Dive Boat Conception Coast Guard Inspections Found Only Minor Issues

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A review of Coast Guard inspection records for the stricken dive boat Conception appears to show Coast Guard inspectors found only minor infractions after checking the boat in February and March 2018 and that the deficiencies were quickly corrected.

Coast Guard “deficiencies” listed for the Conception in February 2018 included citations for expired first aid kit contents, a missing navigation light and missing drug test papers for one crewman.

The first aid contents were renewed, the navigation light fixed and the proper drug papers were filed by March 2018, the Coast Guard data states.

The Coast Guard data

System Sub System Component Deficiency Details
Accommodation/Occupational Safety Medical/First Aid Medicine Chest Update expired items in first aid kit.
Navigation Piloting/Steering Coast Guard Light List Update light list.
Operations/Management Drug and Alcohol Testing Employee Coverage Provide 2018 ASTS
employee list.

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