel must be provided with a main steering gear that is of adequate strength and capable of steering the vessel at all service speeds. Vessel reported a loss of steering due to unknown cause.26
RACHEL MARIE2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly secure and cover exposed battery terminals under the stbd bridge counsel.31
RACHEL MARIE2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly repair second deck port side aft Emergency light and secure all loose light covers on the weather decks.31
RACHEL MARIE2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly mark distress flare container "DISTRESS SIGNALS" minimum of 1/2 high lettering in a contrasting color.31
RACHEL MARIE2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly secure the A60 insulation iwo the port and stbd aft engine room ventilation dampers. The dampers are rubbing on the insulation wearing it out and slowing the operation of the dampers.31
RACHEL MARIE2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct u/w emergency drills in the presence of the CG Marine Inspector.31
RACHEL MARIE2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly repair the port forward engine room supply vent fan damper. Bracket broke off keeping the damper in the closed position.31
RACHEL MARIE2017Resolved DeficiencyHave onboard unexpired ASP certification letter. Letter was misplaced operator is searching for the letter and will request a new letter as needed.31
RACHEL MARIE2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of the emergency bilge cross over. During inspection cross over line was blocked with frozen water. Both the port and stbd bilge systems op tested - SAT.31
RACHEL MARIE2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly secure emergency fuel shut off valve control cable to bracket for the port SSDG. Control cable secured the fuel valve however it is slipping through the support bracket making it unreliable and potential to fail.31
RACHEL MARIE2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair or renew x4 Type 1 adult PFD's and x1 child Type 1 PFD. PFD's retro-flective tape is heavily worn and some the vessels name has worn off or has the incorrect name.31
RACHEL MARIE2018Resolved DeficiencyConduct Annual Security Plan audit within 30 days.31
RACHEL MARIE2018Resolved DeficiencyThe port engine room fixed CO2 system discharge piping does not have the odorizing unit connected, resulted in an opening in the discharge piping that would immediately release CO2 into the activation area. Replace odorizing unit on discharge piping.31
RACHEL MARIE2018Resolved DeficiencyRecords of security drills and exercises are not available onboard. Provide documentation of the completion of required drills/exercises.31
RACHEL MARIE2018Resolved DeficiencyRecords of fire and abandon ship/man overboard drills are not available onboard. Provide documentation of the completion of required drills.31
RACHEL MARIE2018Resolved DeficiencyTwo ring lifebuoys are unservicable. Replace unservicable lifebuoys.31
RACHEL MARIE2018Resolved DeficiencyFloating waterlight on port side upper deck ring buoy contains unapproved battery. Replace with approved battery of appropriate weight.31
RACHEL MARIE2018Resolved DeficiencyA pit in excess of 1/8" in depth is present in starboard fuel tank space hull plating. Repair hull plating to the satisfaction of the attending CG Marine Inspector.31
RACHEL MARIE2018Resolved DeficiencyAn unprotected bulkhead penetration exists between the port engine room and lazarette. Restore watertight integrity of bulkhead to the satisfaction of the attending CG Marine Inspector.31
RACHEL MARIE2018Resolved DeficiencyLighting guard on light above sink area in main passenger compartment broken. Replace guard.31
RACHEL MARIE2018Resolved DeficiencyPotable water pump and filter housing are both cracked. Repair or replace pump and replace filter housing.31
RADISSON2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall restricted area signage.31
RADISSON2017Resolved DeficiencyPlace spanner wrenches in all hose boxes.31
RADISSON2017Resolved DeficiencyService portable fire extinguisher on main deck.31
RADISSON2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace light fixture in stbd side head.31
RADISSON2017Resolved DeficiencyCarry senior deck hand designation letter on board when not carrying a licensed mate.31
RADISSON2017Resolved DeficiencyFire drill to be performed to the satisfaction of attending marine inspector.31
RADISSON2017Resolved DeficiencyFlooding Drill to be performed to the satisfaction of attending marine inspector.31
RADISSON2017Resolved DeficiencyUpdated charts to be carried by vessel31
RADISSON2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace 12 child sized life jackets.31
RADISSON2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace broken window on aft port side of the main deck.31
RADISSON2017Resolved DeficiencyMark Engine Room Emergency Exit31
RADISSON2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair cracks in the focsle to the satisfaction of attending marine inspector.31
RADISSON2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly secure battery in box to prevent movement.31
RADISSON2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair railings going to upper deck to prevent injuries to passengers31
RADISSON2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair starboard main engine to the satisfaction of the attending marine inspector31
RADISSON2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair port engine blower and have repairs verified by marine inspector.31
RADISSON2017Resolved DeficiencyPrior to carrying operating the hydrojet drive engines, clean oil and grease from area surrounding the rear of the engine and replace all oil-soaked insulation in way of the exhaust systems.31
RADISSON2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove all accessories and after market software/monitoring equipment that has been installed without approval from the Marine Safety Center/OCMI. Demonstrate proper operation of the propulsion system controls and both main diesel engines.31
RADISSON2018Resolved DeficiencyFire/bilge valves must be properly labeled and simple instructions posted.31
RADISSON2018Resolved DeficiencyStbd emergency manual control malfunctioning. Effect repairs and demonstrate proper operation.31
RADISSON2018Resolved DeficiencySr. Deckhand designation letters not on vessel to allow replacement of the Mate.31
RADISSON2018Resolved DeficiencyRemove tripping hazard - main deck carpet thresholds are bent and present tripping hazards.31
RADISSON2018Resolved DeficiencyMain deck carpeting is dirty and oil soaked which present elevated fire hazard. Clean oil from carpeting or remove carpet. If replaced, carpet must be of an approved type and meet all specifications of referenced Cite, including "carpets shall not extend up bulkheads or vertical surfaces more than 4 inches above the deck." 16 May - clean or remove carpet
9 June - submit specifications of new carp
RANGER2017Resolved DeficiencyFire pump gauge on port side is OOC. Replace gauge and show proper pressure (60 psi).13
RANGER2017Resolved DeficiencyFire pump on STBD side shows 20 PSI, make repairs and prove proper operation (60 psi).13
RANGER2017Resolved DeficiencyRudder angle indicator on STBD wing is OOC. Make repairs and show proper operation.13
RANGER2017Resolved DeficiencyOnly one of the two required portable lights is operational. Show proper operation of both portable lights.13
RANGER2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace expired asprin in first aid kit.13
RANGER2017Resolved DeficiencyBoth steering hydraulic cylinders have excessive leaks. Make repairs and show proper operation.13
RANGER2017Resolved DeficiencyPort side reduction ger control box has excessive leaks. Make repairs and show proper operation.13
RANGER2017Resolved DeficiencySTBD side steering compartment hatch needs repair, handle bushing is not sealed.13
RANGER2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove oily water from both engine rooms.13
RANGER2018Resolved DeficiencyR/G gear failure due to loss of oil from leaking gasket from oil and filter change.13
RANGER2018Resolved DeficiencyInstall chaffing gear on salt water hose that is resting on main engine intake manifold.13
RANGER2018Resolved DeficiencyDouble clamp hose to A/C cooling pump in port engine room.13
RANGER2018Resolved DeficiencyInstall bonding strap on both fuel tank fill hose.13
RANGER2018Resolved DeficiencyInstall exhaust lagging to starboard main engine.13
RANGER2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of lighting in engine room. 46CFR183.432(b)48
RANGER2017Unresolved DeficiencyRepair holes on main deck in bulkheads (scattered throughout). 46CFR176.25-548
RANGER III2017Resolved DeficiencyEvaluate required crew for emergency situations and correct WQSB to reflect number of crew required on COI. Every aspect of emergency drills should be addressed by required crew on COI.61
RANGER III2017Resolved DeficiencyUse of an Oil Record Book is mandatory.61
RANGER III2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove dead end wires. Replace questionable wiring with proper guage boat cable. Remove all alligator clips and make all battery connections permanent.61
RANGER III2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair fire detection and alarm panel to provide both audible and visual indicators at operating station.61
RANGER III2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove incorrect splice and wire nuts from power supply to feedwater pump between AUX Boiler and water heater. Make proper connections and enclose in a junction box.61
RANGER III2017Resolved DeficiencyMachinery space is protected by a fixed CO2 system which is manually pulled from the passageway adjacent to the machinery space. Current configuration has the MDEs shutting down once the CO2 system is activated. However, the two SSGs which share the space continue running. These also need to shut down with the CO2 system activation.61
RANGER III2017Resolved DeficiencyCurrent configuration is for an independent pull station for mechanical ventilation shut down in the machinery space. This should be combined with the CO2 activation so that a single pull shuts down ventilation and stops the MDEs and SSGs.61
RANGER III2017Resolved DeficiencyNo alcohol testing devices are onboard and vessel is unable to meet 2 hour test requirement for SMI. Provide a sufficient number of test devices on board.61
RANGER III2017Resolved DeficiencyIdentify and properly label each light on the emergency power circuit.61
RANGER III2017Resolved DeficiencyUpdate emergency muster station notices in staterooms to reflect use of life rafts as opposed to life boats. Also, ensure proper muster location is identified.61
RANGER III2017Resolved DeficiencyAdjust door to engine room and cargo deck to ensure self closing to latched position.61
RANGER III2017Resolved DeficiencyPt & stbd rescue boats are missing survival craft equipment, including searchlight & fire extinguisher. Outfit rescue boats with required equipment.61
RANGER III2017Resolved DeficiencyPt & stbd resuce boats are missing retro-reflective material. Install Type II retro IAW IMO arrangement.61
RANGER III2017Resolved DeficiencyEPIRB battery is expired. Install replacement and conduct test. To satisfaction of attending MI.61
RANGER III2017Resolved DeficiencyBridge ring lifebuoy waterlight lanyards (port & stbd) are degraded. Replace lanyards with buoyant line resistant to sunlight deterioration.61
RANGER III2017Resolved DeficiencyImmersion suits stowed in crew accomadation spaces ladderwell are not marked with accurate number number. Replace missing suits or correct markings.61
RANGER III2017Resolved DeficiencyLog of lifesaving equipment inspections and maintenance is missing. Maintain log of all maintenance and inspections/tests for livesaving equipment.61
RANGER III2018Resolved DeficiencyVerify accuracy of FCP and get approval from local OCMI.
RANGER III2018Resolved DeficiencyLaunch and recover rescue boat and perform MOB drill.
46 CFR 199.180(d)(7)
ROANOKE2017Resolved DeficiencyFound rescue boat embarkation door missing a retention device to latch the door open.25
ROANOKE2017Resolved DeficiencyThe stbd forward engine room and forward msd compartment bulkhead is missing unused wire run plugs/gaskets.25
ROANOKE2017Resolved DeficiencyPort and Stbd MDE's control wiring from engine to engine control room was installed without insulation as designed by mfg. Proper insulation must be installed as approved.25
ROANOKE2017Resolved DeficiencyPassenger cabin has unapproved cover over junction box.25
ROANOKE2017Resolved DeficiencyThe number seven fire extinguisher was missing the pin.25
ROANOKE2018Resolved DeficiencyFound steering pump motor controllers (1 & 2) missing wire diagram inside door.25
ROANOKE2018Resolved Deficiency#1 steering pump alarmed for "loss of phase." VMP entered since 27 Oct 2017.25
ROANOKE2018Resolved DeficiencyFound worn/wasted bushing in the steering tie bar, port side. Renew bushing.25
ROANOKE2018Resolved DeficiencyFound general alarm bell in passenger cabin inoperable.25
ROANOKE2018Resolved DeficiencyFound exhaust leaks on port MDE (in E/R) and stbd MDE (in void #5).25
ROARING BULL2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide company Drug and Alcohol Policy, Designated Employee Representative, Employee Assistant Hotline number, and updated employee list.20
ROARING BULL2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide one life ring buoy designated for the flat (02 total on the ferry).20
ROARING BULL2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace bottom rudder support with pressure treated 2" x 10" x 12'. Prior to credit drydock.20
ROARING BULL2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace 2 hull planks amidships. Prior to credit drydock.20
ROARING BULL2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace planks 11 to 17 from bow. Prior to credit drydock.20
ROBERT C LANIER2018Resolved DeficiencyTwo (2) Engine room generators jacket water high temperature shut down sensors are “dropping” temperature type and do not reliably activate as temperature rises. Also sensor installation to be moved to top of engine block.28
ROBERT C LANIER2018Resolved DeficiencyEDG jacket water high temperature shut down sensors are “dropping” temperature type and do not reliably activate as temperature rises. Also sensor installation to be moved to top of engine block.28
ROBERT C LANIER2018Resolved DeficiencyEmergency fire pump discharge T spool pin hole leak – verify that temporary weld patch is tight under working pressure. Outstanding to replace the spool28
ROBERT C LANIER2018Resolved DeficiencyIMO: Vsl is broadcasting no IMO #, ZERO DRAFT: no static draft information28
ROBERT H. DEDMAN2018Resolved Deficiency"B" end Voith system hydraulic leak. Possible cause a failed system seal. Make final repairs and provide tech report attesting to properly repaired and functioning voith system.21
ROBERT H. DEDMAN2018Resolved DeficiencyMarking / Labeling of fixed fire fighting system instructions missing, the inspection shall as to insure that the vessel, as regards to fire detecting and extingishing equipment is in satisfactory condition.
46 CFR 71.25-10
ROYAL STAR2017Resolved DeficiencyHydrostatic release for IBA expired.49
ROYAL STAR2017Resolved DeficiencyFixed CO2 systems on inspected vessels need to be type approved and installed in accordance with applicable regulations. Relocate the CO2 pressure switch outside of the protected space. Cite: 46CFR118.410(b)(1)(i), See MSIB 1512 for reference49
ROYAL STAR2018Resolved DeficiencyRemove extension cords around bar area. 46 CFR120.37249
ROYAL STAR2018Resolved DeficiencySecure CO2 bottles for bar soda machine 46 CFR 115.83049
ROYAL STAR2018Resolved DeficiencyStencil BA's with vessel name 46 CFR 122.60449
ROYAL STAR2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace unreadable emergency broadcast placard 46 CFR 121.50649
SALISH2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of low water fuel cutoff device on boiler #1 and boiler #2.8
SALISH2017Resolved DeficiencyService pressure/temperature gauge on boiler #1 and boiler #2.8
SALLY FOX2018Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting the following errors: IMO AND ZERO DRAFT.4
SALLY FOX2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel could not verify that Periodic Safety Test Procedures were conducted on an annual basis IAW 46 CFR 61.20-34
SAMISH2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of fire Screen doors 019,004 and 020 both locally and remotely.4
SAMISH2017Resolved DeficiencyCotton jacketed lines installed on MDEs.4
SAMISH2018Resolved Deficiency#019 Fire Screen Door on upper car deck leading up to passenger deck stairwell inoperable. To remian closed at all times until repaired. Repair #019 FSD to full operation.4
SAN FRANCISCO2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of propulsion system following repairs of damage caused by strike of underwater object.44
SAN FRANCISCO2017Resolved DeficiencyReview and revise DVTP/PSTP to accurately reflect vessel configuration. 46CFR121.620d44
SAN FRANCISCO2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of fire screen doors upon loss of power. Vessel shall have (2) additional deckhands until corrected. 46CFR116.435c644
SAN FRANCISCO2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel ring buoy on sun deck with vessel name. 46CFR122.60444
SAN FRANCISCO2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of suction from fuel void. Vessel shall have written plan with alternate means for pumping fuel void until deficiency is cleared. 46CFR119.51044
SAN FRANCISCO2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace emergency light on main deck by cash register. 46CFR120.43244
SAN GWANN2017Resolved DeficiencyInternal Stairway which serve more than 02 Decks of accomodation should be inclosed with smoke tight divisions. The Smoke tight division in the foward stairway is torn and separated from track on both sides. HSC 1994 Reg 7.4.41
SAN GWANN2017Resolved DeficiencyA vessel 300GT or more most have a Vessel General Permit and Notice Of Intend. Vessel has not submitted a Noticed Of Intend. VGP Part
SAN GWANN2017Resolved DeficiencyBefore the craft leaves port and at all times during voyage all life saving appliances should be in working order and ready for inmediate use. Rescue boat has severe glue failure and at hull connection on starboard quearter. HSC (94)
SANKATY2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct underway fire, man overboard, abandon ship and security drills.38
SANKATY2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel's stbd main engine does not work as designed due to a possible blown head gasket and cooling leak. Vessel is to repair the starboard main engine and demonstrate to the satisfaction of a Coast Guard Marine Inspector. Vessel was transiting from Vineyard Haven, MA to Woods Hole, MA at time of loss of propulsion.38
SANKATY2017Resolved DeficiencyPrior to operating starboard engine make repairs to prevent loss of coolant to the satisfaction to the attending Marine Inspector.38
SANPOIL2018Resolved DeficiencyMake temporary repairs to the hull fracture at frame 17 IAW 46 CFR 176.700.6
SANPOIL2018Resolved DeficiencyMake permanent repairs to the hull fracture at frame 17 46 CFR 176.700.6
SANPOIL2018Resolved DeficiencyRe-install exhaust heat shielding for both main diesel engines 46 CFR 182.430(a).6
SANPOIL2018Resolved DeficiencyInstall the screw down post type battery in the float light 46 CFR 180.25(a).6
SANTA MARIA2017Resolved DeficiencyLifejackets for children shall be stowed separately IAW 46CFR180.25-10.29
SANTA MARIA2017Resolved DeficiencyLifejackets containers at upper deck next to the operating station shall be so design as to allow lifejackets to float free IAW 46CFR180.25-10.29
SANTA MARIA2017Resolved DeficiencyEach vessel owner or operator must ensure that the vessel operates in compliance by designating, in writing, by name or title, a CSO, and identify how officers can be contacted at any time in accordance with the VSP. The vessel was operating without an active or acting CSO in accordance with the approved VSP.29
SANTA MARIA2017Resolved DeficiencyAt every other inspection all observed unsafe practices must be corrected. Found a total of (04) broken seat backs at port upper deck. 46CFR176.830(a).29
SANTA MARIA2017Resolved DeficiencyFire detection system must be installed in compliance with 46CFR 181.400 thru 181.420. Fire detection system loss its programming and only shows zones. 46CFR174.410(c)(3).29
SANTA MARIA2017Resolved DeficiencyAt every other inspection, all observed unsafe practices must be corrected. Found about 1 foot of oil and water mixture in the engine room bilge. 46CFR176.830(a).29
SANTA MARIA2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of #3 MDE29
SANTA MARIA2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove oily water from the bilges29
SCHOODIC2017Unresolved DeficiencyVsl to repair the collison bulkhead and make watertight.71
SEA HORSE I2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace the lettering for the fire hose valve as letters are falling off the bulkhead.39
SEA HORSE I2017Resolved DeficiencyRelocate the terminal block near the Fireboy system that is currently low in the bilge to a higher, drier, location.39
SEA HORSE I2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace the highly corroded electrical component located near the batteries.39
SEA HORSE I2017Resolved DeficiencyDetermine if the grounding strip aft of the engine is necesary, if it is, repair or replace it.39
SEA HORSE I2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace the wasted exhaust bracket in the engine room.39
SEA HORSE I2017Resolved DeficiencyAddress minor wood rot in various areas of engine room.39
SEA HORSE I2017Resolved DeficiencyAdd securing bolts in two support columns.39
SEA HORSE I2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace 2" through hull ball valve for the engine cooling water supply as the current one is hard to operate.39
SEAJET I2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair latch on breaker panel door #8, Port engine room.30
SEAJET I2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair aft fire damper to port engine room.30
SEAJET I2017Resolved DeficiencySecure radar electrical boxes under pilot house console.30
SEAJET I2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove dead-end wires under pilot-house console.30
SEAJET I2017Resolved DeficiencySeal cable penetration on forward bulkhead, void #230
SEAJET I2017Resolved DeficiencyIndentify source of trouble alarm on fire detection panel.30
SEAJET I2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair 3 drill holes in false forpeak30
SEAJET I2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair crack on sideshell stiffener located in the void forward of the fuel tank void port side30
SEAJET I2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair stbd engineroom hatch combing30
SEAJET I2018Resolved DeficiencyRemove oil from both port and stbd engineroom bilge30
SEAJET I2018Resolved DeficiencySecure junction box and electrical cord in spanning structure30
SEAJET I2018Resolved DeficiencySecure junction box 6 bays forward from hatch on the port side30
SEAJET I2018Resolved DeficiencySecure outer hand rail in way of forward hatch30
SEAJET I2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair hole in aft bulkhead of false bow30
SEAJET I2018Resolved DeficiencySand blast and build up weld on the transom flange to repair pitting30
SEALTH2017Resolved DeficiencyCO2 and other emergency placards faded from weather and are illegible. Renew illegible & faded placards on Nav Bridge Deck. 46 CFR 76.15-10(h)37
SEALTH2017Resolved DeficiencyPortable extinguisher and ring buoy placards not in place. Attach appropriate ring buoy placards and portable extinguisher markings and placard. 46CFR78.47-45. 46CFR199.178(a). 46CFR78.47-30.37
SEALTH2017Resolved Deficiency03 ring buoy light batteries expired. Check and replace all lights for expired batteries. 46CFR70.28-1. 46CFR199.190(f)(4).37
SELDEN III2018Resolved DeficiencyRenew cutlass bearings.70
SELDEN III2018Resolved DeficiencyCrop and insert old through-hull and valve in void #3.70
SERENITY2018Resolved DeficiencyMake repairs to damaged areas on port side above the rub rail.21
SERENITY2018Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of Fireboy shutdown and override function.21
SERENITY2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide audible and visual indicators for each high level high-water alarm.21
SERENITY2018Resolved DeficiencyRenew submersible bilge pumps with pumps meeting the requirements of UL113.21
SEYMOUR B. DURST2018Resolved DeficiencyVSL broadcasting AIS errors.14
SEYMOUR B. DURST2018Resolved DeficiencyProperly seat stbd side E/R emergency escape hatch and make watertight.14
SIERRA2017Resolved DeficiencyAutomatic bilge pump must have a visual indicator. Provide indicator to the satisfaction of attending marine surveyor.23
SIERRA2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel must maintain complete first aid kit at all times. Various items are expired.23
SIERRA2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew 08 identified adult size PFDs.23
SIERRA2017Resolved DeficiencySubmersible electric bilge pumps must meet UL 1113. Provide UL listed pump.23
SIERRA2017Resolved DeficiencyFuel tank is built in accordance with 33 CFR 183. Renew with fuel tank that meets 46 CFR 182.440. Submit plans to OCMI for approval prior to conducting repairs.23
SILVER LAKE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel main sea chest has pin hole leak (located just aft of main sea chest valve). In addition, vessels MSD piping also has small leak.54
SILVER LAKE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel has vibration in area of the port reduction gear.54
SILVER LAKE2017Resolved DeficiencyMake repairs to self closing door to galley and passenger lounge.54
SILVER LAKE2017Resolved DeficiencyThe emergency lighting at #3 life raft embarkation station was tripping the breaker.54
SILVER LAKE2017Resolved DeficiencyBow Thruster rooom emergency light was found inoperative this date.54
SILVER LAKE2017Resolved DeficiencyMissing lagging on the exhuast of the bow thruster.54
SILVER LAKE2017Resolved DeficiencyThe rescue boat motor stalled out and was not operating properly, during man overboard drill this date.54
SILVER LAKE2017Unresolved DeficiencyA/C line is ran through fire tight bhd.54
SILVER LAKE2017Unresolved DeficiencyCO2 nozzle has a hole due to wastage.54
SILVER LAKE2017Unresolved DeficiencyStbd reduction gear filter was leaking during the inspection.54
SILVER LAKE2017Resolved DeficiencyThe guard for the audible siren (alarm) was not connected properly and missing hardware.54
SILVER LAKE2017Resolved DeficiencyThe port engine room intake plenum is wasted and corroded.54
SILVER LAKE2017Unresolved Deficiency#1 air receiver had corrosion and was need of clean out for further inspection this date. Company to provide documentation of U1A for max allowable corrosion limits.54
SOLANO2017Resolved DeficiencyHot Water heater is not strapped down. 46 CFR 119.32015
SOLANO2017Resolved DeficiencyA/C Room Door is an A-0 boundary and has a vent cut out in the bottom of the door. 46 CFR 116.43515
SOLANO2017Resolved DeficiencyPort and Starboard Engine Room Stainless Steel hatch and trunk has no insulation and appears too thin to meet the Engine Room A-0 boundary requirement. 46 CFR 116.14 (a), NVIC 09-9715
SOLANO2017Resolved DeficiencyExhaust Leak in Exhaust Piping in the Jet Room near the forwared bulkhead. 46 CFR 119.430 (b)15
SOLANO2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel is unable to obtain suction from starboard bilge system. 46 CFR 119.50015
SOLANO2017Resolved DeficiencyVital Systems piping has multiple unathorized piping repairs utilizing either gasketed mechanical couplings or flexible pipe couplings. Portions of piping were previously repaired with dissimiliar metals.46 CFR 119.710, 46 CFR 56.60, 46 CFR 56.30-35, 46 CFR 56.30-40.15
SOLANO2017Resolved DeficiencyCrop and renew stbd MDE cooling water piping currently repaired with doubler.15
SONOMA2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew IBA launching instructions for the two aft installed IBAs. 46CFR122.51843
SONOMA2017Unresolved DeficiencyEach bilge suction shall have a strainer with at least three times the area of the bilge pipe. Current arrangement has the strainer too close to the hull for proper operation (void fwd of the E/R). Prove proper operation of the suction line. Old T 46CFR182.25-543
SOUTH VENICE BEACH FERRY2017Resolved DeficiencyProvid new alcohol testing kits to replace expired ones. (46CFR4.06)5
SOUTH VENICE BEACH FERRY2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide crew life vest for master to wear during man overboard. (46CFR180.72(c)5
SOUTHPORT2017Resolved DeficiencyFound WTDs #1, #3, & #4 unable to pass a chaulk test. Repair doors to the satisfaction of attending CG Marine Inspector. *Vessel may operate for prior to completing repairs for evacuation of Hatteras and/or Ocracoke Islands on an emergency route.23
SOUTHPORT2017Resolved DeficiencyFound general alarm bell on the A-end passenger deck inoperable. Repair alarm.23
SOUTHPORT2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall a flame screen (30 X 30 mesh) in the fuel tank vent for the emergency generator day tank.23
SOUTHPORT2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly label/color code the manual controls for the voith unit IAW the operating instructions.23
SOUTHPORT2018Resolved DeficiencyVent closure handle is broken, louvers must be closed by hand, repair as necessary.23
SOUTHSIDE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide copy of valid FCC Bridge to Bridge Certificate.11
SPIRIT OF AMERICA2017Resolved Deficiency#1 SSDG yielded a broken wire on the exciter’s rotating rectifier diode assembly. Vessel must replace and prove proper operation.14
SPIRIT OF AMERICA2017Resolved DeficiencyEmergency Switchboard yielded a bad Emergency Generator Circuit Breaker. Vessel must make repairs and prove proper operation.14
SPOKANE2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair damaged emergency embarkation light on #2 end upper vehicle ramp, stbd side.47
SPOKANE2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair leak to boiler union metalic expansion joint.47
SPOKANE2017Resolved DeficiencyDue to vessel in commercial shipyard it has past its due date for re-inspection per 46 cfr71.30. Conduct re-inspection prior to entering passenger service.47
SPOKANE2017Resolved DeficiencyThe following fire hydrants were found leaking at their respective fire stations: 2, 8, 14, 17, 21, 22, 28, 30. Station 21's hydrant valve would not close fully building pressure in the hose without the valve open. Hydrant drains 21, 28, 29 were leaking during pressure tests. Pressure test each station after repair. 46 CFR 76.17-80.47
SPOKANE2017Resolved DeficiencySpanner wrenches missing at some locations. Ensure each fire hydrant/hose station has required spanner. 46 CFR 76.10-10(g).47
SPOKANE2017Resolved DeficiencySprinkler heads found not operating properly in the following zone locations: Zone 8: 2 heads; Zone 7: 1 head; Zone 6: 1 head; Zone 5: 1 head; Zone 4: 2 heads; Zone 3: 3 heads; Zone 2: 0 heads; Zone 1: 1 head. Operationally test each zone/head after repair. 46 CFR 76.17-80.47
SPOKANE2017Resolved DeficiencyPassenger Emergency Instructions shows donning of kapok-type life jackets which are no longer on board the vessel. Remove kapok section to eliminate confusion. 46 CFR 199.80(c).47
SPOKANE2017Resolved DeficiencyEnsure all ring life buoys and their lights meet the applicable standards. 46 CFR 199.211 & 199.70.47
SPOKANE2017Resolved DeficiencyTwo hoses found leaking. Leaking hoses were destroyed and replaced with new. 46 CFR 76.17-80.47
SPOKANE2017Resolved DeficiencyNozzle for fire station 8 was difficult to open/close. Replaced with new. 46 CFR 76.17-80.47
SPOKANE2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair heat activated device for CO2 activation on the #1 M/E alternator and em'cy generator. 46 CFR 76.15-20(b).47
SPOKANE2017Resolved DeficiencyTest #2 paint locker CO2 system, ensuring correction of dampers. 46 CFR 76.15.47
SPOKANE2017Resolved DeficiencyFill/fix holes in the #1 paint locker near and around door. 46 CFR 72.05.47
SPOKANE2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace auto voltage regulator for vital generator. 46 CFR 111.12-7.47
SPOKANE2017Resolved Deficiency#1 boiler furnace sight glass to prohibit the free flow of exhaust out. 46 CFR 53.01-3.47
SPOKANE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide drain holes for boiler relief valve piping to ensure no standing water. 46 CFR 53.05-2.47
SPOKANE2017Unresolved Deficiency#1 & 2 ship service generators do not shut down upon main bank CO2 activation. Ensure proper shutdown. 46 CFR 75.15.47
SPOKANE2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair Repair heat activated device for CO2 activation on the #1 M/E alternator and em'cy generator. 46 CFR 76.15.47
SPOKANE2018Resolved DeficiencyThe programmable logic controller which interfaces between the switchboard and alarm and monitoring system uses operating programs that are not stored in volatile memory and do not automatically resume upon supply power resumption. The volatile memory on the switchboard to AMS PLC was wiped during a power reset. The system must be restored to operation and operating programs for alarm systems mu47
STARSHIP EXPRESS2017Unresolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting the following errors: IMO.20
STARSHIP EXPRESS2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel to make area of damage to hull available for inspection.20
STEILACOOM II2017Resolved DeficiencyUsers of ASPs are required under condition of ASP approval to conduct yearly audit and advise submitting organization if amendment is needed. Company needs to conduct annual audit. 33 CFR 104.415 IAW ASP13
STEILACOOM II2018Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting the following errors: CLSN AND ZERO LENGTH OR BEAM/ZERO DRAFT/SHIP TYPE MISSING.13
STEILACOOM II2018Resolved DeficiencyOne of the vital batteries was overheating and found to be bad.13
STERLING2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace 8 broken windows.40
STERLING2018Resolved DeficiencyInstall starboard side main cabin door.40
SUGAR ISLANDER II2017Resolved Deficiencyprovide operable portable hand bilge pump (handle missing)24
SUGAR ISLANDER II2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide testing and servicing report for fixed smoke/fire detection & alarm system.24
SUGAR ISLANDER II2017Resolved Deficiencyprovide spanner wrenches at each fire station24
SUGAR ISLANDER II2017Resolved DeficiencyE/R batteries must be properly secured to prevent shifting.24
SUGAR ISLANDER II2017Resolved DeficiencyE/R emergency escape must be properly marked on the main deck.24
SUGAR ISLANDER II2017Resolved Deficiencyreplaced expired items in first aid kit24
SUGAR ISLANDER II2017Resolved Deficiencypost EAP information24
SUGAR ISLANDER II2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair and demonstrate operation of fire alarm strobe light in engineroom.24
SUNDANCE BREEZE2017Resolved DeficiencyWORK LIST: Deck plating wasted IVO water fill piping on port side. Provide repair proposal and repair.17
SUNDANCE BREEZE2018Resolved DeficiencyObtain corrected Safety Radiotelephony Certificate with correct MMSI and Call Sign.17
SUNDANCE BREEZE2018Resolved DeficiencyDemonstrate that correct MMSI is entered into DSC VHF radios and AIS.17
SUNDANCE BREEZE2018Resolved DeficiencyDemonstrate properly operating emergency lighting in passenger cabin.17
SUNDANCE BREEZE2018Resolved DeficiencyMount engine room bilge high level alarm float switch.17
SUNDANCE BREEZE2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide globe for engine room light.17
SUPER EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting the following errors: LENGTH DIFF.30
SUPER EXPRESS2018Resolved DeficiencyMake local manual controls on halon system accessible for maunal release and post instructions on operation for crew.30
SUPER EXPRESS2018Resolved DeficiencyProve lifefloats are in float free arrangement. Connect all lights to floats.30
SUPER EXPRESS2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide strainers for bilge suction pipes that is at least three times the size of the bilge piping.30
SUPER EXPRESS2018Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of generator emergency fuel shutoff valve.30
SUPER EXPRESS2018Resolved DeficiencyServicing report was inaccurrate and stated blow throughs were complete, blow throughs of the piping was not completed.30
SUPER EXPRESS2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide proper relief valve and prove proper operation.30
TAURUS2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of port MDE prior to carrying passengers.9
TAURUS2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair pinhole leaks on port and starboard main diesel engine exhausts. 46CFR119.4309
TENDER 32017Resolved DeficiencyProvide state registration and numbers (IL) per 33 CFR 173.1530
TENDER 32017Resolved DeficiencyProvide current list of employees in random pool per 46 CFR 1630
TENDER 32017Resolved DeficiencyDevelop program and provide proof of training of all masters in writting to cover all emergency duties and make available for drills per 46 CFR 185.420, 185.520 and 185.52430
TENDER 32017Resolved DeficiencyThe following masters must prove ability to conduct drill per the company's emergency proceedures prior to serving as master: Brian Miskelley, Bruce Thurow and John Gantz per 46 CFR 176.84030
THE HOPE2017Unresolved DeficiencyProvide means to prevent longitudinal movement of both fuel oil tanks.43
THE HOPE2017Resolved DeficiencyHelm excessively loose on hand hydraulic unit at operating station. Corrected prior to operation during inspection.43
THE HOPE2017Resolved DeficiencyDischarge hoses excessively loose on cylinders control heads after recent servicing, corrected during inspection.43
THE HOPE2017Resolved DeficiencyBilge alarm audible signal inoperable, corrected during inspection.43
THE HOPE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide adequate mountings and support for insulation materials in way of fuel tank space and clean up loose insulation debris to prevent clogging of bilge strainers.43
THE WELCOME2017Resolved DeficiencyMake engineroom hatch cover properly latch50
THOMAS A BAUM2017Resolved DeficiencyAir box will not close due to faulty solenoid and signal box.24
THOMAS A BAUM2017Resolved DeficiencyRescue Boat Davit cable crushed last 8 ft approx. Replace cable.24
THOMAS A BAUM2017Resolved DeficiencyGrease and Lube davit so that it doesnt require 4 people to launch rescue boat24
THOMAS A BAUM2017Resolved DeficiencyE-gen fuel filter leaking from lower drain.24
THOMAS A BAUM2017Resolved DeficiencyVent cover gasket needs replacing port and stbd side engine vents. (Missing and falling off)24
THOMAS A BAUM2017Resolved DeficiencyCompany reported the starboard engine loss of RPM, during transit to the ferry terminal. Provide corrective action and proper repairs.24
THOMAS A BAUM2017Resolved DeficiencyOn 06 September 2017 the vessels Master reported that the starboard main engine was stuck in neutral with 86 passengers onboard. The passengers were unloaded at Cherry Branch Terminal. Troubleshoot and make permanent repairs to the satisfaction of the attending marine inspector. A mechanic/technician report shall be provided attesting to the cause.24
TILLIKUM2017Resolved DeficiencyProve local operation of watertight of watertight doors and indication light on bridge after closure.60
TILLIKUM2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair three fire damper closure listed below, 1. Shaft alley access Nat exhaust (#2 end)
2. EOS supply fire damper 3. EDR supply fire damper.
TILLIKUM2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel needs new FCC "communication act safety radiotelephony and bridge to bridge certificate"60
TILLIKUM2017Resolved DeficiencyMake permanent repairs to ship service boiler to include hydrostatic testing60
TILLIKUM2017Resolved DeficiencyMake repairs to ventilation fan motor servicing #2 void/steering space60
TILLIKUM2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace SOLAS Tape on 238 lifejackets to the satisfaction of USCG Marine Inspector. 46 CFR 199.70.b.3.ii60
TILLIKUM2018Resolved Deficiency#1 and #2 end port car deck lifebuoy needs re-stenciling. Stencil vessel name onto lifebuoy. 46 CFR 199.70(2)60
TILLIKUM2018Resolved Deficiency06 lifebuoys SOLAS tape worn. Replace SOLAS tape. 46 CFR 199.7060
TILLIKUM2018Resolved Deficiency03 Lifebuoy grablines wasted. Replace grablines on lifebuoys. 46 CFR 199.70(3)(i)60
TILLIKUM2018Resolved DeficiencyFire Station #11 hose has pinhole leak. Hose cut in front of inspector. Replace hose. 46 CFR 76.10-1060
TILLIKUM2018Resolved DeficiencySOLAS Tape worn. Replace SOLAS Tape on both rescue boats. 46 CFR 156-7(28)60
TOKITAE2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace inoperative emergency lighting bulb in #2 electronic distribution room on the #2 end.5
TOKITAE2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace inoperative emergency lighting bulb in the head of the ships (mates) office.5
TOKITAE2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace inoperative emergency lighting bulb in #1 electronic distribution room on the #1 end.5
TOKITAE2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace inoperative emergency lighting bulb in #2 end crew quarters toilet room.5
TOKITAE2018Resolved DeficiencyFire screen door #031 is inoperative. Repair door to full capability. Repair prior to carrying passengers or keep closed at all times.5
TOKITAE2018Unresolved DeficiencyCPP service pumps do not alarm upon auto change over. Provide CPP pump auto change-over alarm.5
TOKITAE2018Resolved DeficiencyEmergency generator room CO2 heat actuation device not working. Restore system function.5
TRANSISTOR2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel must conduct Drydock prior to carrying passengers. 46 CFR 176.6004
TROPIC STAR2018Resolved DeficiencyAdd retro reflective tape to ring buoy.39
TROPIC STAR2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel greater than 26' in length; provide garbage placard and place onboard.39
TROPIC STAR2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide EAP policy hotline number, substance abuse professional name and contact number; post on vessel.39
UNFORGETTABLE2017Resolved DeficiencyWater ingress in stbd rudder space. Crew used foam spray to stop leakage. Permanent repairs are to be made by 31OCT17.18
VALKYRIE2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace port and starboard sea strainers on the fire pump system.4
VALKYRIE2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace starboard fireboy and return to normal operation.4
VALKYRIE2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace all expired items in the first aid kit.4
VALLEJO2018Unresolved DeficiencyNon-metallic rubber hose on bilge/fire pump requires removal; permanent repairs to pipe required. 46 CFR 119.510 & 56.60-2528
VENTURE PRIDE2017Resolved DeficiencyWorklist: Replace lighting fixture covers in engine room.39
VENTURE PRIDE2017Resolved DeficiencyWorklist: Crack observed in the port aft vertical frame in the fuel tank space. Grind out to expose extent of crack, drill stop, v-grind and reweld both sides.39
VENTURE PRIDE2017Resolved DeficiencyWorklist: Replace or repair anchor.39
VENTURE PRIDE2017Resolved DeficiencyWorklist: Repair or replace bilge manifold. Corrosion observed at starboard side end cap.39
VENTURE PRIDE2017Resolved DeficiencyWorklist: Show installation of both replacement rudders, shafts stock, and cutlass bearings.39
VENTURE PRIDE2017Resolved DeficiencyWorklist: Corrosion observed on starboard exhaust of center engine. Remove engine exhausts for internal inspection and replace as necessary.39
VENTURE PRIDE2017Resolved DeficiencyWorklist: Repair pinhole in port shaft log.39
VENTURE PRIDE2017Resolved DeficiencyWorklist: Replace bilge system piping between manifold and overboard discharge in way of wasted area.39
VENTURE PRIDE2017Resolved DeficiencyWorklist: Tighten or replace fittings as needed on bilge/fire system.39
VENTURE PRIDE2017Resolved DeficiencyJunction box in midship athwartship passegeway found wasted and needs to be replaced.39
VENTURE PRIDE2018Resolved DeficiencyRemove oily water from engine room bilge.39
VICTORIA CLIPPER2017Resolved DeficiencyMachinery, associated piping, and fittings shall be of a design and construction adequate for intended service and installed to protect persons onboard. Exhaust leak on emergency fire pump. 74 SOLAS (81 Amendments) II-1, Reg 26.133
VICTORIA CLIPPER2017Resolved DeficiencyThe oil record book shall be completed when discharging overboard or disposal otherwise of bilge water from machinery spaces. Oil Record Book completed; not being used regularly. 73/78 MARPOL (11) I-17.2.433
VICTORIA CLIPPER2017Resolved DeficiencyThe condition of the ship and its equipment shall be maintained. Hole in hose on upper deck. Removed, re-ordered and replaced. 74 SOLAS (14) I-11(a)33
VICTORY II2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide and post current COI onboard.72
VICTORY II2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace packing in Jersey side stern tube.72
VICTORY II2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace brackets for all fire extinguishers with approved type.72
VICTORY II2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide first aid kit in compliance with 46 CFR 160.041-4.72
W STANFORD WHITE2017Resolved DeficiencyFound the engine room ventilation supply fan inoperable. Repair/ replace fan.16
W STANFORD WHITE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel suffered a loss of voith control system 1. Complete repairs to the voith control system.16
W STANFORD WHITE2017Resolved DeficiencyFound the EOS door handle/latch missing. Install door handle.16
W STANFORD WHITE2018Resolved DeficiencyFound incorrect batteries installed in both floating waterlights. Install correct batteries.16
W STANFORD WHITE2018Resolved DeficiencyFound the B-end masthead and A-end stern lamps out. Repair navigation lights.16
W STANFORD WHITE2018Resolved DeficiencyFound the B-end remote fuel shut-off valve leaking at the packing gland. Adjust or replace valve.16
W STANFORD WHITE2018Resolved DeficiencyUnable to test MDE high J/W temp alarms. Prove proper operation of high temp alarm.16
WALLA WALLA2017Resolved DeficiencyA 2.5-inch fire hose burst during charging during quarterly inspection fire drill. Renew fire hose.46
WALLA WALLA2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper coliform count for potable water system. Potable water system to remain secured until flush and testing results at acceptable levels IAW 46 CFR 78.17-25 & 21 CFR 1250.84.46
WALLA WALLA2018Resolved DeficiencyNo. 1 Boiler failed hydrostatic test. Lower water drum was found leaking during the test. Boiler not to be used until repaired to the satisfaction of the USCG. 46CFR61.05-10 - POC: Bob Pace 206-515-346946
WALLA WALLA2018Resolved DeficiencyEOT missing audible alarm for loss of power to the system on No. 1 & No.2 end pilot house.
WALLA WALLA2018Resolved DeficiencyUnable to hear from sound powered phone in No. 1 and No. 2 steering gear room. 46CFR113.30-5(a)(2)46
WASHINGTON2017Resolved DeficiencyName of vessel is faded and barley readable.30
WASHINGTON2017Resolved DeficiencyRetroreflective material is worn on several PFD's: renew as needed.30
WENATCHEE2018Resolved DeficiencyFire Station # 19, 22 and 40 had leaking hoses. Cut in front of inspector and replace with new. 46 CFR 76.10-1021
WENATCHEE2018Resolved DeficiencyFire Station # 13 and 20 nozzles failed inspection. Replaced with new. 46 CFR 76.10-10(j)21
WENATCHEE2018Resolved DeficiencyFire Station # 33 had a leaking stem valve. Pipe shop repaired. 46 CFR 76.10-1021
WENATCHEE2018Resolved DeficiencyMasthead and Port light alarm on No 1 End Panel did not work. Electrician corrected on the spot.21
WENATCHEE2018Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting the following errors: LENGTH DIFF.21
WHATCOM CHIEF2018Resolved DeficiencyVsl is broadcasting the following errors: MMSI/CLSN.57
WOODS HOLE2017Resolved DeficiencyAll ring buoys are not in compliance as per 199.703
WOODS HOLE2017Resolved DeficiencyRAI off 4-5 DEG.3
WOODS HOLE2018Resolved DeficiencyMTU tech shall update date time stamp for all alarms3
WOODS HOLE2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel stbd Engine De-rate issue3
WOODS HOLE2018Resolved DeficiencyAVH03: Update De-rate program3
WOODS HOLE2018Resolved DeficiencyAVH04: replace injector wire3
WOODS HOLE2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel operations restricted with passengers onboard to propulsion controls in MODE 1 only and within weather conditions at the Captains discretion. All other propulsion control modes shall be disabled while passengers and cargo are on board.3
WOODS HOLE2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel's port controllable pitch propeller is not operating as designed. Port propeller became stuck in 100% forward pitch while transiting from Vineyard Haven to Woods Hole, MA. Also, port controllable pitch propeller lags in changing pitch from going from zero pitch to astern pitch. Vessel needs to diagnose problem and repair to the satisfaction of a Coast Guard Marine Inspector.3
WOODS HOLE2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel reported having problems with the propulsion controls located in the wheelhouse. Master received error fault informing master to proceed with caution as the controls for the controllable pitch propeller (CPP) are not operating as designed. Vessel's master shall notify a CG Marine Inspector prior to getting underway from Vineyard Haven.3
YAKIMA2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of public address/loudspeaker system from both pilot houses so as can be reasonably heard over ambient noise in passenger areas to include car deck.52
YAKIMA2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of MDE shutdowns on #2 end.52
YAKIMA2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of bilge system.52
YAKIMA2017Resolved DeficiencyEnsure FSD #7 closes completely.52
YAKIMA2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of follow up failure alarm #2 end.52
YAKIMA2017Resolved Deficiency#2 Propulsion generator cooling fan shroud for the windings is cracked causing risk of fan failure. Repair to the satisfaction of Coast Guard Inspector. 46 CFR 50.20-35(a).52
YAKIMA2017Unresolved DeficiencyThe #2 fire pump was found to have a pin hole leak that was temp repaired using epoxy patch.52
YAKIMA2018Resolved Deficiency#2 engine room fire relay allows breakers to be reset while still activated. Prover proper operation. 46 CFR 76.15-3552
YAKIMA2018Resolved Deficiency#1 end propulsion motor supply ventilation damper did not close w/ co2 activation.52
YAKIMA2018Resolved Deficiency#1 boiler low fuel oil trip did not function.52
YAKIMA2018Resolved Deficiency#4 air reciever needs new gauge.52
YUNQUE PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of both rudders. The STBD rudder is not working.13
YUNQUE PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace bad reflectice tape on life floats13
YUNQUE PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace reflective tape on aft lifering13
YUNQUE PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyConnect each life float to painter connected to weak ling connected to vessel13
YUNQUE PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace label/name/passenger count on life floats13
YUNQUE PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove extra equipment from life floats.13
YUNQUE PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace broken light covers and bulbs throughout.13
YUNQUE PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel max pax for second deck on fwd steps13
YUNQUE PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyPost all pages of the COI at the operating station13
YUNQUE PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyPost all pages of the stability letter at the operating station.13
YUNQUE PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyPost Current DAPI sticker13
YUNQUE PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace bad reflective tape on PFDs13

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