Project Lighthouse: A List of All US Diving Vessels and their Coast Guard Inspection Records

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Here’s a record of all available past Coast Guard inspections of US diving ships into 2018.

Vessel NameCalendar YearDeficiency StatusDeficiency DetailsVessel Age
AKULA2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel distress flare box.11
AKULA2017Resolved DeficiencyMark child lifejacket stowage seperate then adult.11
AKULA2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide copy of MIS report.11
AKULA2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide EPIRB registration.11
AKULA2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide metal supports every 24" in engine compartments.11
AKULA2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide operable port side fireboy shutdowns. 46 CFR 181.42011
AKULA2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide operable stern light.11
AQUA VIEW2017Resolved Deficiency(1)B-II fire extinguisher indicates recharge. Vessel has spare.20
AQUA VIEW2017Resolved DeficiencyBilge high level alarm visual indicator not working. Audible sat.20
AQUA VIEW2017Resolved DeficiencyEPIRB Hydrostatic release expiration date marked incorrectly.20
AQUA VIEW2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace 06 adult life jackets. Passenger/crew count reduced to 45 total.20
AQUATIC DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyAll charts and publications are out of date. Provide new charts and navigation publications.23
AQUATIC DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyCompass light is extinguished. Repair/renew.23
AQUATIC DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyEmergency broadcast placard is missing, Provide and post.23
AQUATIC DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyPFD need new reflective material.23
AQUATIC DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyRemote fuel valves are not marked. Mark per CFR.23
AQUATIC SAFARIS I2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide proof of COD for the vessel.14
AQUATIC SAFARIS I2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide proof of maintenance (service report) for the fixed fire fighting system.14
AQUATIC SAFARIS I2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide the vessel with a current US Coast Pilot.14
AQUATIC SAFARIS I2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide the vessel with the local notice to mairners.14
AQUATIC SAFARIS I2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair or replace the BII fie extinguisher bracket.14
AQUATIC SAFARIS I2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair the anchor light as needed.14
AQUATIC SAFARIS I2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair the vent closures for the engine compartment to ensure proper seal.14
AQUATIC SAFARIS II2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly mount floating lights for life floats. Attach with 18 ft line.5
AQUATIC SAFARIS II2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide ammonia inhalants and tourniquets for first aid kit.5
BIG COM OCEAN2018Resolved DeficiencyConnect floating waterlight with lanyard between 3 feet - 6 feet long.15
BIG COM OCEAN2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace portable fire extinguisher located fwd main deck s/s B:C Type II.15
BIRD BRAIN2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide fuel shut off valve and label with direction of operation.30
BIRD BRAIN2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide retro-reflective tape to life bouy ring.30
BIRD BRAIN2017Resolved DeficiencyThe vessel must have a valid stability letter on-board. Conduct proper stability test. 46CFR 178.31030
BLACK PEARL2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide missing emergency instructions14
BLACK PEARL2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide one additional B-I fire extinguisher14
BLACK PEARL2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair and renew damage to FRP on s/s bow, p/s bow and p/s mid prior to credit DD. Areas marked with red.18
BLUE2017Resolved Deficiency#3 life float painter line is wasted, renew.11
BLUE2017Resolved Deficiency27 adult PFDs are not servicable. Replace PFD prior to carrying more than 100 Passengers11
BLUE2017Resolved DeficiencyDeep scrape into the fiberglass on port aft hull just above the waterline must be repaired.11
BLUE2017Resolved DeficiencyFCC Safety Radio Certificate is expired. Renew.11
BLUE2017Resolved DeficiencyMetal tab on port side bow utilized to protect fibergalss is damaged, repair/ renew.11
BLUE2017Resolved DeficiencyRaw water suction screens are full of marine growth, clean.11
BLUE2017Resolved DeficiencyStbd Fwd rub rail is cracked and broken away. Repair.11
BLUE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel COD is expired. Renew COD prior to any operations.11
BLUE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel drill logs and maintenance logs were not complete. Create new logs that capture the required information.11
BLUE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel fire pump is inoperable. Replace/repair, Prior to carrying passengers.11
BLUE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel navigation publications are out of date. Provide up-to-date pubs and charts.11
BLUEWATER DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyAlcohol testing swabs are expired. Provide new swabs.29
BLUEWATER DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyAnchor light is extinguished. Repair.29
BLUEWATER DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyEPIRB batterie is expired. provide new battery or new EPIRB prior to operating beyond 3 nm29
BLUEWATER DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyFuel tank fill hose is not grounded. Ground from fill neck to pipe or common ground.29
BLUEWATER DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyLife Float is missing reflective material. Renew.29
BLUEWATER DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyLife Float painter is wasted. Renew.29
BLUEWATER DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyLife Jacket donning placard is missing. Provide.29
BLUEWATER DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyReflective material on life ring is wasted. Replace.29
BLUEWATER DIVER2018Resolved DeficiencySTBD aft deck beam is rotten and broken, excavate rot, and sister existing beam.29
BLUEWATER DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel did not have any of the required navigations publications. Provide.29
BSA ADVENTURE2017Resolved Deficiency34 adult PFD were not serviceable.11
BSA ADVENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyAll navigation publications are out of date.11
BSA ADVENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyEPIRB Battery is expired. Renew.11
BSA ADVENTURE2017Resolved Deficiencyfirst aid kit is missing contents.11
BSA ADVENTURE2017Resolved Deficiencylife ring lanyard is wasted and must be renewed.11
BSA ADVENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyReflective material on lifefloat was missing or damaged, and must be renewed.11
CAPE ANN DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace worn ring buoy on port side. Ensure light and line are attached to serviceable ring buoy.37
CAPT SCUBA II2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide alcohol test equipment40
CAPT SCUBA II2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair wasted area under cabin walkway40
CAPT SCUBA II2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace cracked windows40
CAPT SCUBA II2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace identified line on STBD lifefloat40
CAPT SCUBA II2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace/properly service fire extinguisher40
CATALINA GRACE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide proof of valid radio telephony certificate prior to the carriage of passengers greater than 1000 feet from shore.35
CONISTOGA2017Resolved DeficiencyMissing Emergency instructions32
CONISTOGA2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide one additional B-II extinguisher32
COQUI II2017Resolved DeficiencyAt least one ring life buoy must be fitted with a lifeline. If more than one ring life buoy is carried, at least one must not have a lifeline attached. Each lifeline on a ring life buoy must:(1) Be buoyant;Vessel did not have 60ft of bouyant lifeline on board for lifebouy. Line that was attached to life bouy did not float.25
COQUI II2017Resolved DeficiencyGauges to indicate engine revolutions per minute (RPM), jacket water discharge temperature, and lubricating oil pressure must be provided for all propulsion engines installed in the vesselAlso noted high water cooling temperature displayed on cooling water temperature gauge, also at steering console. After Master diagnosed, faluty gauge was found to be the source of the high temperature reading.25
COQUI II2017Resolved DeficiencyHigh bilge alarm visual not working25
CORAL PRINCESS VI2018Resolved DeficiencyLife float is not servicable and must be replaced.36
CORAL PRINCESS VI2018Resolved DeficiencySound producing device was inoperable. Renew.36
CORAL PRINCESS VI2018Resolved DeficiencyThis vessel was built prior to 1996 and has a removable opening on the collision bulkhead. The opening was missing all the hardware. Provide new hardware and remount bulkhead opening.36
CORAL PRINCESS VI2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel Certificate of Documentation is expired. Provide updated COD.36
CORAL PRINCESS VI2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel is required to carry 6 orange smoke and 6 red hand flares. vessel is missing 2 red hand flares. Renew.36
CORAL QUEEN II2018Resolved Deficiency08 lifejackets were found in poor condition. Limited to carrying no more than 44 persons on board.13
CORAL QUEEN II2018Resolved DeficiencyInstall metal supports on cables under operating station.13
CORAL QUEEN II2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper installation of inflatable life raft.13
CORAL QUEEN II2017Resolved DeficiencyProve Proper Operation of Bildge High Water alarm System. 46CFR182.530 Prior to carrying passengers.13
CORAL QUEEN II2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide complete first aid kit13
CORAL QUEEN II2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace retroreflective tape on all life jackets13
CORAL QUEEN II2018Resolved DeficiencySecure CPUs in engine compartment13
CRUSIN SUSAN2017Resolved DeficiencyMissing Emergency Instructions24
CRUSIN SUSAN2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide one additional B-I fire extinguisher.24
DEEP OBSESSION2017Resolved DeficiencyProve propeller shaft is true.37
DEEP OBSESSION2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair blisters in hull.37
DEEP OBSESSION2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair cracks in boarding ladder.37
DEEP OBSESSION2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair or replace damaged propeller.37
DEEP OBSESSION2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair soft spots in deck IWO engine room hatch.37
DEEP OBSESSION2017Resolved DeficiencySeal penetrations in fwd engine room bulkhead.37
DELTA'S SPLASH2017Resolved DeficiencyStern light inop. COLREGS30
DELTA'S SPLASH2017Resolved DeficiencyVisual auto bilge indicator not operational.30
DIAMOND DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyMark life raft hydrostatic release expiration date16
DIAMOND DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyMark vessel name and hailing port on stern16
DIAMOND DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyOnly 7 red flares & 2 red parachute flares onboard. Provide distress signals to meet requirement.16
DIAMOND DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyPost stability letter at operating station16
DIAMOND DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide 3 fire buckets (with lanyards)16
DIAMOND DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide aspirin in first aid kit16
DIAMOND DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair oil leak from stbd MDE rear main seal.16
DIVE BARGE2017Resolved DeficiencyCrop and renew wood rot at port and starboard forward crossbeam support.19
DIVE BARGE2017Resolved DeficiencyCrop and renew wood rot ID'd as #11 located inboard forward starboard pontoon.19
DIVE BARGE2017Resolved DeficiencyCrop and renew wood rot in starboard #4-6 hull compartment in way of overhead.19
DIVE BARGE2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly mount/secure all bilge pumps.19
DIVE BARGE2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly repair holes found in port and center pontoons ID'd my attending MI.19
DIVE BARGE2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew wasted deck plywood under center pontoon port side.19
DIVE BARGE2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew wasted fiberglass ID'd as #12 located on port center pontoon.19
DIVE BARGE2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace wasted bracket in way of center pontoon portside.19
DIVE BARGE2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace wasted support beam and sister between port and center pontoon.19
DIVE BARGE2017Resolved DeficiencySister wood frames ID'd as #8 and #9 deficiencies located between port and center pontoons.19
DIVE EXPERIENCE II2017Resolved DeficiencyHydrostatic release had no marking on expiration date.25
DIVER'S PARADISE2017Resolved DeficiencyRing Buoy covering deteriorated. Exposed foam core. Ring Buoy not serviceable.15
DIVERSITY2018Resolved DeficiencyHydrostatic Release Expired21
DOLPHIN QUEST2017Resolved DeficiencyLifebuoy must be marked with vessel name and port as required by 46 CFR 185.604.28
DOWN DEEP2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew broken deck hatch.39
DOWN DEEP2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew EPIRB battery prior to carrying passengers beyond 3NM from shore.39
DOWN UNDER2017Resolved DeficiencyComplete a credit annual exam. Vessel annual exam is overdue as of 07Jul1725
DOWN UNDER2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall hull skin valve in head salt water system25
DOWN UNDER2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace fire bucket lanyard25
DOWN UNDER2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace righ buoy lanyard25
DREAM2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel all fire buckets34
DREAM2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel life float paddles with vessel's name.34
DREAM2017Resolved DeficiencyPost COI34
DREAM2017Resolved DeficiencyPost Stability Letter34
DREAM2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide complete first aid kit34
DREAM2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide logs of drills and monthly EPIRB tests34
DREAM2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide proof captain is enrolled in company's drug testing program or proof captain has company listed as employer on his personal drug testing program.34
DREAM2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide valid FCC Safety Certificate.34
DREAM2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew the identified (02) damaged child size PFDs.34
DREAM2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair/replace light on magnetic compass.34
DREAM2017Resolved DeficiencyVHF-DSC radio needs to be programmed with vessel's MMSI and have GPS input.34
DUGONG2017Resolved DeficiencyMissing Emergency Instructions
DUGONG2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide one additional B-I fire extingusher.
EASY DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel indicators for high level and automatic bilge pumps.28
EASY DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyLash paddles to life float.28
EASY DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyLife ring light must have lanyard 3' to 6' secured around body of life ring.28
EASY DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyMake collision bulkhead watertight.28
EASY DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyMake doors and penetrations in engine room bulkhead vapor tight. Area currently exceeds coverage area of Fire Boy.28
EASY DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyMake engine room hatch watertight.28
EASY DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyMake repairs to deck in way of fuel tank compartment.28
EASY DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyMake repairs to deck rails.28
EASY DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyMake repairs to life float in accordance with manufacturers instructions. Vessel restricted to operating no more than 3 miles from shore.28
EASY DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly support all electrical cables throughout vessel.28
EASY DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide means to secure fuel from starboard fuel tank.28
EASY DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide proper operation of automatic bilge pumps and high level alarms. Excessive oil in bilge prevented testing.28
EASY DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide required amount of portable extinguishers.28
EASY DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove oil from bilge and port battery boxes.28
EASY DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew 03 child size PFDs.28
EASY DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew reflective tape on all PFDs.28
EASY DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair oil leaks on engines.28
EASY DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace battery in life ring light. Vessel restricted to daylight operations.28
ECO ISLENO2017Resolved DeficiencyForward windows must be installed to the satifaction of the attending marine inspector.
46 CFR 177.1020
ECO ISLENO2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair coating on the underside of the top lifefloat.25
EMERALD SEE2017Resolved DeficiencyAll vessel charts and navigation publications are expired. Update or renew.29
EMERALD SEE2017Resolved DeficiencyDeck rail courses at embarcation stations must be installed at no more than 12 inch intervals.29
EMERALD SEE2017Resolved DeficiencyDemonstrate operation of aft starboard bilge pump.29
EMERALD SEE2017Resolved DeficiencyDemonstrate proper operation of main propulsion and conduct underway MOB drill to satisfaction of USCG.29
EMERALD SEE2017Resolved DeficiencyFCC safety Radio cert is missing. Provide new cert.29
EMERALD SEE2017Resolved DeficiencyFirst aid kit is incomplete. provide all contents.29
EMERALD SEE2017Resolved DeficiencyFlare storage must be in a brightly colored watertight container that is marked. Provide new container.29
EMERALD SEE2017Resolved DeficiencyGrabline is wasted and must be replaced.29
EMERALD SEE2017Resolved DeficiencyGrind out delaminated/damaged glass in identified areas in hull (port and starboard quarters and area forward of port side glass bottom) Submit repair proposal to local OCMI prior to beginning repairs.29
EMERALD SEE2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall fire extinguishers in approved carrier or to satisfaction of Marine Inspector.29
EMERALD SEE2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall floating water light in approved/manufacture recommended stowage arrangement.29
EMERALD SEE2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel fuel shutoffs for port/STBD tanks.29
EMERALD SEE2017Resolved DeficiencyLife float is missing the center platform and net. Repair/renew.29
EMERALD SEE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide FCC marine radio operator permit for crew member.29
EMERALD SEE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide proff of pre-emplyment testing prior to acting as crew member.29
EMERALD SEE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide visual indicators at operating station to indicate automatic bilge pump operation.29
EMERALD SEE2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove securing devices for PFD stowage locations. Must not be capable of being locked.29
EMERALD SEE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel does not have a waste management plan. Provide/post.29
ENCOUNTER2017Resolved DeficiencyPre-engineered fire system audible alarm is inoperable. All other parts to the system are operating correctly. Repair/replace.14
ENZO2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide proof of EPIRB Registration.18
ENZO2017Resolved DeficiencySecure disconnected electrical wiring.18
ESCAPADE2018Resolved Deficiency1) Prove fuel and cooling water hose meet SAE J1942 and fuel fittings meet SAE J1475 following re-power of stbd engine.17
ESCAPADE2017Resolved DeficiencyPressure gauge on one B-11 extinguisher was in the red, even though the extinguisher has been serviced in Oct 17.17
EXPLORER2017Resolved DeficiencyMake vessel available for underway machinery & steering inspection.52
EXPLORER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide (02) PMLs for L/Js52
EXPLORER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide VHF-DSC radio.52
EXPLORER2017Resolved DeficiencyRe-charge fixed fire extinguishing agent in E/R prior to operating with passengers.52
EXPLORER2017Resolved DeficiencySecure Rule bilge pump in laz.52
EXPLORER2017Resolved DeficiencyStencil emergency fuel shut-off locations.52
FL2278GU2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace rusted fire extinguisher mount with PVC iaw 46CFR181.520.29
FL2868GC2017Resolved DeficiencyAll crew with Master's licenses, listed on the Coastal MRO, Inc. employee screening form dated 21SEP2017, are authorized to operate the vessel under Master only, except for the following Masters; Steve Browning, Paul Cross, Fredrick, Files and Jason Gibbar until a successful MOB can be witnessed by the attending Marine Inspector. 46CFR 185.52030
FL3421GC2017Resolved DeficiencyCap off electrical cables at operation station. 46CFR183.34030
FL3421GC2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide door with securing device to outboard engine. 46CFR177.90030
FL3421GC2017Resolved DeficiencySecure portable fire extinguisher. 46CFFR181.50030
FL3687ES2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel bags for adult and child PFDs. 46CFR180.7134
FL3687ES2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel fire buckets. 46CFR181.61034
FL3687ES2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide door with securing device to outboard engine. 46CFR177.90034
FL3687ES2017Resolved DeficiencySecure portable fire extinguisher. 46CFR181.50034
FL4670GC2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel bags for adult and child PFDs. 46CFR180.7128
FL4670GC2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel fire buckets. 46CFR181.61028
FL4670GC2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide door with securing device to outboard engine. 46CFR177.90028
FL4670GC2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide sign for fuel shutoff valves. 46CFR182.45528
FL4670GC2017Resolved DeficiencySecure portable fire extinguisher. 46CFR181.50028
FL4812GC2017Resolved DeficiencyAll crew with Master's licenses, listed on the Coastal MRO, Inc. employee screening form dated 21SEP2017, are authorized to operate the vessel under Master only, except for the following Masters; Steve Browning, Paul Cross, Fredrick, Files and Jason Gibbar until a successful MOB can be witnessed by the attending Marine Inspector. 46CFR 185.52028
FLOAT BOAT2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall an A-11 and B-1 portable fire extinguisher aboard vessel. 46 CFR 181.3032
FLOAT BOAT2017Resolved DeficiencyNo emergency instructions posted. 46 CFR 185.51032
GYPSY BLOOD2017Resolved DeficiencyMust replace aft inboard motor mount on stbd engine, wasted beyond repair.16
GYPSY BLOOD2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel's stbd engine has an exhaust leak, must identify and repair to like new condition.16
GYPSY BLOOD2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel's STBD engine vent closure will not operate/close as designed, must repair to new condition.16
HALF PINT2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall an A-11 and B-1 portable fire extinguisher aboard vessel. 46 CFR 181.3044
HALF PINT2017Resolved DeficiencyNo emergency instructions posted. 46 CFR 185.51044
HAPPY CAT2018Resolved Deficiency5 chipped areas on the port hull transom must be repaired.13
HAPPY CAT2017Resolved DeficiencyAll Navigation publications are expired. Renew.13
HAPPY CAT2018Resolved DeficiencyBatteries are connected with wing nuts, reinstall with correct hardware.13
HAPPY CAT2017Resolved DeficiencyBattery under helm console is not in a protected box. provide battery box.13
HAPPY CAT2018Resolved DeficiencyBoth main engine salt water supply hoses are wasted and must be renewed.13
HAPPY CAT2018Resolved DeficiencyBoth main engine start batteries are not encloesed in a battery box. provide battery box.13
HAPPY CAT2018Resolved DeficiencyBoth main propulsion engines sea water inlet strainers are loos, and must be mounted inplace.13
HAPPY CAT2018Resolved DeficiencyBoth maine engine have mufflers inside the engine room that are not mounted. mount both mufflers.13
HAPPY CAT2017Resolved DeficiencyFire extinguisher service is expired and must be completed.13
HAPPY CAT2017Resolved DeficiencyFuel fill is not grounded.13
HAPPY CAT2017Resolved DeficiencyHigh water visual alarm is extinguished. Repair/renew.13
HAPPY CAT2018Resolved DeficiencyHouse battery in steering console is not vented, and is not in an approved battery box. provide box, and vent the steering console.13
HAPPY CAT2018Resolved DeficiencyPort shaft cutlass bearing is wasted. Renew.13
HAPPY CAT2018Resolved DeficiencyPort shaft hull penetration is damaged, grind out bad glass and repair.13
HAPPY CAT2018Resolved DeficiencySTBD aft upper corner has strike damage. Repair.13
HAPPY CAT2018Resolved DeficiencySTBD shaft penetration has damage. Grind out bad glass, dry and repair.13
HOLIDAY PRINCESS2017Resolved Deficiency6 person life float is currently restricted and not float free. Vessel is limited to 42 passengers past 3nm from land.31
HOLIDAY PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyArrange life floats in a float free arrangement. Provide weak link that attaches to painter. Provide 01 floating water light for 15 person L/F. Painter shall attach as per NVIC 01-83. Vessel limited to 3nm from land.31
HOLIDAY PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct fire/MOB drills and log in vessel log book.31
HOLIDAY PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyCrop out and renew all transverse frames aft of collision bulkhead.31
HOLIDAY PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyCrop out and renew port transom.31
HOLIDAY PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyDemonstrate operation of water light for ring buoy. Vessel restricted to daylight operations.31
HOLIDAY PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyInput MMSI# into VHF radio.31
HOLIDAY PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel PFD stowage, Fire extinguishers, and fuel shut off locations.31
HOLIDAY PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyPost sign for passengers to request COI/Stability letter.31
HOLIDAY PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide documentation or replace EPIRB battery.31
HOLIDAY PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide high water alarm indicators. (STBD side are currently operational 03).31
HOLIDAY PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide magnetic compass with light.31
HOLIDAY PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide MMSI# and GPS input into VHF radio (366945760)31
HOLIDAY PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove locking devices for storage containers for PFD's.31
HOLIDAY PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew all deck beams.31
HOLIDAY PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair all identified areas on hull.31
HOLIDAY PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace portable watertight container for distress signals.31
HOLIDAY PRINCESS2017Resolved DeficiencySecure portable fire extinguishers.31
HONU IKI2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel needs to be equipped with an operational visual and audible indicator for its pre-engineered fire extinguishing unit.12
HONU IKI2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel needs to demonstrate the VHF radio onboard is Class D capable and that is is properly configured for its capability. 47 CFR 80.905.12
INNOVATION2018Resolved DeficiencyInspect and repair leak on the vessel's shaft.48
INNOVATION2018Resolved Deficiencyproperly install emergency steering.48
INNOVATION2018Resolved DeficiencyProperly install machinery guards on the exposed moving parts of the engine.48
INNOVATION2018Resolved DeficiencyProperly label distress signals watertight container with the words "DISTRESS SIGNALS"48
INNOVATION2018Resolved Deficiencyproperly label fire buckets with the words "FIRE BUCKET"48
INNOVATION2018Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of engine room pre-engineered fire fighting system. Install proper sytem, the bottle is fyrework and the override switch is fireboy.48
INNOVATION2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide a garbage management plan for the vessel48
INNOVATION2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide alarm and lights for the bilge system48
INNOVATION2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide appropriate first aid kit48
INNOVATION2018Resolved Deficiencyprovide proof of all crew enrolled in a consortium or equivalent program48
INNOVATION2018Resolved Deficiencyprovide proof of servicing of all three fire extinguishers and fireboy system48
INNOVATION2018Resolved Deficiencyprovide proof of the vessel's radiotelephony certificate48
INNOVATION2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide proper amount of distress signals48
INNOVATION2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide proper amount of flashlights.48
INNOVATION2018Resolved Deficiencyprovide proper stowage labeling for the adult and child life jackets48
INNOVATION2018Resolved Deficiencyprovide registration decal for EPIRB48
INNOVATION2018Resolved Deficiencyprovide updated information for the Employee Assistance Program and properly post in a common and accessible area48
INNOVATION2018Resolved DeficiencyRelabel the lifebuoy with proper vessel name and hailing port48
INNOVATION2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair the fuel line splice48
INNOVATION2018Resolved Deficiencyreplace retroreflective tape on 23 life jackets48
INNOVATION2018Resolved Deficiencythe captain of the vessel must provide proof of credentials48
INNOVATION2018Resolved Deficiency48
ISLAND DIVER2018Resolved DeficiencyBoth AC and DC panels have openings, and must be enclosed to prevent electrical shock.19
ISLAND DIVER2018Resolved Deficiencyduring inspection there wa no crew available for drills. Provide crew and conduct drill with CG inspector19
ISLAND DIVER2018Resolved DeficiencyFire boy audible alarm is inoperable. Repair /renew alarm.19
ISLAND DIVER2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel COD is expired and must be renewed prior to any operations.19
ISLAND DIVER2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel does not have a log book for survival craft maintenance. Provide monthly log.19
ISLAND VENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyAll navigation publications are expired. Provide new/update.34
ISLAND VENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyFire extinguisher and pre-engineered system have not been serviced in over a year. Provide proof of service.34
ISLAND VENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyFuel remote fuel shut-off valve is not marked.34
ISLAND VENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyLife float does not have the vessel name or capacity marked.34
ISLAND VENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyRACOR filter has broken hardware. Remount with new hardware.34
ISLAND VENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel does not have a log for monthly EPIRB testing and life saving equipment maintenance.34
ISLAND VENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel does not have a portable light at the operating station.34
ISLAND VENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel is missing 3 orange smoke flares and 3 red hand flares. Provide34
JUMBI32018Resolved DeficiencyAutomatic bilge pump does not have a visual indicator while in operation. Provide indicator, and prove proper operation.11
JUMBI32018Resolved DeficiencyChip into dry fiberglass on stbd side at midship below the waterline must be ground back and repaired.11
JUMBI32018Resolved DeficiencyEPIRB registration sticker is expired, prove registration and afix the proper sticker.11
JUMBI32018Resolved DeficiencyLower engine mounting bolts backing plates are broken and missing. Renew.11
JUMBI32018Resolved DeficiencyWiring harness for both outboards is a sealed tube that is screwed to the transom. Hardware has pulled free of the transom. renew hardware and make watertight again.11
KAIMANU2018Resolved DeficiencyVessels operating on a limitied coastwise route are required to have a minimum of 12 hand flares. At the time of inspection, only 10 flares were made available. Provide 2 additional flares.37
KAIMANU2018Resolved DeficiencyVessels that carry more than 6 passengers on a route more than 1000' from shore are required to have a current FCC Safety Radio telephony certificate. The owner could not provide a valid FCC Safety Cert. Provide missing certificate.

Deficiency was extended due to no FCC tech on island. Will give until 06/15/2018 to have the system certified.
KAINANI2017Resolved DeficiencyMake emergency broadcast placard specific to vessel in accordance with 46 CFR 184.506.34
KAINANI2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of bilge pump located in steering gear space in accordance with 46 CFR 182.520.34
KAINANI2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide means to secure watertight hatches to hatch frame in accordance with 46 CFR 179.360.34
KAINANI2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel may not operate with greater than six passengers until successful completion of annual inspection.34
KANALOA2017Resolved DeficiencyBattery tray covers were not present and trays were not secured.21
KANALOA2017Resolved DeficiencyNavigation lights inoperative. Vessel is restricted to daytime operations.21
KEYS DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencyAll PFDs need new reflective material.34
KEYS DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencyArea on hull STBD of prop has strike damage, believed to be from chain entanglement in prop. Grind damage back to good glass and repair.34
KEYS DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencyAudible alarm is inoperable. Repair or renew.34
KEYS DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencyCharts and navigation publications are out of date. Provide.34
KEYS DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencyCompass light is extinguished. Repair.renew.34
KEYS DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencyEmergency broadcast placard is not posted.34
KEYS DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencyEngine supply fuel hose is wasted and must be renewed.34
KEYS DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencyExhaust pipe has small hole. Repair hole.34
KEYS DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencyFCC Safety radio license is not onboard. Provide a new license.34
KEYS DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencyFiberglass of the deck IWO the dive door is cracked and is allowing water engress into the transom core. Area must be ground back and repaired to prevent further water engress.34
KEYS DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencyFWD compartment is not normally inaccessible. hull in compartment must be inspected. open compartment and allow inspection.34
KEYS DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencyOld repair on the port side of the hull aft near waterline is loose on the edges grind back and allow further inspection.34
KEYS DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencyOld transducer on Port bow has strike damage. grind out damage and repair.34
KEYS DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencyPort Aft corner has strike damage at the rub rail. Grind back damage and repair.34
KEYS DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencyPort aft section of keel is delaminated, grind back marked area and allow further inspection.34
KEYS DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencyPort Bow approximately 6 feet aft of stem is soft and must be grouned back to expose area for further inspection.34
KEYS DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencyRudder arm connection to the hydraulic ram is damaged and must be renewed.34
KEYS DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencySoft spot near port aft jackstand must be ground back for further inspection.34
KEYS DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencySoft spot on hull STBD of rudder must be exposed for further inspection.34
KEYS DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencyThrough hull fitting for head R/W intake has soft spot around the fitting. remove fitting and repair.34
KEYS DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencyUpper deck capacity is not marked. Mark with 6 passengers.34
KEYS DIVER II2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel is missing a lifejacket donning placard.34
KOKOMO CAT II2018Resolved DeficiencyClean battery terminal connects so they are corrosion free.11
KOKOMO CAT II2018Resolved DeficiencyClean/paint lifefloats, excessive mold and discoloration.11
KOKOMO CAT II2018Resolved DeficiencyConnect floating lights to life float with 18ft line, line shall be resistant to deterioration from UV.11
KOKOMO CAT II2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall stern light that shows at 135 degree arc.11
KOKOMO CAT II2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide FCC operator permit for vessel operator.11
KOKOMO CAT II2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide GPS input for installed VHF radio.11
KOKOMO CAT II2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide proof of enrollment into a consortium for all crew members. Consortium shall note that LOOE KEY REEF RESORT AND DIVE CENTER is the marine employer.11
KOKOMO CAT II2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide valid publications: Coast Pilot, light list, tide tables, currents for area of operation.11
KOKOMO CAT II2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair identified areas on hull, grind out to good glass. Grind out gel coat on masked areas of transom for reinspection.11
KOKOMO CAT II2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace gaskets on fuel tank fills.11
KOKOMO CAT II2018Resolved DeficiencyStop valves or check valves must be install in bilge piping overboard discharge. Replace valve on MSD holding tank over board discharge line.11
KYALAMI2017Resolved DeficiencyEnsure operation of automatic bilge pump activation lights in engineroom and lazarette.31
KYALAMI2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall lifefloat weak link to painter for appropriate size life float buoyaancy (<= 12 passengers)31
LADY GO DIVER2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel's EPIRB hydrostatic release was expired. Vessel is restricted to operate within 3 miles of shore.4
LEISURE LEE2018Resolved DeficiencyLoose fiberglass must be removed and allow further inspection.17
LOGGERHEAD III2018Resolved DeficiencyInstall hose back onto head discharge valve.31
LOGGERHEAD III2018Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of ring buoy waterlight.31
LOGGERHEAD III2018Resolved DeficiencyProvided new hydrostatic release for epirb.31
LOGGERHEAD III2017Resolved DeficiencyRepairs various blisters on hull as discussed with CGMI.31
LOGGERHEAD III2018Resolved DeficiencyUpdate expired items in first aid kit.31
MAGICIAN2018Resolved DeficiencyClean up wasted wood on aft frame on starboard side of engine room and add sister frame.44
MAGICIAN2018Resolved DeficiencyCrop and renew rotted deck board on starboard aft corner in engine room.44
MAGICIAN2017Resolved DeficiencyLog EPIRB testing monthly and lifesaving equipment maintenance.44
MAGICIAN2017Resolved DeficiencyMark expiration date on hydrostatic release unit.44
MAGICIAN2017Resolved DeficiencyPost COI publicly under transparent medium44
MAGICIAN2017Resolved DeficiencyPost stability letter under transparent medium.44
MAGICIAN2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide hose clamps to bilge foot fittings in tank space, engine room, and lazarette.44
MAGICIAN2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace degraded fuel hoses on p/s fuel tanks and clean up fittings and make available for inspection.44
MAGICIAN2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace wasted steering gear ram and components.44
MANATEE II2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace rusted fire extinguisher mount with PVC iaw 46CFR181.520.31
MARIN2017Resolved DeficiencyCONDUCT SATISFACTORY FF AND MOB DRILLS. 46 CFR 185.520 AND 185.524.19
MARIN2017Resolved DeficiencyPROVIDE OPERABLE NAV LIGHTS. 46 CFR 183.420.19
MARIN2017Resolved DeficiencyReceived report of loss of propulsion; must demonstrate satisfactory operation of vessel's propulsion to CG inspector.19
MAUBI II2018Resolved DeficiencyDue to deck core and internal foam failure inside the hull the deck is allowed to flex. This is causing cracks in the connection between the deck and the hull. The deck will need to be removed and the internal foam will require renewal. Then the deck and core will require refitting and reglassing.11
MAUBI II2018Resolved DeficiencyPort bow has strike damage to the keel. grind back to good glass and repair.11
MAUBI II2018Resolved DeficiencyPort hull aft outboard through hull fitting is damaged, and must be renewed.11
MAUBI II2018Resolved DeficiencyPort hull bow stbd side along chine has heavy cracking due to the delamination of the fiberglass. The delamination must be ground back to good glass adhesion and repaired.11
MAUBI II2018Resolved DeficiencyPort hull outboard approximately 6 ft aft of the bow has crack into the core and must be ground out to good glass, and repaired.11
MAUBI II2018Resolved DeficiencyPort hull outboard at midship, has a deep chip that is well into the fiberglass, Area around it has delamination due to water intrusion. Entire area must be ground out and repaired.11
MAUBI II2018Resolved DeficiencyPort hull outboard side aft has a large crack and delaminated area. Grind area back to good glass and repair.11
MAUBI II2018Resolved DeficiencyThrough hull fitting on the STBD hull outboard aft is incorrectly installed and must be reinstalled and correctly sealed.11
MI SANTA2018Resolved DeficiencyRed and Green running side lights are inoperable.23
MI SANTA2018Resolved DeficiencyThe handle of the watertight container used for stowage of the distress signals is broken causing the container to no longer be watertight.23
MI SANTA2018Resolved DeficiencyThe hydrostatic release for the EPIRB expired in May 2017.23
MI SANTA2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel is required 12 distress signals but only has 11 onboard.23
MISS CALABASH2017Resolved DeficiencyAdd reflective tape IAW regulations to life jackets. Tape was coming off multiple life jackets.38
MISS CALABASH2017Resolved DeficiencyBoth propellers have been damaged with small areas missing on multiple blades requiring replacement.38
MISS CALABASH2017Resolved DeficiencyChild size life jackets must be stowed in a location apropriatly marked and seperate.38
MISS CALABASH2018Resolved DeficiencyClean out fuel tank/sewage compartment.38
MISS CALABASH2017Resolved DeficiencyMultiple small areas on the hull under the waterline marked where the fiberglass has water intrusion/delamination that need to be ground for further inspection.38
MISS CALABASH2017Resolved DeficiencyPort side fwd there was a puncture in the hull approximately 3"x3" with the surrounding damaged area roughly 6"x12".38
MISS CALABASH2017Resolved DeficiencyPost all pages of the COI, only the first page is posted.38
MISS CALABASH2018Resolved DeficiencyProperly hang wires in the fuel tank void space.38
MISS CALABASH2018Resolved DeficiencyProperly mark the number and size of lifejacket storage.38
MISS CALABASH2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide 28 adult life jackets. 4 were found to be bad.
MISS CALABASH2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide annual service to fireboy system. No records onboard of last service record.
MISS CALABASH2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide appropriate size and properly install float free link on the life float.38
MISS CALABASH2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide approved First Aid Kit. Eyewash and burn cream are expired38
MISS CALABASH2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide onboard and properly post the vessel's stability letter.38
MISS CALABASH2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide proper amount of distress signals.38
MISS CALABASH2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide proper length line for water light on life ring, currently has 8ft line.38
MISS CALABASH2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide Radio Station Authorization. Captain was unable to provide the certificate.38
MISS CALABASH2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide servicing documentation for one of the two BII Fire Extinguishers.38
MISS CALABASH2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide valid Certificate of Documentation.38
MISS CALABASH2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide valid drug and alcohol program enrollment.38
MISS CALABASH2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide watertight container for "DISTRESS SIGNALS." The current one leaks and is labeled incorrectly.38
MISS CALABASH2018Resolved DeficiencyRe-stencil name of vessel on lifebuoy.38
MISS CALABASH2018Resolved DeficiencyRelocate or raise stern light so that it is visable IAW the navigation rules. Restricted to daylight operations.38
MISS CALABASH2018Resolved DeficiencyRemove water from inside battery boxes.38
MISS CALABASH2018Resolved DeficiencyRenew expired lifefloat water light battery.38
MISS CALABASH2018Resolved DeficiencyRenew or repair lifefloat. Interior netting is torn and hand line rings are deteriorating and/or are broken/breaking.38
MISS CALABASH2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair STBD Fire Damper. Gasket damaged allowing air leak.38
MISS CALABASH2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace (2) bilge pumps with UL rated bilge pumps. FWD compartment and Aft compartment.38
MISS CALABASH2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace 14 man life float. Current one is age degraded and not serviceable.38
MISS CALABASH2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace waterlight for life float. Current one is age degraded and not serviceable.38
MISS CALABASH2017Resolved DeficiencyThe aft platform sustained damage in multiple areas. All three hand rails were damaged and the deck/fiberglass where the rails connected were damaged and must be replaced and fiberglass ground and prepped for replacement.38
MISS CALABASH2017Resolved DeficiencyThe fiberglass connecting the keel to the hull has multiple areas that need to be ground and inspected for damage.38
MISS CALABASH2017Resolved DeficiencyThe STBD rudder had a puddle of water on the ground beneath it and there was a bit of play when attempting to rock the rudder back and forth by hand. The area needs to be ground out and the seal replaced38
MISS CALABASH2018Resolved DeficiencyThree (03) lifejackets found in unserviceable condition. Limited to carrying no more than 25 persons onboard.38
MISS SAL2018Resolved DeficiencyInstall fire extinguisher mount iaw 46CFR181.520.33
MISS SAL2018Resolved DeficiencyInstall fuel shut-off disconnect iaw 46CFR182.455(b)(4)33
MISS SAL2018Resolved DeficiencyLabel fuel shut-off iaw 46CFR185.608.33
MISS SAL2018Resolved DeficiencyLabel PFD storage with number of adult PFDs iaw 46CFR185.604(f).33
NAMAKA2018Resolved DeficiencyPrior to carrying passengers, the vessel must conduct a new-to-Zone inspection to the satisfaction of the attending USCG Marine Inspector, upon arrival in Kawaihae, HI.1
NARCOSIS2018Resolved DeficiencyMSD Discharge Valve in the open position upon boarding. Secured prior to completion of the boarding.20
NARCOSIS2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of bilge pump running indicator light.11
NARCOSIS2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of STBD fuel shutoff valve.11
NARCOSIS2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of STBD running light11
NARCOSIS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide complete first aid kit.11
NARCOSIS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide two portable lights.11
NARCOSIS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide updated navigation publications11
NARCOSIS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide valid DOT approved alcohol test equipment11
NARCOSIS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide valid FCC operator license11
NARCOSIS2018Resolved DeficiencyRe-attach bonding wire IWO head through hull valve.20
NARCOSIS2018Resolved DeficiencyRe-attach guard for exposed hazard.20
NARCOSIS2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair cracks in dive platform as discussed with CGMI.20
NARCOSIS2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair fwd ventilation window/hatch11
NARCOSIS2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair Highwater alarm light.11
NARCOSIS2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair small blister on hull as discussed with CGMI.20
NARCOSIS2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace engineroom hatch insulation11
NARCOSIS2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace fwd and MSD compartments hatch gaskets.11
NARCOSIS2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace handle for head through hull valve.20
NARCOSIS2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace identified line on ring buoy and lifefloat waterlight.11
NARCOSIS2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace lifefloat oars.11
NARCOSIS2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace line on Life Ring.11
NARCOSIS2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace wasted shift cable.20
NARCOSIS2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace wingnuts on batteries with lock nuts and washers.11
NARCOSIS2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace/Recharge identified undercharged fire extinguisher.11
NARCOSIS2018Resolved DeficiencySeal fwd bulkhead penetrations.20
NARCOSIS2017Resolved DeficiencyVerify with qualified fire servicing tech that current system set up will allow manual activation of fixed fire system (inserted pin appears to prevent manual activation)11
ON THE WAY2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of aft bilge pump3
ON THE WAY2017Resolved Deficiencyprovide log of monthly drills.3
ON THE WAY2017Resolved DeficiencySecure overboard discharge of sewage with padlock, or some acceptable means per 33CFR159.3
OUTRAGEOUS V2017Resolved DeficiencyAft Cabin door gsk need to be secured.41
OUTRAGEOUS V2017Resolved DeficiencyCracked window aft pilot house port side41
OUTRAGEOUS V2017Resolved DeficiencyFuse holder for radio and ssb busted/broken.41
OUTRAGEOUS V2017Resolved DeficiencyWash down pump hooked to battery with alligator clips. Remove wiring and pump.41
PARADISE BELOW2018Resolved DeficiencyBattery for EPIRB is expired. Renew battery. Vessel restricted to operating no more than 3 miles from shore.7
PARADISE BELOW2018Resolved DeficiencyFloating waterlight for life float requires 18 foot lanyard attached to lifefloat. Renew lanyard.7
PARADISE BELOW2018Resolved DeficiencyFloating waterlights for lifering requires a lanyard 3-6 feet in length, attached to lifering with a corrosion resistant clip. Renew the lanyard and clip.7
PARADISE BELOW2018Resolved DeficiencyNo written drug and alcohol program on board vessel.7
PARADISE BELOW2018Resolved DeficiencyPost emergency instruction list.7
PARADISE BELOW2017Resolved DeficiencyPrior to carrying passengers for hire, demonstrate operation of bilge high water alarms.7
PARADISE BELOW2017Resolved DeficiencyPrior to carrying passengers for hire, ensure Certificaate Of Documentation is endorsed for Coastwise Trade.7
PARADISE BELOW2018Resolved DeficiencyPropeller is able to move independently of the prop shaft. Remove prop and allow further inspection of the tail shaft.7
PARADISE BELOW2018Resolved DeficiencyPropeller/shaft key is incorrectly sized and allows for movement of the propeller independently from the shaft. Install new correctly sized key. Propeller nut also has heavy corrosion, and must be renewed.7
PARADISE BELOW2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide proof of pre-employment and enrollment of all crew in company's drug and alcohol testing program.7
PARADISE BELOW2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide valid FCC Safety Certificate.7
PARADISE BELOW2018Resolved DeficiencyRepair/renew fire detection system. Demonstrate proper operation and testing in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.7
PARADISE BELOW2018Resolved DeficiencyWeak link for lifefloat is rated for a 6-10 person lifefloat. Provide float-free link of adequate size for 12 person lifefloat.7
PARADISE BELOW2018Resolved DeficiencyWire harness on pre-engineered fire suppression system from pressure switch to controller is bad and shuts down engine when touched. Renew wire harness.7
PEACE2017Resolved DeficiencyDry bilges in bunk room.47
PEACE2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall inspection port for visual access under water tanks in bunk room.47
PEACE2018Resolved DeficiencyMark top of escape hatch.47
PEACE2018Resolved DeficiencyRenew EPIRB battery or register a new EPIRB with NOAA, Restriced to 03NM from shore.47
PEACE2018Resolved DeficiencyRenew expired FCC safety certificate.47
PEACE2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace damaged bilge pump hoses in E/R.47
PEACE2017Resolved DeficiencySecure bilge pump in E/R and re-position to allow nearby valve to close properly.47
PEACE2017Resolved DeficiencySecure overhead light in stbd forward stores room.47
PEACE2018Resolved DeficiencyUpdate first aid kit.47
PHOENIX2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide at least two portable lights, one must be stowed at operating station.19
PHOENIX2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide current NOAA registration for EPIRB19
PHOENIX2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide oil discharge placard19
PHOENIX2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew all dry-rotted gaskets on watertight hatches.19
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyElectrically bond port fuel tank to common ground.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall a screw-down valve in the bilge pipe that penetrates the collision bulkhead.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall cable splice for hot water heater in an enclosure or renew cable.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall lagging on both propulsion engines turbos and exhauts.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall proper front on electrical panel in compression room.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel life float with total capacity.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel the following: Fuel cut offs, PFD stowage, upper deck passenger capacity, life float.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyMake sea valve for forward generator available for inspection.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly label PFD stowage location.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly label upper deck with passenger limit.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of fire pump.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide engine data on aft generator32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide fire suppression for aft generator compartment. Vessel restricted from using aft generator. Submit plans to OCMI prior to installation of system.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide labels for emergency escape32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide pre-employment and enroll documentation for two new crew members. Crew members must be fully compliant prior to working in safety sensitive position.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide required number of approved portable fire extinguishers.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide smoke detector (UL 217) for starboard berthing.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide Two(02) Adult PFDs to be in compliance with COI. Reduced to 37 total persons.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyReinstall over current device in junction box above port batteries in engine room.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew forward flood light.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew or hydrostatically test fire boy cylinder. Demonstrate proper operation.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair hull in way of all Coast Guard marked areas.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair port and starboard steps going to bow.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair/renew starboard battery box in engine room.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair/replace hatch lanyard for steering compartment hatch.32
PLAYMATE2017Resolved DeficiencySecure terminal strip and cover for the junction box above hot water heater.32
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyAdd more retro reflective tape19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyAdjust midsection forward hatch cover gasket into void space. Does not close properly.19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyCaptain did not have a copy of his Radio Operator Certificate onboard.19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyCheck condition in fwd mid section void space beam supports.19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved Deficiencycheck fiberglass damage in aft void space, port side hull near beam support.19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyClean out stbd grounding connection.19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyE/R High water alarm not functioning.19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyEngine exhaust temperature gauge is sporadic and must be replaced19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyGround wire in aft void.19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyHose missing a double clamp19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved Deficiencyprove operation of lifebouy light.19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide adequete support for Port and STBD mufflers19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide two portable lights onboard. Only one onboard19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove dead ended wires in compartment fwd of E/R19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair exhaust leak on STBD Engine rebreather tube.19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace 6 pax LF lanyard with 18ft lanyard. Current lanyard is 6ft19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace all 6 fuel injectors on the STBD Engine19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace the rotten wood on the aft deck above the steering compartment.19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencySeal port side bulkhead in engine space.19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencySecure midsection frwd bilge pump.19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyStbd side engine hatch missing fwd hydraulic lift.19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyUser Fees have not been paid19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel could not provide service record for the installed fire supression system19
PURA VIDA DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel was erroneously given a COD with recreational endorsement19
QUICKSILVER2017Resolved Deficiency**Deficiency was issued on 04NOV2016, and extended to 28FEB2017** Provide fuses to protect circuits which meet the requirements of 46 CFR 183.380(a) and 46 CFR 183.380(l). Overcurrent protection must be designed to protect the conductors in the circuits which they protect.16
QUICKSILVER2017Resolved Deficiency**Deficiency was issued on 04NOV2016, and extended to 28FEB2017** Provide overcurrent protection for the generator that meets 46 CFR 183.320(f). Generator overcurrent protection must not be rated higher than 115% of the generator rating of 33.3 amps. So generator must be protected with a circuit breaker with a max rating of no more than 40 amps.16
QUICKSILVER2017Resolved Deficiency**Deficiency was issued on 04NOV2016, and extended to 28FEB2017** Provide plan to replace UL recognized circuit breakers installed on board in the vessel's AC system, with overcurrent protection which meets 46 CFR 183.380(a) and either 46 CFR 183.380(l) or (m).16
QUICKSILVER2018Resolved Deficiency13199-Stbd shaft damaged by incident. Complete repairs and prove satisfactory operation of propulsion.16
RAINBOW2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall an A-11 and B-1 portable fire extinguisher aboard vessel. 46 CFR 181.3031
RAINBOW2017Resolved DeficiencyNo emergency instructions posted. 46 CFR 185.51031
RAPTOR2017Resolved DeficiencyPost instructions for SeaFire override function.13
RAPTOR2017Resolved DeficiencyPrior to operating beyond 3 NM, replace expired EPIRB hydro release.13
RAPTOR2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly rig IBA retention strap/pelican hook/quick release assembly.13
RAPTOR2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of SeaFire engine shutdown override.13
RDC I2017Resolved DeficiencyMark vessel name & capacity on lifefloat.14
RDC I2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide MI with consortia enrollment roster.14
RDC I2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew battery in life float.14
RDC I2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew FCC Comms act certificate.14
REC DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall retro reflrctive tape on RLBs.41
REC DIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall securing device to laz access cover.41
REEF RUNNER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide alcohol test equipment37
REEF RUNNER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide one additional fire extinguisher BII37
REEF RUNNER2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove rust from rudder tie bar and make available for inspection37
REEF RUNNER2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace 2 identified cracked windows37
REEF RUNNER2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace lifefloat painter line37
SAFARI DIVER2018Resolved DeficiencyMain engine raw water valve & shutoff not operational. Replace raw water valvle and shutoff for main engine prior to credit dry dock.24
SAFARI IV2017Resolved DeficiencyExcavate epoxy resin from port & starboard rudder post bushings and rebed with marine grade epoxy.36
SAFARI IV2017Resolved DeficiencyGrind hull laminate IWO port main diesel engine raw water thru-hull fitting (interior) for further inspection.36
SAFARI IV2017Resolved DeficiencyIsolate/repair excessive play in port & starboard rudders.36
SAFARI IV2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew brass nipple IWO starboard main diesel engine raw water intake piping.36
SALTY DOG2018Resolved Deficiency05 Lifejackets were found in unserviceable condition. Vessel limited to carrying 40 Passengers and 03 crew. No more than 43 people on board.28
SCUBA EXPRESS2018Resolved DeficiencyEmergency Instructions not posted/carried on board.12
SCUBA EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyVentilation closures for machinery space ventilation was not vapor tight.12
SCUBA EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel did not carry current/up to date marine charts for areas transited.12
SCUBA EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel did not have life float capacity for 100% of persons on board.12
SCUBA EXPRESS2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel had inoperable audible alarm for pre-engineered fire extinguishing system (Fireboy).12
SCUBA EXPRESS2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel was not equipped with current/up to date Coast Pilot.12
SCUBA EXPRESS2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel's PFD stowage locations are not properly marked with qty.12
SCUBA EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyVessels stability letter addendum is inaccurate (does not account for weight of dive gear).12
SCUBATYME III2018Resolved DeficiencyAudible alarm did not sound for activation of the engine room extinguishing system. Vessel must provide proof of audible alarm for extinguishing system at the operating station.21
SCUBATYME III2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall marking for storage of children's life jackets.21
SCUBATYME III2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace 01 adult life preserver. Reduce passenger to not more than 30 (not more than 32 POB Allowed).21
SEA EXPERIENCE II2017Resolved Deficiency46 CFR 160.041: Replace aspirin and burn cream.30
SEA EXPERIENCE II2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly cap off dead-end wires fwd port and stbd side; aft battery ground requires proper ground connection.30
SEA EXPERIENCE II2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace 01 Type 1 lifejacket.30
SEA FOX2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct and log lifeboat maintenence, renew retroreflcective taoe and make proper repairs to covering.38
SEA FOX2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall suitable cover or guard in way of all exposed machinery belts.38
SEA FOX2017Resolved DeficiencyPost radio broadcast placard at VHF operating station.38
SEA FOX2017Resolved DeficiencyPost stability letter at the operating station.38
SEA FOX2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide a current hydro release for EPIRB.38
SEA FOX2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide a float free arrangment for the lifefloat.38
SEA FOX2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide a properly operating bilge alarm for all spaces.38
SEA FOX2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide current visual distress signals.38
SEA FOX2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide instructions for manual activation of fixed extinguishing system.38
SEA FOX2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair forward deck rails.38
SEA FOX2017Resolved DeficiencyUpdate all navigational charts.38
SEA GARDEN2017Resolved DeficiencyAll charts and nav pubs are out of date. Renew/update.27
SEA GARDEN2017Resolved DeficiencyCompass light was extinguished. Repair/renew.27
SEA GARDEN2017Resolved DeficiencyLife Ring strobe was not attached to life ring. Provide 3-6 ft lanyard with non corrosive clip.27
SEA GARDEN2017Resolved DeficiencyPainter line is wasted and must be replaced.27
SEA GARDEN2017Resolved DeficiencySTBD hull midsection bilge alarm visual is extinguished. Repair/renew.27
SEA LION2018Resolved DeficiencyMAB01: Make hatches on cockpit watertight.38
SEA LION2018Resolved DeficiencyMAB02: Maintain lifesaving inspection log; currently not on vessel.38
SEA SCOUT2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall handle on fuel shutoff valve.28
SEA SCOUT2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall metallic plug in capped off through hull valve.28
SEA SCOUT2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of emergency tiller.28
SEA VENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyAfter 30NOV17 vsl has been issued a NO-SAIL until dry dock examination is complete. 46CFR176.600.30
SILVER DOLPHIN2017Resolved DeficiencyDe-cludder vessel.39
SILVER DOLPHIN2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel child lift jacket locker with number of life jackets.39
SILVER DOLPHIN2018Resolved DeficiencyProperly install cable and cable housing.39
SILVER DOLPHIN2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair/replace FWD Bilge pump and high water alarm39
SILVER DOLPHIN2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace 03 night flres.39
SNUBA RUNNER2017Resolved DeficiencyHull had multiple fiberglass tabbing where fiberglass secondary bonds delaminated from the stringers.20
SPIRIT2017Resolved Deficiency3 of the 4 compartments on the vessel do not have high level alarms. The alarms are required in each compartment because the hatches at the deck level are not water tight, and do not have a rised combing. Provide high level alarms in each compartment per 46 CFR 182.530(a)23
SPIRIT2017Resolved DeficiencyBilge high level alarm light is extinguished. Repair/ renew.23
SPIRIT2017Resolved DeficiencyHatches need new seals, and dogs repaired.23
SPIRIT2017Resolved DeficiencyStern light bracket is broken and light is hanging by the wires. Repair/renew.23
SPIRIT2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel must have a log to track quarterly drills, EPIRB testing, and survival craft maintenance. Provide.23
SS MINNOW2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide 1 additional approved hand flare.45
SS MINNOW2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide new Epirb.45
SS MINNOW2017Resolved DeficiencyUpdate expired medicines in first aid kit.45
STARFISH ENTERPRISE2018Resolved Deficiency"OLD T" - 46CFR 176.25-25 - Service fixed and portable fire extinguishing systems.35
STARFISH ENTERPRISE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel hailing port not on stern of vessel.35
STEEL SLINGER2017Resolved DeficiencyComplete a credit annual exam. Vessel annual exam is overdue as of 05Nov17.11
STEEL SLINGER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide additional BII fire extinguisher11
STEEL SLINGER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide burn gel11
STEEL SLINGER2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove water from steering and sewage compartment11
STEEL SLINGER2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair / Replace bilge pump running indicator light11
STEEL SLINGER2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace gasket on steering and sewage compartment hatch.11
STEEL SLINGER2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace lifefloat oars, painter line, and waterlight11
STEEL SLINGER2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace ring buoy line11
STELLER2017Resolved DeficiencyMissing Emergency Instructions24
STELLER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide one additional B-I fire extinguisher24
SUN CHASER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide copy of latest CG light list.23
SUN CHASER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide copy of latest Coast Pilot23
SUN CHASER2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide emergency drill records.23
SUN CHASER2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide proof of negative pre-employment DOT drug test for Angelo Pangelinan23
SUN CHASER2017Resolved DeficiencyRemove dead-end and improperly spliced conductors. Provide labeled over-current protection for all conductors.23
SUN CHASER2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair machinery space duct covers.23
SUN CHASER2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace main deck forward hatch seal.23
SUNDIVER2018Resolved DeficiencyComplete satisfactory drydock inspection for credit.30
SUNDIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyInstall shutoff valves for generators so that they are operable from outside the tank space prior to operating generators. 46CFR182.20-40(b)(3)30
SUNDIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of fuel shutoff valves prior to carrying passengers. 46CFR182.20-40(b)(3)30
SUNDIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of smoke detector in bunk room prior to carrying overnight passengers. 46CFR181.45030
SUNDIVER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide rail courses on embarkation gate on port side so that spacing between courses does not exceed 12 inches. 46CFR177.35-1(b)30
SUNDIVER EXPRESS2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operatioon of port and stbd main engines 46cfr182.20018
SUNFISH2017Resolved DeficiencyComplete an inspection for renewal of the Certificate of Inspection. Vessel may not carry passengers for hire until satisfactory completion of the inspection.59
SUNFISH2017Resolved DeficiencyComplete annual servicing of 50-person IBA and replace expired hydro release prior to carrying passengers.59
SUNFISH2017Resolved DeficiencyConnect VHF-DSC to a GPS source and enter MMSI number.59
SUNFISH2017Resolved DeficiencyLabel E/R electrical panel circuit breakers.59
SUNFISH2017Resolved DeficiencyMake regular crew available for underway safety drills.59
SUNFISH2018Resolved DeficiencyMount 02 portable fire extinguishers in brackets.59
SUNFISH2018Resolved DeficiencyPost current COI.59
SUNFISH2017Resolved DeficiencyPost EAP community service hotline number visible to crew.59
SUNFISH2017Resolved DeficiencyPost emergency broadcast placard at operating station.59
SUNFISH2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide (05) Type I lifejackets; vsl ltd to carriage of 47 total persons until cleared.59
SUNFISH2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide 6 hand red flare distress signals & 6 hand orange smoke distress signals.59
SUNFISH2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide a current NOAA Chart 18725 for operating area.59
SUNFISH2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide alco testers prior to operating more than 2 hrs from dock.59
SUNFISH2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide alcohol testing devices on board.59
SUNFISH2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide annual MIS report from Maritime Consortium.59
SUNFISH2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide copies of employer policy regarding drug/alcohol use in workplace.59
SUNFISH2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide current copies of U.S. Coast Pilot & USCG Light List.59
SUNFISH2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide current/valid FCC Radiotelephony Certificate.59
SUNFISH2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide service report for IBA by 31MAY18.59
SUNFISH2018Resolved DeficiencyRe-register EPIRB with NOAA.59
SUNFISH2018Resolved DeficiencyRenew EPIRB battery or purchase a new one; restricted to 3NM from shore.59
SUNFISH2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew EPIRB registration prior to operating beyond 3 NM.59
SUNFISH2018Resolved DeficiencyRenew hydrostatic release on EPIRB.59
SUNFISH2018Resolved DeficiencyUpdate first aid kit.59
THE LOST CONTINENT2017Resolved Deficiency3 adult and 2 child PFD are no longer serviceable. Replace. Passenger count has been reduced by 3 adult.41
THE LOST CONTINENT2017Resolved DeficiencyAll charts and publications are out of date.41
THE LOST CONTINENT2017Resolved DeficiencyCompass light is extinguished. Repair/renew.41
THE LOST CONTINENT2017Resolved DeficiencyDrill logs are incomplete. build new log book to track drills and maintenance.41
THE LOST CONTINENT2017Resolved DeficiencyLife float grab lines are wasted and need to be replaced.41
THE LOST CONTINENT2017Resolved DeficiencyLife float is not attached to the vessel. Attach to an approved weak link and attch to the vessel.41
THE LOST CONTINENT2017Resolved DeficiencyLife jacket donning placard is missing. Provide and post.41
THE LOST CONTINENT2017Resolved DeficiencyLife ring is missing 60' floating line.41
THE LOST CONTINENT2017Resolved DeficiencySteering compartment Bilge audible alarm is inoperable. Repair/renew.41
THE LOST CONTINENT2017Resolved Deficiencyvessel is missing the emergency checkoff lists.41
THE STARFISH2018Resolved Deficiencycompass light is extinguished. repair/renew21
THE STARFISH2018Resolved DeficiencyMissing 1 flare. provide new orange or red hand flare.21
THE STARFISH2018Resolved Deficiencyport fuel tank fill is missing hose clamp & ground wire.21
THE STARFISH2018Resolved DeficiencySTBD fuel tank ground wire is incorrect. mount from fill (metal) to tank ( Metal)21
THE WETTER THE BETTER2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of waterlight prior to nighttime operations.16
THE WETTER THE BETTER2018Resolved DeficiencyProvide epirb with current battery.16
THE WETTER THE BETTER2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide new hydrostatic release for epirb.16
THE WETTER THE BETTER2017Resolved DeficiencyRenew frozen manual pull cable.16
TOBIAS2017Resolved Deficiency5 fittings on hydraulic lines are corroded and need to be replaced.6
TOBIAS2017Resolved DeficiencyAdd positive shut off valve for the old generator overboard discharge line.6
TOBIAS2017Resolved DeficiencyAfter treating fuel in tanks, the high pressure fuel pump needed replacement.6
TOBIAS2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct minor fiberglass repair in compartment fwd of e/r transom.6
TOBIAS2017Resolved DeficiencyDemonstrate proper functioning of bilge pump suction system6
TOBIAS2017Resolved DeficiencyLoose screws at the base of control console.6
TOBIAS2017Resolved DeficiencyProperly repair delamination in forward compartment.6
TOBIAS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide 2014 edition of NAV Rules.6
TOBIAS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide draft marks in accordance with 46 CFR 185.602.6
TOBIAS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide drain holes in PVC conduit every 5 feet.6
TOBIAS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide working high water bilge alarm indication6
TOBIAS2017Resolved DeficiencyPump-out fwd void ahead of collison bulkhead and prepare for internal inspectoin6
TOBIAS2017Resolved DeficiencyPVC electrical conduit is not sealed in engine room bulkhead.6
TOBIAS2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace 03 non-UL submersible bilge pumps with UL-version (laz & E/R).6
TOBIAS2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace the faulty cooling water through hull valve for Port MDE as the current one does not fully close.6
TOBIAS2017Resolved DeficiencySecure Railing COnnections to canopy framing with appropriate hardware6
TONINOS2017Resolved DeficiencyFire main piping penetrating the forward bulkhead in the machinery space is wasted and needs to be replaced.22
TONINOS2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of stern light.22
TONINOS2017Resolved DeficiencyProve proper operation of visual alarm for high water alarms.22
TONINOS2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide 2017 USCG Light Light22
TONINOS2017Resolved DeficiencyReplace wing nuts on battery terminals with permanent type.22
TONINOS2017Resolved DeficiencyTighten starboard fuel tank bonding cable.22
TROPICAL ADVENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyAduible alarm is inoperable. Renew/repair22
TROPICAL ADVENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyFirst aid kit is missing contents. Renew kit or replace missing contents22
TROPICAL ADVENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyLife jacket storage must be marked with size and number.22
TROPICAL ADVENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyLife ring has holes and cracks and must be renewed.22
TROPICAL ADVENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyLogs for survival craft maintainance and drills is not being properly kept. Provide new logs and maintain per 46CFR185.22
TROPICAL ADVENTURE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel has no high level alarm in the aft compartment. This space has a rudder penetration and must have a high level alarm.22
TROPICAL EXPLORER2018Resolved DeficiencyAudible alarm for fixed fire extinguishing system did not operate.39
TROPICAL EXPLORER2017Resolved DeficiencyBilge high level alarm in aft compartment is inoperable. Repair/renew.39
TROPICAL EXPLORER2017Resolved DeficiencyBilge pump in tank space is inoperable. Reoair/renew.39
TROPICAL EXPLORER2017Resolved DeficiencyFloat free link is not attached to the vessel. Attach per manufacturer instructions.39
TROPICAL EXPLORER2017Resolved DeficiencyMagnetic compass has a leak and is inoperable. Repair/renew.39
TROPICAL EXPLORER2017Resolved DeficiencyPort nav light is extinguished. Repair/renew.39
TROPICAL EXPLORER2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel does not have a logbook to prove monthly EPIRB testing and survival craft maintenance. Provide log.39
TROPICAL VOYAGER2017Resolved DeficiencyAll PFDs need cleaning and retro replacement.30
TROPICAL VOYAGER2018Resolved DeficiencyCrack found on keel just FWD of aft most keel block. Grind out crack both inside and outside and repair.30
TROPICAL VOYAGER2018Resolved DeficiencyCrack in the vessel coating approximately 32" aft of the STBD fwd transducer must be sanded back and further inspected.30
TROPICAL VOYAGER2017Resolved DeficiencyEmergency broadcast placard is not onboard. Provide and post near radio.30
TROPICAL VOYAGER2018Resolved DeficiencyEngine room bulkhead has wires running aft that are not sealed. Seal all wire runs in the engine room.30
TROPICAL VOYAGER2018Resolved DeficiencyExhaust penetration has cracked and is allowing water to enter the hull. grind out old epoxy and repair.30
TROPICAL VOYAGER2017Resolved DeficiencyFire extinguishers do not have brackets and are not mounted. Provide approved brackets, and mount.30
TROPICAL VOYAGER2018Resolved DeficiencyFIRST AID KIT NOT IAW 46CFR160.041.30
TROPICAL VOYAGER2018Resolved DeficiencyFWD stbd transducer has cracks and must be repaired.30
TROPICAL VOYAGER2017Resolved DeficiencyLanyard on strobe is wasted and must be replaced.30
TROPICAL VOYAGER2017Resolved DeficiencyLife float painter line is not attached to the vessel via weak link. Repair.30
TROPICAL VOYAGER2017Resolved DeficiencyLife ring strobe lanyard does not have a clip to allow for removal of light during daylight operations. Provide.30
TROPICAL VOYAGER2018Resolved DeficiencyNo written Drug and Alcohol plan30
TROPICAL VOYAGER2018Resolved DeficiencyOld repair on port side bow has loose edges and must be ground back for further inspection.30
TROPICAL VOYAGER2018Resolved DeficiencyOutermost layer of fiberglass that covers the transom to the hull bottom, is cracked and exposes dry glass. Graind back outer layer and repair.30
TROPICAL VOYAGER2017Resolved DeficiencyPFD are in a stowage box that had a line reel bolted into the top of the box. This nox makes the PFDs not accessible. Remove reel, or stow PFD in new more accessible location.30
TROPICAL VOYAGER2018Resolved DeficiencyPort Fwd and aft compartment through hull fittings have a hose between the valve and the hull. The valve must be mounted directly to the through hull fitting.30
TROPICAL VOYAGER2017Resolved Deficiencyremoved 12 adult and 1 child PFD due to foam failure within the PFD. Renew 12 adult and 1 child prior to carrying full COI complement.30
TROPICAL VOYAGER2017Resolved DeficiencyTank Space bilge alaarm is inoperable. Repair/renew.30
TROPICAL VOYAGER2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel does not have a waste management plan. Provide and post.30
TROPICAL VOYAGER2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel stern light is extinguished. Repair/renew.30
TROPICAL VOYAGER2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel's strut is attached to the aftmost section of the keel and extends to the bottom of the rudder, where it acts as a rudder support. hardware is missing and the strut has cracks near the hardware holes. Repair crackas, reenforce the strut, and renew the hardware.30
UMI KATANA2018Resolved DeficiencyThe vessel’s company needs to complete a full review of its Drug and Alcohol Program showing it meets DOT Regulations as required by 46 CFR 16.203.22
UMI KATANA2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel needs to be equipped with full complement of working navigational lights as required by the vessel route and Inland Rules of the Road in accordance with 46 CFR 183.420. Vessel restricted to daylight operations only.22
UMI KATANA2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel needs to have all required publications onboard the vessel as required by 46 CFR 184.420.22
UMI KATANA2018Resolved DeficiencyVessel needs to have its name and hailing port marked at the port and starboard bow and stern of the vessel as required by 46 CFR 176.610.22
WIWO'OLE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel needs to have all required charts and publications onboard IAW 46 CFR 184.420.12
WIWO'OLE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel needs to have all required navigational lights installed onboard for its intended service IAW NAV RULES. Vessel does not have a red, white, red arrangement.12
WIWO'OLE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel needs to have an operational vapor detection system installed onboard IAW 46 CFR 182.435. The visual indicator works but the audible signal is faulty.12
WIWO'OLE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel needs to post a complete emergency instruction list IAW 46 CFR 185.510 and Sector Honolulu Work Instruction 31.12
WIWO'OLE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel needs to post lifejacket stowage placards for adults and child IAW 46 CFR 180.78.12
WIWO'OLE2017Resolved DeficiencyVessel needs to show record of a valid FCC Station License IAW 47 CFR 80.12
WRECK-REATION2017Resolved DeficiencyClean deck drain33
WRECK-REATION2018Resolved DeficiencyConduct repairs to transmission lube oil hose and conduct operation test in the presence of a USCG Marine Inspector.33
WRECK-REATION2017Resolved DeficiencyConduct satisfactory DAPI audit33
WRECK-REATION2018Resolved DeficiencyCrop and renew area of fracture fiberglass near the stern tube in the engine room.33
WRECK-REATION2018Resolved Deficiencygouge and reweld area of porosity on the rudder.33
WRECK-REATION2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide alcohol testing equipment33
WRECK-REATION2017Resolved DeficiencyProvide portable bilge pump extension hose33
WRECK-REATION2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair engineroom step and aft deck support33
WRECK-REATION2017Resolved DeficiencyRepair/replace bilge alarm indicating light33
WRECK-REATION2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace 1x bolt on stern bracket STBD side.33
WRECK-REATION2018Resolved Deficiencyreplace 5x stern platform brackets and wood on stern platform.33
WRECK-REATION2018Resolved DeficiencyReplace bolts for 2x bow cleats.33
ANELA KAI2017Unresolved DeficiencyVessel was operating underway without flammable gas ventilation tubes properly connected. Tubes were located inside the engine space, not connected to machinery or vents.23
CORAL PRINCESS VI2018Unresolved Deficiency11 PFD wre found not servicable. Vessel is restricted to not more than 25 adult passengers until 11 new adult PFD are provided.36
CORAL PRINCESS VI2018Unresolved DeficiencyAll navigation publications are out of date. Provide updates or new publications to include light list, coast pilot, and tide tables.36
CORAL PRINCESS VI2018Unresolved DeficiencyCOI is not posted, or kept onboard. post COI under glass for passenger viewing.36
CORAL PRINCESS VI2018Unresolved DeficiencyEmergency instructions list is not posted. Provide and post.36
CORAL PRINCESS VI2018Unresolved DeficiencyPort nav light lense is sundamaged and too dark to provide proper visual distance. Renew lense/light.36
CORAL PRINCESS VI2018Unresolved DeficiencyVessel does not have a log to prove EPIRB testing. Provide log to include EPIRB testing and survival craft maintenance.36
CORAL PRINCESS VI2018Unresolved DeficiencyVessel has newly installed automatic bilge pumps, but does not have a visual alarm at the operating station to notify of automatic activation.36
DIVE EXPERIENCE II2017Unresolved DeficiencyReplace 02 unservicable lifejackets. Vessel limited to 11 pax until resolved.25
LEISURE LEE2018Unresolved DeficiencyA vessel must carry either a first aid kit approved under approval series 160.41 or a kit with equivalent contents and instructions. Provide a complete first aid kit.17
LEISURE LEE2018Unresolved DeficiencyOn a vessel of at least 26 feet in length, a visual and audible alarm must be provided at the operating station to indicate high water level. Repair visual indicators for forward and middle bilges.17
LEISURE LEE2018Unresolved DeficiencyThe floating water light for the life float must be attached by a lanyard that is 3/8" diameter, resistant to uv light, and at least 18 feet. Provide new lanyard.17
LEISURE LEE2018Unresolved DeficiencyVHF radio must have GPS input17
NATIVE DIVER II2017Unresolved DeficiencyFire extinguisher was not fully charged39
REEF BOUND2017Unresolved DeficiencyRenew both fuel tanks. Submit plans for renewal of both fuel tanks to OCMI for approval.21
SEA VENTURE2018Unresolved DeficiencyProvide all necessary documentation for engine repower to MSC for a determination as if it has been more than a 2% weight change.30
SEAFARI2017Unresolved DeficiencyArea on port side bow below the waterline is soft, grind out damage, and allow further inspection.34
SEAFARI2017Unresolved DeficiencyArea on stbd bow below waterline is soft, grind back and allow further inspection.34
SEAFARI2017Unresolved DeficiencyArea on stern just above the boot top is soft, grind area and allow futher inspection.34
SEAFARI2017Unresolved DeficiencyDive doors on transom are cracked and must be repaired to prevent water intrusion into the core.34
SEAFARI2017Unresolved DeficiencyKeel bottom is missing multiple layers of fiberglass, grind back and to good glass and repair.34
SEAFARI2017Unresolved DeficiencyMultiple handrails on the bow are loose and missing hardware. repair/renew.34
SEAFARI2017Unresolved Deficiencyold repair on stbd side below waterline at midship is failing. grind back for further inspection.34
SEAFARI2017Unresolved DeficiencyOld repair on the port bow was completed incorrectly, and is soft. Grind out old repair and allow further inspection.34
SEAFARI2017Unresolved DeficiencyPort aft corner has soft spot, grind out and allow further inspection.34
SEAFARI2017Unresolved DeficiencyPort trim tab is missing. hardware and ram are inplace but trim tab has been ripped off. Renew/repair.34
SEAFARI2017Unresolved DeficiencySwim Step and its gussetts were broken by the pier during hurricane. Swim step must be repaired, or renewed, and all mounting hardware renewed.34
SEAFARI2017Unresolved DeficiencyTabbing between keel and hull above the prop, is loose on the edges, and must be ground back for further investigation.34
SEAFARI2017Unresolved DeficiencyTabbing in fwd compartment is broken away from the hull. grind out old tabbing, and renew.34
SEAFARI2017Unresolved DeficiencyTabbing on port side of engine room is cracked and pulled away from the hull. Grind out old tabbing, and renew.34

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